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  1. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    Concur with this. I've flown it both a formation jouster, and split it up when necessary. It can do well in both scenarios. The Nien version is interesting and I may try it out this weekend (will report back), but I'm hesitant because Talli is soooo much less effective than L'ulo. I've flown all the named A-wings extensively since Resistance dropped, and she's my least favorite pilot I think. I do think finding room for Black One on Snap is a very interesting idea, particularly as cheap tech against Tripsilons. I need to plot it out, but I think he can get totally clear on the first engage if they line up opposite him with something like a 3 straight>boost>3 Tallon. That might make him vulnerable the next turn, have to see.
  2. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    Found one thanks to X-wing Battlereport. Haven't watched it yet.
  3. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    Oh I've been on the bump train you're talking about many times. I'm getting better at avoiding it, but it's still a work in progress. The good news for this list is that L'ulo generally flies by himself on the outside, so you only have to manage 3 ships. And all of those have the same dial so I think it's simpler than the Drea swarms I was flying before Resistance came out.
  4. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    I can see where R2HA would be useful against low I ships. But at least around me basically no one is flying I1. I was already leaning towards going with AO instead, this convinces me. R4 is my default on Xs these days. Hmm, dropping Crack Shot would let me put R4 on one of the T70s.
  5. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    I got 3 games in with this last night and am planning to fly it in Hyperspace Trial in 2 weeks. Composure Snap Wexley is a rock star! Currently running it this way, but debating between Advanced Optics on L'ulo and R2-HA on Bastian. R2-HA never proc'd across the 3 games, but AO would have multiple times. Curious other's expereinces on how often R2-HA is coming into play. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v5!h!239:172,116,-1,-1:;254:190,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:;297:115,-1,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:;296:-1,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:&sn=Hyp - Lulo Bastion Jess Snap v1&obs= Game 1 -- Close loss to the Tripsilon bogeyman. I spread out across the back edge, he set up in the middle. L'ulo fast up one edge, Bastian up the other. Jess & Snap hard turn to stay at max possible range and focus. He couldn't focus fire on the opening so didn't lose any ships. Out of position for a couple turns due to being so spread out, but killed Dormitz and got half of Tavson. I'm encouraged as this felt like it was a winnable game. Lost by about 20 points. Game 2 -- Easy win against Magva & 3 T65s. He got half points on 2 Xs but I didn't lose a ship. Some variance helped but this felt like a good matchup. Game 3 -- Close loss to Imp Aces (Maarek in Tie Adv, Vermiel, Duchess, Scourge). Struggled some on this one with the repositioning higher Init opponents, but another winnable game with some more practice. Lost by 7 points with a chance to win on the last turn. Anyone know of any recorded games with it that I can watch?
  6. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    My version, with AO on L'ulo because that's awesome. Only flown it once, got the win against a near-mirror match 2X2A list. Gearing up for Hyperspace Trial on March 2nd and this is my current frontrunner. I love Bastian and Jess, not sure that Kare is the right 4th. Dropping her down to get R2-HA on Bastian might be a good move based on experiences shared here. Any commentary from those with more experience with the archetype? https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v5!h!239:172,133,-1,186:;254:-1,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:;252:172,-1,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:;296:-1,-1,175,-1,-1,-1:&sn=Hyp02 - Lulo Bastion Kare Jess&obs= Also...has anyone taken it against the new Tripsilon bogeyman? If so what's your opening strategy and how did it go?
  7. Mistborn_Jedi

    Hyperspace - is there a list better than Tripsilons?

    Agreed that 2X2A is a fun to fly archetype for Resistance, but my experience has been it struggles against the Tripsilons. A guy at our FLGS is running them and I'm like 1-3 against him with assorted versions of 2X2A (currently playing Nien, Bastion, Lulo & Greer). The only game I won was because he mismanaged the opening and didn't close fast enough (he learned that lesson). I've tried running along the back board edge, starting in the center so he doesn't know which way I'll go, splitting forces...none works very well. Last night after he took out an Awing on the first turn and a second Awing on the second turn, we stopped and just theory-crafted how 2X2A can approach this fight. No good conclusions. I wouldn't say it's unbeatable, but 3-4 small base ship lists are going to struggle against it if the opponent knows what they're doing. Rey Poe actually does quite well against it, and I think Boba probably has potential against it as well (but we haven't tested that yet).
  8. Mistborn_Jedi

    Scum in hyperspace, strengths?

    Boba w/ Slave I and PerCop, L337 w/Tac Officer, Seevor and a Zealous Recruit. 198 points. I haven't put it on the table yet, but I think it's got some potential.
  9. Mistborn_Jedi

    Triple As and Poe?

    Got my version of this on the table at FLGS last night and went 2-0 with it. First game against 5 Resistance A-wings, the second vs QuickDraw + 2 Upsilons. This archetype has a lot of potential. Poe Dameron + Trick Shot + BB-8 + Integrated S-Foils + Ferrosphere Paint + Black One + Heavy Laser Cannon L'ulo L'ampar + Trick Shot + Heroic Tallissan Lintra + Trick Shot + Heroic Blue Squadron Recruit
  10. Mistborn_Jedi

    Triple As and Poe?

    I'm just starting to experiment with Bastion in other lists, he seems like a good value. This is a very interesting list, can you share some insights on how you're generally setting up and keys to running it effectively? Any particularly good or bad matchups you've found?
  11. Mistborn_Jedi

    Mynock Squadron 152 Feedback

    Did he ever say what ships he was flying with this Poe? At one point I felt like he was implying that it was a 4 ship list, which would have to be 3 As point-wise I think.
  12. Mistborn_Jedi


    Do we know they're not terrible? Anyone that's actually put them on the table have any feedback on how they perform?
  13. Mistborn_Jedi

    Resistance Build

    I used Prox Mines on a StarFortress to good effect over the weekend, and think they are viable on Edon (haven't flow him yet though). "After you fully execute a blue or white maneuver, if you have not dropped or launched a device this round, you may drop 1 device." Since his ability specifies "device" he can still drop Mines after moving. Can't launch them obviously since launch is limited to bombs. I'm actually considering a super-light build to leave room for other things. Edon + Prox Mines + Skilled Bombardier is just 77 points. 270-degree arc and you don't want to get behind him.
  14. Mistborn_Jedi

    Scum Missile Squad

    I really like a Cartel Maurader with Cluster Missiles and Contraband Cybernetics for 50 points. I've run 4 of them, or mixed them in with various other ships. Hits hard, good dial. I guarantee you'll feel good surprising your opponent by popping Cybernetics, flipping behind them with a 2 Tallon and getting off a modded shot (or 2 with Cluster).
  15. Mistborn_Jedi

    Mining Guild TIE

    Drea, 2 tugs and as many MG generics as you can fit. The only question for me is whether to buy 3 or 4 of these things.