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  1. Wow. I knew it was trouble the minute we didn't get news at GenCon, but I didn't imagine this...
  2. Where was the news that no wave 7 till 2018?
  3. Very nice! I will definitely try this out!
  4. Thank you, I will do that now, I am a little tired of waiting
  5. Well, I preordered both Chimaera and MC75 on Miniature Market when they were put up for preorder in September. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of ordering other ships in that order, and MM doesn't ship until all items are available.
  6. I told him today, and he was surprised about so much positivd feedback. He said he is working on a step by step instruction for painting WSF.
  7. I wouldn't know, I can ask my friend. He painted it for me. And I must say, he has done an incredible job.
  8. The Dreadnought is finished! Here are some pictures!
  9. No one came by our house, then again when you live on a dead-end street with no other kids, it is pretty boring most of the time anyways.
  10. We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life.
  11. Yeah, I figured it'd be best to bet high, and it can be lowered if needed.
  12. Good point.
  13. In the legends material, I would 100% agree. However, the new cannon doesn't specifically say this. Here is the new cannon article:
  14. I'm working on some title cards, created based on the performances we have seen of these ships: Invincible (10 pts): Once per turn, you may choose one ship at distance 1-5. That ship can spend defense tokens at speed 0 this turn. Deft Wizardry (5 pts): For every round in which you are not attacked, you may gain 1 command token of your choice. I based the Invincible's ability off its leading of the separatist blockade over Christophsis. The Lucid Voice, I thought given the detail about its antennae being used for disruption in the novel Tarkin, it would be neat for it to disrupt one ship's ability to use cards to help another. I came up with the title of Deft Wizardry, to me, it represents the dreadnought we see Dooku use in the Clone Wars. Frequently, Dooku's dreadnought and its battle group is off causing devastation. Since the dreadnought never really comes under attack, it is free do as it please, IE the command token. What do you guys think?
  15. That would be awesome to see your take on it.