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  1. Battlefleet 01 Studios


    Me thinks with this grand new battleship arriving for the Imps that the rift between Rebel and Imperial players will widen.
  2. Battlefleet 01 Studios


    I’m guessing it’s a sort of “space dry-dock”
  3. Battlefleet 01 Studios


    FFG, why do you have to torture us so? Their latest Instagram post is artwork of an SSD under construction.
  4. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    An SSD build of sorts

    Hi everybody. So lately I've been playing around with the command prototype variant of the SSD, just trying to see what I can do with it. With this build, I tried to use an Interdictor and Konstantine to control the speed of enemy ships. Let me know what you guys think! Name: SSD Control Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Konstantine Assault: Advanced Gunnery Defense: Contested Outpost Navigation: Solar Corona SSD Command Prototype (220) • Admiral Konstantine (23) • Navigation Officer (6) • Minister Tua (2) • Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (6) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Advanced Projectors (6) = 269 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Wulff Yularen (7) • Projection Experts (6) • Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (6) • G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) • G-8 Experimental Projector (8) • Heavy Ion Emplacements (9) • Interdictor (3) = 131 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 400
  5. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    SSD question

    So with the SSD, it’s pretty clear that you’ll only be able to run one ship in your list most of the time, if not maybe two (the SSD and a Gozanti or a Raider). Because of this disadvantageous situation when going up against opponents with more ships, is it better to be second player so as you can effectively force the objectives of your choosing on your opponent? If you’re first player, I gaurentee your opponent will have some nasty anti-SSD objective cards you don’t want. What do you guys think?
  6. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    Nicknames for the SSD

    Skateboard, pizza arrow, A-Wing magnet, compensator. what do you guys think?
  7. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    I doubt we’ll get Wave 8 until the SSD has been released. It’s so expensive that FFG is likely taking no chances on losing money on this expensive mini. They don’t wanna promote something else before they’ve made major returns on what is a big investment.
  8. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    Next week then? It’s been over a month since our last.....
  9. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    Well, I personally think it’s been enough time. When you do think we’ll be getting our next SSD article?
  10. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    What do you want to have in Clone Wars Armada?

    I’d love to see a form of “ventral launch bays” for the venator that is kinda like rapid launch bays.
  11. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    Making MC80’s all around killers

    So I was thinking about how to make the MC80 a better all around ship since I know they aren’t the most favored large rebel ship out there, and I have some ideas. Take the assault cruiser variant, throw on spinal armaments. Now you have 3 red and a blue out the front. Add Defiance tital and now you have 3 red a blue and one of any color provided you attack someone who has already activated. Next, use a concentrate fire command to add a die to the front. Voila, now you have 6 dice out the front the same are your broadsides. Granted, you have to make the tital card line up with your plans and run a concentrate fire command but this would make MC80 better, or am I missing something?
  12. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    I like them both equally. They have each their own unique feel to me. SSD feels long and lean, reminds me of a battlecruiser, while the Eclipse always just gave me this feeling of massiveness due to how thick it is.
  13. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    MC-80 Liberty build question

    I like running the star cruiser variant with SW-7's, Spinal, and Mon Karren. You now have the firepower of an ISD II, your opponent can only use one defense token and you can maximize those accuracies you don't need. Also the beauty of this is it means every blue die you roll is a hit if you need it to be.
  14. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    What Ship Do You Want Most Of All?

    *insert clone wars chanting here*
  15. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Hmmmmm. To spend $150 on Mel's Bellator or $150 on preordering the SSD from Miniature Market....... The hardest choices require the strongest wills I guess. Or something like that.