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  1. I see the Venator coming out similar to the MC80 Command variant. Large broadsides and enormous squadron capacity for around 100 points. Perhaps a little faster as well, supposedly according to the Incredible Cross Sections it was capable of running down blockade runners (similar speed to ISD?)
  2. Unfortunately as of right now he’s not canon (sad but true), however if Armada wanted to use this as an opportunity to bring him back into canon it would be super. It does pose a continuity problem as the older comics and 2003 CW series are well out of order time-wise with the current timeline.
  3. Ditto on what’s been said so far. I’m guessing the Republic Venator will have an insane anti-squadron armament and a lot of red dice, while I expect the separate Imperial variant will be “refitted” to be more of a heavy-battleship.
  4. Great job! I wish Star Wars had been more like Star Trek in that we had seen many more “kitbash” style mods to iconic ships based on circumstances. One that I’ve seen mods drawn up for was a “heavy” munificent with a full set of symmetrical top and bottom armor.
  5. I suspect we’ll see a lot of boarding teams considering how many boarding actions took place in the Clone Wars.
  6. The refitted Consular was armed pretty similarly to the CR-90. 5 twin turbolaser batteries and a pair of Point defense cannons. Additionally she can be seen with a ton of dishes about her, so maybe a slot similar to what we see on the Gozanti but not in a flotilla?
  7. I’m guessing we’d see a Thrawn type powerful ability on him.
  8. 2020! Crikey that's almost here already!!
  9. Since they like to do “matching squads” for the core set up until now I would think it would be: V-19 Torrent, unique squad “Oddball” Vulture droid, unique squad “advanced Vulture droid”
  10. Both the Consular class (a possible small) and the Stealth Ship haven’t been released yet. Additionally if the stealth ship isn’t an option I could totally see them doing an Arq to go alongside the Consular. My money is on a new core set due to the general demand for one, with it probably being: Republic: Consular (small), Arq (small) Separatists: Munificent (medium)
  11. They also are the two biggest (known) Admirals on both sides of the conflict.
  12. Anakin would actually be a great commander to have this considering how many times he led a boarding action in the series.
  13. Probably get both commander and officer (maybe even boarding party at some point?) of the following: Anakin Obi Wan Yularen Ahsoka Mace Windu Grievous Dooku Ventress
  14. Admiral Killian Plo Koon Maar Tukk (commander or officer, he led sep forces at Ryloth) Lushros Dofine (definitely should be an officer, captained Invisible Hand at Coruscant)
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