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  1. Since I have created some more concepts I feel that I should post them here, even if FFG no longer have the WH40k RPG license. Here are #250 - #300: 251. A Chapter that officially fully follow the Codex Astartes but are actually much larger, something they hide with double-entry bookkeeping. 252. A Chapter that considers swords and powerclaws illfortune weapons since it was those that Horus used to wound the Emperor. 253. A Chapter that refuse to retreat, even when their chances are almost nil. 254. A Chapter that doesn’t have a Chapter-Master, instead its lead by a council consisting of the Chapter’s Chaplains. 255. A Chapter that heavily modify their wargear sometime edging on tech-heresy. 256. A Chapter that have a high amount of Artificer Armour. 257. A Chapter that has made enemies out of one of the 1th Founding Chapters. 258. A Chapter that has made a lasting impression on a ork Waaaaaagh!, that now try to imitate the Chapter’s look and tactic. 259. A Chapter that threat non-Space Marines humans as if they were blacks in the Jim Crow South, no matter how important, experienced or knowledgeable a person would be. 260. A Chapter that shares it’s homeworld with another Chapter. 261. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery was built near, or even on top, of something believed to be (or could be) a great threat against the Empire. As part of their holy mission the Chapter’s first duty is to prevent the threat from rising. 262. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery originally belonged to another Chapter. 263. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery is so large that even a fully numbered Chapter with all needed support staff leaves large parts of the fortress-monastery empty. 264. A Chapter that use cherubs in great amounts. 265. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery was built around a piece of archeotech. The Chapter may or may not know what it is and how to activate it. 266. A Chapter that, when it can, hires xeno mercenaries to help them fight their current enemies. 267. A Chapter that a Navigator House have declared a vendetta against. 268. A Chapter that has a high amount of Terminator Armour, enough for their full First Company and then some. 269. A Chapter that don’t have one grand fortress-monastery, instead they have a number of lesser fortress-monasteries spread out over an area that might be a planet, an asteroid belt, a star system or even something as large as a sub-sector. 270. Thuribles hang from all of the Chapter’s battle-brothers belts and/or weapons. 271. A Chapter that’s disturbingly similar to one of the traitor Legions. 272. A Chapter that has an unusual high amount of Chaplains. 273. A Chapter that’s specialized in fighting the forces of one of the minor Chaos gods. 274. A chapter whose colours, and possibly even their symbol, are almost identical to another chapter. 275. A Chapter whose colours, and possibly even their symbol, are almost identical to a renegade chapter. 276. A Chapter that seal themselves away in vast stasis crypts when not on a campaign. 277. A Chapter that have a large number of ancient war relics of weapons that are rarely seen in the 41st Millennium. 278. A Chapter that have a large number of ancient war relics of vehicles that are rarely seen in the 41st Millennium. 279. A Chapter that doesn’t recruit from any world, instead all their aspirants are secretly vat-grown in clone chambers. 280. A Chapter that communicates only when necessary and always use their own cryptic battle tongue amongst themselves. 281. A Chapter that don’t seems to have any arms, armour or other technology that’s older than half a century. 282. A Chapter that don’t use servitors. 283. A Chapter that distrust servitors and destroy them if they come to close. 284. A Chapter that only has one functioning Warp jump capable void ship. 285. A Chapter that lacks functioning Warp jump capable void ships. 286. A Chapter whose fortress-monastery is inside a Titan. 287. A Chapter that don’t have any Librarians. 288. A Chapter that built a shrine-bastion on all worlds they have helped conquer/retake and leave at least one battle brother to guard the shrine-bastion 289. A Chapter whose scouts use animal mounts instead of scout bikes. 290. A Chapter that has many teleportation devices and uses them often. 291. A Chapter created to fill the role of an older Chapter now lost to destruction, heresy, the Warp or similar. 292. A Chapter that’s more interesting in engaging the enemy in ways that bring them glory than what’s strategical best. 293. A Chapter that when interacting with other parts of the Imperium’s armed forces always put themselves under the command of the highest ranking officer instead of themselves taking command or working outside of the command structure. 294. A Chapter that use hunting beasts. 295. A Chapter that’s been declared renegade but they still fight for the Imperium 296. A Chapter whose name and colours are a lie, they are actually a Renegade Chapter but have changed their name and appearance so they can continue to operate within the Imperium. 297. A Chapter that salvage all older and/or rare technology they find or save from the Imperium’s enemies. 298. A Chapter that punish any survivors of any Imperial world that they save/liberate since the natives have proven themselves week by needing the Chapter’s help. 299. A Chapter who’s homeworld, recruitment world/s and ways to resupply are unknown to the Imperial authority. 300. The battle-brothers of the Chapter ritually inflict corporal mortification on themselves and their fellows.
