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  1. Thanks for your answers, about Poe´s skill, do you activate it all the turns or you tend to save it for specific situations?
  2. So, in order to survive until the end game what playstyle and upgrades suit him better??
  3. Hello Pilots, I'm having some problems flying Poe in 2.0, I feel like I'm not using all his potential so here I am asking for some tips and guidance. First of all problems with his skill (I know its like old PTL) but without bb8 cleaning the stress I think is not that strong anymore. Keeping that stress token limits red maneuvers, and even in some situations I prefer not to use it so I can KTurn or BRoll in the next turn (or do a white maneuver). Also there seems to be several builds around him but I fail to see what are the most optimal upgrades for him: 1. Looks like there is a debate around the use of heroic over elusive and vice versa, even some acknowledge to trick shot - Heroic seems very situational - Elusive requires red maneuvers to be recharged and Poe´s ability limit the uses of red maneuvers - Trick shot looks interesting but requires lots of positioning 2. Also a debate around HLC and ADV torpedoes. - HLC is good at 2-3 range but I think Poe shines as a gap closer (Black one, BRoll plus Boost) so no use at range 1 - ADV torpedoes looks logic as you can focus and TL in the same turn with Poe´s ability 3. Droid options - BB8 is expensive and has only 2 uses, but it can unlock one if the sickest combos in the game allowing you to perform 3 free stress actions - R4 is cheap and can be used limitless for the duration of all the game - BBastromech is a cheaper BB8 and still unlocks the 3 action combo This are some of my thoughts, maybe I'm missing something or maybe I need to practice more, but right now I fail to see a clear optimal build and a clear way to use Poe´s ability.
  4. Im starting to see the main idea of this combo Thank you for your responses
  5. Hello pilot friends, Rookie question on here, since Adv Slam nerf i have seen lots of players using LRS on Miranda, and i cant figure out why, mabye im not seeing something, some pilots are using her with misiles or torpedos, so LRS are a understable option here, but a lot of players are using it with no missiles/torpedos thats what i dont understand. Why use LRS with Miranda if you are not using ordenance?? Spain national champion and so many players play under this circunstances so, definetly this combo works in a way i cant understand, if you can help me figure out how i will apreciate it a lot Thanks!
  6. Hello guys, I have been testing this squad and ill like you to rate it: Poe Dameron (9): Intensity, R2-D2, Pattern, AutoT, Black one Jess Pava (3): M9-G8, Pattern, IA Gold Squad Pilot (2): TLT, R2 The idea is to fly the squad like a cone, with Poe and Jess in the front line and the y-wing behind and joust with the T-70 heavy power and U-turn to mantain formation using the pattern analyzer to still use action with the t-70. The idea is not only relay in the heavy power of the T-70 but in the regen and rerolls to ensure survavility. Please let me hear your opinions. Greetings
  7. Nogan

    Golden Poe

    I really like the idea of using M9-G8 on the Y-wing, sounds like a better plan than the torpedos
  8. Hey guys, Im on my first store tournament (sadly im not doing very well) for the next tournament day i wanna try this squadron: Poe Dameron ps9: Intensity + CommR + R2D2 + Black One + AutoT (45 pts) Gold Squad Pilot ps2: TLT + PlasmaT + r2Astro + Chips (28 pts) Gold Squad Pilot ps2: TLT + r3-a2 + btl-a4 (26 pts) Total 99 pts Ill be glad to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  9. Hello guys, Ill like yo ask your ways and ideas to fight dengar back, im kinda new to the game and Dengar is pretty popular in my FLGS, and I have had some trouble fighting him, so please any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Looks interesting, but i think Miranda needs at least a cheaper turret :/
  11. Yeah, LW Han would be awesome, but im actually struggling on balancing the points on Miranda, seems like she works only when is full charged with upgrades :/
  12. Hello guys, im trying to build a list for a local tournament and ill like to hear your opinions Han (Old one): Rey + C3po + Old title + (Trick shot or adaptability +1, not sure yet) Miranda: TLT + ExtraM + Sabine + Cluster + Adv SLAM + (bomblet or thermal or plasmaT, not sure either) Thx for your advice
  13. Poe (PS9) Intensity + bb8 + Primared T + Integrated A + Black One Jess: M9-G8 + Integrated A Nien Numb: Snap shot + Stressbot (R3-A2) + Integrated A 100 points
  14. Thanks for the swift answer, im still not very convinced about this Poe combo but i will play it to try to understand it. Last friday i played the bb8 version with Jess and Nien and they were really fun (melted down a decimator in 3 turns with Jess and Nien and Poe chased down a pair of interceptors)
  15. Can someone please explain me the Poe + r2d2 + intensity + comms relay combo? I fail to see how this combo works, i might been not seen something obvious. What i can see is that this is a tankier build than the BB8 one cuz this one uses r2d2 regen after green moves and keeps the evade token from intensity with comms relay, but if you choose to keep the evade token you cant flip intensity back, and you can´t gain both focus and evade tokens in one turn cuz you need to use boost to gain the evade token. So...unless the combo involves spending two turns for flip intensity again i fail to see how this works and how this is a better option than the BB8 combo. Thank you for the advice
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