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  1. That would only apply if the person had it legitimately and just sold it early, and as people have pointed out no legitimate seller would have it this early. It’s not a jump to consider it stolen, it’s just Occam’s razor- the circumstances by which this could have been obtained legitimately are unlikely, and involve lots of implausible assumptions.
  2. It doesn’t really matter if the guy personally stole it, it’s still a stolen product (either that or counterfeit). Regardless, what the guy is doing is most likely illegal- receiving stolen goods is also a crime, and usually the only defence is if you had good reason to believe they were obtained legitimately (which obviously doesn’t apply here).
  3. There’s an “unofficial FAQ”, but the author of it has made some... questionable interpretations. From what I’ve seen, his/her interpretation of anything ambiguous is usually the exact opposite of the way Caleb rules. It does collect some of the email answers from FFG that people have requested, so is helpful for that. Unfortunately the author thinks the Grim Rule is how the game rules are established, rather than a way to resolve in-game disputes (has said this in the BGG forum), so their interpretations are a bit skewed.
  4. Caleb specifically answered that you can play Inspired on another player’s ally, and that Inspired is then under that player’s control (e.g. for attachment hate)
  5. Pretty much agree with everyone else on tactics. Shift attachments around with Long Lake Trader so you can get both the draw and get them on the characters that need them. Also the first Dale deck I built worked pretty well and had a left-field third hero- Eleanor! I included a Gondorian shield for her, but found another attachment that is perfect for her- Ancestral Armor (and obviously with both she’s an absolute tank). Otherwise I’ve had success with both Lanwyn and SBeregond. As far as specific tactics, one I like is to put a Spare Hood and Cloak on a North Realm Lookout so it quests without exhausting. After the quest phase, use it to ready Brand so he can attack. The next round, Brand has the attachment as a cost reducer for King of Dale, which can then be shifted back to the NRL by LLT so you can do it all again.
  6. Core Eowyn is by far the best quester in the early life of the game. There are plenty of others powerful questing heroes later though (about 14 by my count) and about the same number of other “good” questers (usually characters who quest and have some sort of trick to do something else or boost questing). Eowyn is always at the top in terms of raw number because of her ability, but she’s a one trick pony. Tbh I almost never use coreset Eowyn these days.
  7. Just to add to this, if a card is “added to the staging area” it is not revealed (sometimes they will instead say “reveal and add to the staging area”). If it is just added but not revealed, you also avoid the “when revealed” effects. This can be important as some quests have you search the deck for an enemy and add it, so it can be good to choose one with a nasty “when revealed” effect.
  8. It has been basically abandoned since it was developed. There haven’t been any Outlands characters released since the Druadan Forest. Yes, they added Prince of Dol Amroth, but that was more to boost Prince Imrahil than anything else. Otherwise the trait was basically complete within the cycle it was released.
  9. Third, fifth, and seventh are all confirmed now (Lothiriel; Forth, the three hunters; and Tom Bombadil). So it seems likely it’s all accurate.
  10. One thing that no one seems to have mentioned is that it’s quite rare to get location locked in one handed. There are only 12 location cards with surge (not counting nightmare cards) in the whole game, so you are pretty reliably going to get max 1 location per turn. That means you can clear it each turn without any location control. The more hands you add, the more location control cards become essential. For example, I have a Silvan deck which stomps in one handed, but because it has no location control cards it HAS to be paired with a deck that does in multiplayer or it gets stuck pretty consistently. So there are other things besides sentinel and ranged which only really show their value in 2+ handed.
  11. Interesting, would this also mean that cards which say “put into play under any player’s control” could also bypass this if they are coming from another player (as it is not “you” putting them into play)? I don’t even know if it would be helpful, but it’s interesting to know.
  12. If you draw Hidden Cache as one of the two cards for Cirdan’s ability and choose that as the card to be discarded, do you get the resources? My initial thought was no, but the ruling on King Under the Mountain has made me unsure. I get the wording is slightly different, but at what point is it no longer in your deck?