  2. But the books present it like a conscious decision from the Badger not to have a shugenja-school nor any shugenja, and that they even look down on people from their own clan who go to other clans to train to be shugenja. Also the badger is not just "a minor clan" its one of the three oldest, only one or some generation/s younger then the great clans
  3. I know and I utterly ignore that. It just feel stupid and not really fitting with the in 'verse world building. Feels more like the RL idea that some groups in fantasy setting of some reason distrust magic (usually dwarfs of some reason) and the creators decided that the Badger fit the bill of how those people usually are and therefore decided that the Badger don't have people that can speak with the spirits. But what dose that mean in Rokuga where different clans represent different historical Japanese eras? And how should that be role-played? To my understanding so was that how they greeted each other, outsiders was more likely to be threated like criminals until proven different. My players PC are travelling with a trade/inspection caravan; they have shown their papers talked with the Badger representative at the boarder and are allowed to travel with them; once they have time to actually be social the yojimbo will most likely be asked to show of her strength
  4. Yep, pages 58-61 in 4th ed. Imperial Archives Part of a chapter called 'Lost Minor Clans' that present sex possible minor clans with origin, culture and land that the GM could have in his campaign or have as a minor clan that had existed but later disappeared into the pages of history. Each of them was give a couple of different reasons why they are no longer around that the GM who wanted them in the history books could choose from. Non of them was given any rules or even rules suggestions. So I guess they are semi-canon.
  5. Two clans I can see being "eaten" by the Mantis as a part of becoming a major clan is the Firefly and the Shark. They both have lands beside the sea and the Mantis can offer them things: people, ships and money for the Firefly to help with their duty; security for the Shark once they are no Imperial hand protecting them (the Imperial Archives even suggest that as a possible end of the Shark)
  6. That depend much on the PC:s' group's economics and even then it will takes at least a month (I think) to get all the building material and then there is the question about the people needed. Depending on the specific times of the year so could the people in the town possibly have their hands full with the works needed to make this harvest (planting, harvesting, taking it or similar) or similar and they will not take kindly to being ordered to instead go out in the forest, find the right kind of trees, take them down, prepare them and then built up the keep the characters burned down. They could call upon people from other areas who are free but that will cost extra. Much cheaper to starve them out and then they could also give the ronin the chance to do the honourable thing and commit seppuku once they have realised they can't win. Which will possibly lead to the PC:s' group getting some honour points.
  7. IF the players decide to pull a siege I think this vide would be of interest. It's about European medieval sieges but many of the points still apply Okey, with cannons and mortars I can see that happen. I originally thought they only had the classic Rokuga siege engines available. But is that really honourable? And don't that go against some od the ideas of Compassion
  8. I have to ask: what were they using to be able to do that in such a short time? "We don't have a keep", or was you thinking of some other message? if the bandits are partying and have not really noticed the PC:s' forces coming maybe the later could do a quick frontal attack and just rush through the main gate
  9. a possible opinion is that they just place themselves around the castle, preventing anybody from leaving or entering and just wait out the bandits until they have no food/water left and just give up or can't man the defences. They could also offer them to walk out of the castle in exchange for not being prosecuted for the crime of occupying the castle and tell them that if they say no non of them will be speared. If they have actually been effective in keeping the castle and/or are liked by the people in the city so could the PC:s offer them a steady job.
  10. I don't have any examples but was just wondering: how large and well kept is the castle?
  11. I was more thinking about how to present the Badger as conservative/backward/old fashion to the PC:s
  12. Since all three of the oldest minor clans (Fox, Badger, Mantis) are only some generations youngers then the great clans so I'm actually surprised that all three don't have their own bushi, courtier, and shugenja schools I rally don't want the Fox to join the Mantis if the later absorb other minor clans when it become a great clan. It just don't fit with how the Fox has been presented as unwilling to stop being their own clan when the Unicorn offered to take them back; and to be absorbed into the Mantis would probably be like accepting that the Mantis was the first minor clan, something that their pride would have hard to allow. If the Fox is given the choice to either join another clan or die I think they would rather join the Unicorn
  13. The Badger is scribed as being one of the more conservative/backward/old fashion clans but do anybody know what that means in Rokuga where different eras of historical Japan is represented by different clans living side by side? Oh that's an idea. But at the same time so is my impression that non of the other clans (large or minor) have a permanent imperial presence so it would feel strange that the Badger has it.
  14. I feel stupid now. Of some reason I just forgot about Unicorn and Dragon representatives and I should not have done that since I'm having the PC begin in Unicorn land and have plans of adding a Dragon to a encounter table.
  15. Going by Usagi Yojimbo and some other sources I have read, so was shuriken openly used in combat by samurais to give them an advantage against an enemy in a fight - you throw them at the other guy as he come at you or before you come at him (mostly as an distraction but if some of them strike true it will hurt). This seemed to be fully accepted, at least as long as it was not done in a duel (but then again there are lots of stuff that you can't do in a duel that ok outside of them). Now if somebody who is supposed to be a non-combatant walked around armed with visible shuriken there will be questions.
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