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  1. Hopefully the MC75 can support the offensive retrofit so it can take rapid launch bays. If so, that ship might become the most interesting on in the game, a nesting doll for ships.
  2. Well I will defintely try to make a list with all three when the Profundity comes out, because even if it doesn't work it will sure be fun!
  3. That is an awesome list. I have been surprised with how I haven't seen very many multiple liberty lists.
  4. With the soon release of the MC75, I am wondering will it be possible to fit the big three into a single list, the big three being MC75, and the two MC80 variants. Naturally, they all work in different ways, but I am wondering what potentially a list of the three together might look like? What are your thoughts?
  5. That's what I said.
  6. Ozzel can still bd used, particularly if you don't want to run entrapment formation and need to save points. We still have yet to get full details on "Intensify Firepower".
  7. He works (or worked) super well in triple isd builds, cause he was cheap and at speed 3 he was feasible.
  8. I don't think they would do that. If they are going in any direction we will probably see a scaled down MC80 and maybe a dreadnaught. Return of the medium ships!
  9. The Reb's do need a new medium ship. They only have one right now, and while it's decent, it isn't great at any one thing in particular.
  10. The command variant can. The Home One expansion. Not the Liberty.
  11. Just an idea, but could that card showing the TIE fighter getting hit involve slowing down/immobalizing squadrons? That would be awesome, as the TIE in the card appears to be spinning out of control as it is hit, but not taking much damage.
  12. I can see that as a good possibilty. May help other ships like the MC80 improve (you know which one I'm talking about).
  13. Redundant shields should have been cheaper I agree. Maybe 6 points would have been good. That way it could contest with ECM at 7.
  14. I'm just still bitter about only ONE Interdictor title card (and the same name no less!) Still, not that the Interdictor title is bad, it's just one would think we would get more than one for such an importatn ship.
  15. Heck, we are getting four title cards for a ship that has only appeared ONCE on screen. That's strange to me. I am glad for the title cards but that seems to imply many lists being run with more than one of these.