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  1. Not only can you do 5...you can do 6. I've run this a couple times. It's fun but not competitive. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZhZ200Z387X172WWWY240X172WWWY270X172WWWY301XWWY380XWWWWWY380XWWWWW&sn=6 resistance&obs=
  2. I haven't been able to get sideload working since one of the recent iOS updates killed Impactor. Anyone have a good solution?
  3. Mostly it goes to what @GreenDragoon laid out about freeing up yourself up to focus on other things. In the short time between rounds where I'm moving between tables, looking at my opponents list, etc I'd rather not also have start from scratch on how to approach Turn 0 or the first few turns. Ideally I settle on a list far enough in advance that I can theorycraft different approaches. What do I do if I have to deploy first? Where do I want to engage against expected common archetypes (aces or droid swarm or whatever)? What is the key obstacle placement that I want to make and what are the first set of moves I would do under those situations? Once I have a handful of openings that I like, I write them down and then I practice them solo on the table so that I'll remember them and be comfortable with it and can reproduce the setup and initial moves from memory. You can't anticipate everything, of course. But my experience is that doing this level of prep takes a lot of pressure off during the tourney and has lead to my most successful showings.
  4. Personally I find practicing a few openings a critical part of prepping for a tourney.
  5. 120 points is an interesting list building challenge. Signed up and looking forward to this!
  6. Can you post the full list including upgrades?
  7. Take a look at the larger HS events from last weekend. 8 of the 11 Separatist lists I looked at had 2 or 3 Hyenas. 5 of those made the cuts. Better cut rate than Boba. Sorry, @theBitterFig, Hyenas aren't bad in HS. In fact if you're playing Droids you should be including Hyenas.
  8. I felt bad for my opponent last week. I was playing 5As all with Heroic. Normally I'd expect Heroic to proc 1, maybe 2, times in a game. In that game it proc'd 7 times. And each time the reroll resulted in either hits or evades. Poor guy. To his credit he didn't get salty at all.
  9. +1 for R4 on Cova. If you can afford it, having the option to proc Cova's ability while using Leia on one of the X-wings (either to do a K/Tallon or just to clear stress with a normal white) can be huge.
  10. If you're looking for good lists that include T70s, I'll put in a plug for my current favorite list: Cova w/Leia, Jess, Bastian and either a Red Squadron Export Expert or Kaz. I made the cut at LVO with the Red version, @Flurpy ran the Kaz version into the cut at UK System Open. Solid list that's great fun to fly IMO. Lots of great discussion of this and other T70 lists in this thread: .
  11. Come visit Seattle, I'll happily go drinking with you any afternoon of the week!
  12. I remember. My worst loss of the tournament. Of course let's not forget you had the skill to take advantage of those good match-ups. The fickleness of the Pairing Gods really hit home for me at the end of 1.0. We had 2 big regionals in the NW 2 weeks apart. I ran the same list (Plot Armor...oh how I miss Dash) and many of the players in the field were the same so very similar meta. In one of them I played against 3 opponents using weaponized stress, which Dash hated. 2-4 for the day. In the other I only saw 1 stress list, and finished 4-2.
  13. This is so true, and took me playing in a lot of tournaments to really understand. Variance in X-Wing isn't just in the dice, it's in the pairings as well.
  14. You may remember I took Cova/Jess/Bastian/Red to LVO and did well with it. I've been looking at Kaz as a replacement for the Red, like @Flurpy's UK list. Only a few games in but I think he's strictly better and improve the list. My question to the group: what's the right Astromech to run? Here are the 3 I've tried. 1. R5/Heroic -- Maximize the time Kaz's ability procs. Turns off the SLAM fun until later in the round, but the extra dice are more valuable. 2. R1J5 -- Bucket is the fluff choice of course, and the ability to discard a damage completely via double repair seems good. It hasn't come into play on the table for me yet, but it could. One downside is losing the 1 point bid. 3. R4/Advanced SLAM -- The Fireball has limited blues, which makes the turn after your Tallon predictable. R4 gives you 6 more blue maneuvers and really opens up flying him. And who doesn't want to do a 3 straight, SLAM use Leia to make the Tallon SLAM white, dump the Weapons Disabled and then get an action! There's room for Heroic on here too if you don't want the bid. I'm leaning towards R4 based on the way they've felt on the table so far.
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