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  1. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Wow. I’ve seen a lot of ugly ships out there. But this.......... also did anyone notice how the dishes on the front look conspicuously like the one on the Millenium Falcon in the OT?
  2. What will Wave 8 bring?

    While I agree the Imps need another large base ship, particularly a broadside one, I doubt we’ll see it next wave, as we just had a wave of two large ships.
  3. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    They intended to do Shinano in set 7, the “unreleased” set.
  4. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I guess I’m not comparing the ships in terms of epicness, it’s more of a comparison of what was important to players. The Hiryu was only Kido Butai carrier left, and most people wanted to see that done before the game ended.
  5. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    It’s inevitable to me. There is no way they end the game without doing the SSD...... it’s just the SSD..... then again, people said the same thing about Axis and Allies War at Sea not ending before the Hiryu was released and look at how that went....
  6. What will Wave 8 bring?

    That makes sense, as we just had a large ship wave. However, does it make sense for them to release the SSD with a campaign along with special rules with a smaller wave like this?
  7. What will Wave 8 bring?

    One of the more puzzling aspects about this shot is that this Star Destroyer appears to be “upside down” relative to the rest of the fleet, something we’ve never seen in Star Wars. I’m not saying it isn’t possible I’m just saying other than this shot we’ve never seen something like this in any other Star Wars movie.
  8. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Well the problem with the new trilogy is the scale issue. Unless the rescale the game entirely I find it hard to believe we will be seeing multiple ships larger than an ISD soon (Resurgent, Raddus, etc.)
  9. What will Wave 8 bring?

    So, what is the odds we see a Clone Wars related wave coming? Be it either clone wars ships or new factions entirely?
  10. Um, fast sales...

    I just ordered my Chimaera and Profundity yesterday, with my first Liberty tagging along with them!
  11. What will Wave 8 bring?

    This honestly bothers me zero because of the fact that i just think the bridge design of the Venator is absolutely brilliant. Having one bridge for helm and shipboard operations and one for starfighter command prevents confusion and makes for a more efficient ship.
  12. What will Wave 8 bring?

    My concern with playing the long way is it won't give either fleet, particularly the one with the SSD, much room to move. I've played the long way before and it just feels too narrow.
  13. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Perhaps with the new SSD we will see a 6 ft by 6 ft mode of play?
  14. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I think a campaign for an SSD is a stretch in my personal opinion. It's a big enough change to the game to have a new version of play to accommodate the thing.
  15. Clone Wars?

    It's amazing, when I first discovered this game, I thought it was a match made in heaven for the Clone Wars. I had gone through a childhood of some amazing Friday night space battles with that show, and the OT never really had that other than in VI. I would love to see Clone Wars factions and ships come into the game, but tragically for now it looks like I'll have to settle for shapeways.