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  1. I could see them possibly doing two separate expansions for each Providence variant, the same way they did with the ISD and Chimaera.
  2. Even more problematic would be that I would suspect players would be even MORE inclined to have massive battles of this nature with Clone Wars era ships due to the larger scale space battles in the prequels (Couruscant, Kamino, Umbara). So that could be a serious issue if lots of players want to do major engagements this way.
  3. I can't reveal too much, I'm just hoping that it prevents people from targeting incorrectly. In looking at how he's managed himself he doesn't seem to be putting himself out there to cover for anything but also isn't completely under the radar.
  4. I also am going to ##unvote as well. I want to see if we can narrow this down.
  5. Well if people would like me to fly less under the radar in hopes of convincing them to unvote me I can say that I believe @GhostofNobodyInParticular is innocent and should be protected.
  6. I mean I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but all I can say is its a mistake sending me to the brig. I may be clueless but if I was scum I would shut up about it and fly under the radar.
  7. I'm going to ##vote for @ovinomanc3r He seemed a little toooo inquisitive.
  8. I am going to again ##vote @Madaghmire He did not react well to when I did so last time which leads me to believe he has something to hide....
  9. Is everything all good? I'm really sorry I'm new to this format of mafia.
  10. To be honest I am quite confused about the rules. I know how mafia works but I thought I was just supposed to vote for the first round. There was no rationale I literally just picked a random person. I'm sorry if I messed stuff up, I just got back from my families camp and wifi was a bit spotty.
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