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  1. Currently working on mine... And I feel like I'm going insane.
  2. I think it's a wooden stick. I could be wrong but if I remember correctly that's what it was in the series.
  3. I think what bothers me is how he's holding his stick... Just doesn't look right...
  4. Thank you for the encouraging words. I've pretty much made it a goal to try as many paints as possible, so far I have tried citadel paints and vellejo paints, both of which I like,just interested in what you used. Next on the block is either scale 75 or warcolours. Also great work on the model so far, can't wait to see it finished.
  5. You Ashoka face is amazing. I couldn't reach that level of neatness. Quick question, what paints do you use? A specific company or just an amalgamation of things?
  6. These look great! Can I ask where you got your basing material and what you used.
  7. From what I understand it really depends on what you're doing. Black would probably effective more often than not, but I have always just avoided for fear of having to layer and layer and layer.
  8. Brilliant stuff, I especially like your black nexu.
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