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  1. I could see them possibly doing two separate expansions for each Providence variant, the same way they did with the ISD and Chimaera.
  2. Even more problematic would be that I would suspect players would be even MORE inclined to have massive battles of this nature with Clone Wars era ships due to the larger scale space battles in the prequels (Couruscant, Kamino, Umbara). So that could be a serious issue if lots of players want to do major engagements this way.
  3. I can't reveal too much, I'm just hoping that it prevents people from targeting incorrectly. In looking at how he's managed himself he doesn't seem to be putting himself out there to cover for anything but also isn't completely under the radar.
  4. I also am going to ##unvote as well. I want to see if we can narrow this down.
  5. Well if people would like me to fly less under the radar in hopes of convincing them to unvote me I can say that I believe @GhostofNobodyInParticular is innocent and should be protected.
  6. I mean I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but all I can say is its a mistake sending me to the brig. I may be clueless but if I was scum I would shut up about it and fly under the radar.
  7. I'm going to ##vote for @ovinomanc3r He seemed a little toooo inquisitive.
  8. I am going to again ##vote @Madaghmire He did not react well to when I did so last time which leads me to believe he has something to hide....
  9. Is everything all good? I'm really sorry I'm new to this format of mafia.
  10. To be honest I am quite confused about the rules. I know how mafia works but I thought I was just supposed to vote for the first round. There was no rationale I literally just picked a random person. I'm sorry if I messed stuff up, I just got back from my families camp and wifi was a bit spotty.
  11. Well if this leak is accurate I hope FFG notices that we know and chooses to release articles on the stuff sooner rather than later.
  12. If there truly is a surplus of dials, it makes me question why FFG would make a dial pack if not that there is going to be some change made to how dials look or operate with the release of clone wars things and the dials coming out as an independent pack are meant to provide a means for players to use the dials from Clone Wars content without having to buy the packs en lieu of the upgrade card pack.
  13. Well that seems to confirm no new Core Set, upgrade cards which will satisfy people who don't want Clone Wars ships but want the cards, and that we'll be at least getting two or three Republic and Separatist ships in each set!
  14. I just finished painting some 1/2400 WWI naval miniatures, if anyone wants to see the video I did on it here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQqRnZOqzuyBGMiK74y6MQ/featured?view_as=subscriber
  15. I'd bet the named pilot for the core set is someone like Anakin or Ahsoka, since they showed us the Obi-Wan commander card I doubt they'd include his fighter card as well, similar to what they did for Vader.
  16. Besides Y-Wings what will the other Republic bomber be? I know that in BFII (2005) the V-Wing was used as a bomber but in canon it replaced the V-19, so I don't think they would use it for that purpose.
  17. Holy moly. If this thread's record of staying on track was a patients heartbeat, we would have had at least 10 strokes by now. In all seriousness I do wonder where the moderators are. One would think that in quarantine that they'd be on here even more than usual.
  18. New factions means the opportunity to do something new. Perhaps its an easier way to tell the difference between CW era cards that can only be used in that time vs GCW cards. Idk, maybe people were complaining the cards were hard to read.
  19. Being a university student is not fun for me right now. I'm back living with my parents in frigid northern weather. Online classes aren't terrible except for Spanish. Trying to understand a foreign language coming through a computer when everyone in the house is slowing the WiFi is a challenge. On the plus side I've done a ton of reading which I definitely wouldn't have found time for at school.
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