  13. To me, if I would previously have used a card and now I will literally never include it in a deck, it has been nerfed too hard and saying it is now “vastly underpowered” seems reasonable (if not the specific words I would use). Master of Lore, Horn of Gondor, Hama, all fit into this category. It’s different with the likes of Caldara and Boromir who had their power level reduced but are still very playable (they’re actually still powerful cards imo which shows the errata was probably needed). HoG specifically is such an iconic part of the books and (now) such a bad card. I never even include it in mono-tactics decks. And that makes me a bit sad.
  14. I had a strange situation come up today with a guarded card. Playing the Kings Quest and the Hobgoblin enemy came out; this takes the top card of your deck and guards it (and adds the card’s cost to its threat, attack and defence). The card happened to be core set Gandalf. Is Gandalf then “in play”? If he’s not, then he presumably won’t block another player playing Gandalf to rescue Gandalf (which is weird). But if he is in play, does his “enters play” effect happen? And will he leave play at the end of the round? Or is his text somehow blanked? I played that only his cost counted and he didn’t leave play or have enters play effects, as that seemed how it “should” work (and was worst for me), but I can’t find it specifically in the rules.
  15. Playing the Fords of Isen, and I added To the sea, to the sea! to my deck and simply discarded most of my hand at the end of each planning phase (because of the stupid effects this quest has if your hand has more than two cards in it). So my first question is- valid or not? I don’t see anything that says you have to actually play a Noldor ally after discarding, just that the cost of the next one played is decreased by one for each card you discard. My other question is that it doesn’t say the cost of the next Noldor ally YOU play is decreased, just “the next Noldor ally played this phase”. So can you use it to decrease the cost of an ally played from another deck?
  16. Steady on old chap, this is a G-rated game. One of my favourite is hero Treebeard with A Burning Brand. I picture him turning in circles with his arm on fire as wargs desperately throw themselves out the way, with him saying “uh, guys? A little help please?”
  17. Well I did tech for it a fair bit by building a super-defender for the last few attempts - which was Beregond with Gondorian Shield, Armoured Destrier, Hauberk of Mail, Song of Wisdom, A Burning Brand, and Unexpected Courage. And even with that set up before going to stage 2, I still came close to losing (due to threat). I think this is by far the hardest quest I’ve played, without a doubt.
  18. Ok it’s not that exciting. But I’ve been playing for about a year and have beaten every other quest (of the ones I’ve played) at some point, except for this one. This was about my ninth or tenth attempt of this quest and Thaurdir finally died.
  19. Edit: deleted because it sounded very argumentative and that was not intended for a friendly forum like this. Apologies.
  20. This seems like a strange explanation given that you still have the one hero wearing multiple sets of armour. Ancestral Armour, Citadel Plate and Hauberk of Mail together is just as silly as two Citadel Plates. Multiple mounts actually makes a lot more sense.
  21. Like everyone else it seems, Arwen is very hard to leave out of my spirit decks. TEowyn also ends up everywhere, though SEowyn is also pretty good. TBeregond is another I find hard to leave out, that big brick wall (with the free Gondorian shield) is just so good now that everything seems to have 4-5 attack. Even better if I'm also running leadership and can stick him on an armoured destrier.
  22. Sorry, by "cheat into play" I was meaning cards that can mitigate the resource cost- A Very Good Tale, Elf-stone, etc. Stand and Fight helps when your best allies get discarded, but don't fix the resource problem.
  23. If you're playing spirit/tactics progression style, you'll have no card draw, and resource generation is just Horn of Gondor. There isn't a way to cheat stuff into play either. That makes you really dependent on a starting hand of good but cheap cards. Leadership/Lore has the resource generation AND draw so I'm not surprised it was better. I kind of just think it's a bad combo to play solo until you are using more of the card pool.
  24. Thanks I hadn't noticed that line in the FAQ
  25. That makes sense. It did seem like too beneficial an effect for the cost otherwise. Could do with better phrasing, but that's true of a number of cards.
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