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  1. I agree with this statement. I have been playing with my friend and brother for a while, but we don’t play often. I was excited about going to my first tournament in 1.0, but was worried about not moving fast enough. Our games at home took a while and we practiced trying to speed up. My worries were foolish in the end as everyone I played against was awesome and I finished every game I was in a tournament with. Granted I was only flying 2 ships in each of the tournaments I played in. I’d be careful with treating new players with disdain for going to slow. This is an amazing and welcoming community. Let’s keep it that way.
  2. I’ve been purely imperial and rebel, but bought a 2.0 firespray, a 2.0 fang, and a 1.0 fang just so I can fly those ships as they look cool and sound like a blast to play. I probably won’t play any other scum as I will continue with imperial and rebel and most certainly resistance. But nice to have these ships to play something different.
  3. I was a two faction player in 1.0. I never liked the scum ships much but enjoyed playing against them. Couldn’t help myself with the firespray and fang fighters articles so I bought myself an old fang, new fang, and new firespray. I probably won’t but more than that, but really looking forward to some of those lists. I’ll mostly play rebels and empire. Probably do resistance too since I love the t-70s. Not sure about the other factions. Glad I did one tournament with the silencer to try it out.
  4. I just bought my first scum ships. Bought a first gen fang fighter, a second gen fang fighter, and a firespray 2.0. I don’t really want to go further into scum, but really liked the pilots and skills for the firespray and love the in your face style of the fang fighters. My scum lists will be two or three ship lists with just those three ships. I’ll mainly stick to empire and rebel and probably get resistance, but found these two ships too much fun not to try and play. Only partially relevant to topic, but liked to share.
  5. Thanks. I am going to buy some paint pens this week hopefully. I will try to post pictures of the results if they turn out ok.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Should I buy the water based paint sharpies, the oil based paint sharpies, or just regular sharpies?
  7. I got an extra decimator so I am willing to try my first modification. I was hoping to use some paint pens on it or something similar to pens since don’t want to get into brushes and paints. Is there a good paint pen or pen to draw some stripes on it? Thanks for any advice
  8. I really don’t enjoy playin against Kylo Ren in first edition. I won the tournament game against it, but it was my least favorite part when I flew to line up a perfect shot only to have him pull blinded pilot or whatever the onenis not to fire. Thane seems similar in flipping those damage to critical. I wonder why they didn’t require it to atleast be a hit to flip so he is giving up a possible damage to turn it into an auto crit
  9. I keep hoping it’s based off the xwing series. All new characters except wedge but they can get a wedge. Love to see rogue and especially wraith squadrons. Was hoping rogue one team was going to be put together like the wraiths were.
  10. I went to a regional where there was no way I could choose any ship or pilot from my collection to play and still have a chance. Even with ships that were towards the top of the meta, I faced fenn ghost twice and, although I had fun, had no real chance of winning. 2e should give me a lot more opportunities to bring ships and pilots I want to a tournament with the expectation I at least have a chance to win. I will continue to play 1e Epic. The mechanics work well there and I have a lot of fun with my friends and brothers playing. If FFG never dropped a new ship again, I’d continue playing cause I like the game. They have no obligation to support my habit. I’m glad they are releasing a 2e and use most of my fleet to do so. I haven’t bought a lot of the latest waves. With the new release I’m way upping my purchase again. I’m guessing there are a lot like me to possibly balance out the people with large collections who claim to never buy again.
  11. Epic hasn’t been upgraded yet. He can still run epic with 1e rules just like my brother and friend are doing. Epic is a great format that maybe doesn’t need the 2e rules updates. He still has a great game if he only uses 1e epic format from now on.
  12. Dpro

    CON-version kits

    You could always make these yourselves. Create the artwork for the conversions yourself, print it on sticky paper and then on your stuff. Then it’s free to you. You can also borrow someone’s medium ship base and model it up and get it 3D printed. That way you don’t have to support the developers work.
  13. Dpro

    I Don't Get It

    I have a medium collection. The cost to transition to 2e comes to around $2.50/ship for my current collection if I go through miniature market, which I’ll probably place an order for. I will have a lot of extra dials and cardboard I will have to share or give to my friends or brother who may need them. Seems like a pretty cheap upgrade cost per ship to make my ships viable for both 1,0 and 2.0. Also will hopefully make some ships I like to play that haven’t as they are just not that good, which seems like an even greater value. I don’t like the argument that FFG are forcing people to transition cause they want to fly the next generation of ships and aren’t supporting 1.0. Including the latest two/three ship releases, 1.0 was supported for 14 waves. The developers are saying they can’t continue with another wave because the mechanics make things too broken. So either way 1.0 was dead. $2-3 ship conversion costs seems like a value deal.
  14. Yup. Exactly as you mentioned. The PS 0 wasn’t too bad, but missing out on two rounds of shooting because a PS 10 pilot is running those was tough. Oh well. Good to know now what to expect when I see it.
  15. Correct. He used the action to assign the dark side and find the crit. And then gave it to me after the crit. Just was surprised that it both forces damage against the haul and gets a hand picked crit. It looks like it worked as expected, I just didn’t enjoy playing against it.
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