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  1. I can see your point. It's actually kinda thematic in a way.
  2. Reiga and Joe, Thanks for the above! Some lovely tips in there. Where all Scorpion splashing into Crab? I've been trying both Crab and Dragon and find them both good.
  3. @Reiga Any other one core tips? I've been playing mainly 1 core as going to the London event (plenty of time after to play 40/40).
  4. http://imperialadvisor.com/wp/ Check out the various GenCon day articles for data.
  5. Loving some of the insights offered here. I agree with Joe from Cinninnati about the wait and see approach vs Scorpion but against a lot of opponents you probably will want to draw 5? I think it's the second bid that's more important. Is bidding 5 in turn one and 1 in turn 2 not better than going say 3 in both as you get the cards front loaded to build momentum.
  6. Thanks a lot. Sounds sensible. What seemed strong in the second tournment? Lion seemed to do well considering how few of them took part.
  7. Question for someone at gencon who played in the tournaments. Dragon seemed to dominate the day one event but didn't do nearly as well in the second tournement. Was this just luck or was something else driving this?
  8. If you have played any games you will know honor running is currently hard. Not only is it difficult but it can be boring as you are conflict card starved with low bids. A simple holding could be the solution with the below action. Action: Draw a card if your have 3 more honor than your opponent, if you have 5 more draw 2. The details could be tweaked but I think something like that would help - it may need to be unique. What do you think?
  9. That's my point, you won't dishonor someone as they will always just pick being drained of cards instead of loosing honor when it becomes scary. If you want to follow a dishonor strategy yourself it requires you to bid low and I don't think Scorpion will do as well without cards as say Lion or Dragon (ancestral for the win). I'm not saying Scorpion will be bad but I'm saying I don't think they will be winning games off that with dishonor (I'd loved to be proved wrong).
  10. Scorpion seem to have incredible powerful, but expensive conflict cards, so you will only be able to play a finite amount per turn anyway. If it didn't need to be on lower honor it'd be a much better stronghold. Agreed that dishonor won't be a win condition yet. As so many people have mentioned if someone doesn't want to be dishonored they won't be - they will just keep bidding 1 and going for air/fire.
  11. Opinions on stronghold... Good but not great. Unlike most other strongholds, this won't help you win battles and you may not be able to use it every turn. For me the strength is being able to fully utilize cards with honor loss effects like Assassination. I see so many decks running assassination at the moment which I feel is a mistake - it's not free, it costs you 3 cards.
  12. Go to the l5r discord. I will link it later if someone else doesn't. It's actually surprisingly good if a little frustrating.
  13. I want to play a clan I don't like and pick the worst role possible. I want to be the villain rokugan deserves not the one it needs.
  14. I actually did get an invite, but it wasn't until later that day - I am delighted! Interested to know what kind of decks we will be able to build. All will be revealed at GenCon!
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