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  2. Sorry to reply to such an old post, but I'm researching to make my own Witcher-esque build. Looking back on Skywalken's Witcher build, I'd say that's really close. I'd change Dark Vision to Heightened Senses and give boost to all Perception checks. I wouldn't tweak the magic system in Genesys too much, but if you really want to limit Witchers, I'd consider a series of talents (base, Superior, Improved) that grants ranks in Arcana with a limited number of uses per encounter. Edit: On second thought, of you REALLY wanted the feel of the game, you might be better off creating a new magic skill with that fits in like with Skywalken's spell list a bit; allowing only for magic actions Attack, Barrier, Curse, Dispel. Everything else would be alchemy, following rules in RoT.
  3. Instead, what about a ranked talent that allows a caster to spend one strain to add advantage equal to the number of strain suffered. Strain suffered cannot exceed ranks in the talent. Now you roll as normal but have a way to activate the spell effects you added so long as you succeed. Sorry if this was already mentioned!
  4. While it does add some things that could be used in other settings, it's pretty well focused on fantasy. Some of the major additions are Heroic Abilities, which are similar to Signature Abilities; updated crafting and potion rules; new magic rules and implements (the rune bound shards could easily be re-skinned as tech that grants users fantastic abilities, but any of the magic could be used in this way). Most of the book is about the Terrinoth setting though. If you aren't interested in running high fantasy you can do without. If you are interested in high fantasy, you could still do without, as Genesys Core Rulebook already has everything you need. The new stuff in Terrinoth offers up some really cool ways to expand on the high fantasy setting, though!
  5. I have to agree that voodoo and shamanistic magic falls under divine, though it may have some primal elements. But I also see the inability for Primal to use Curse as a problem. Think about a more specific example: Morrigan from Dragon Age. She and her mother Flemeth claimed not to believe in any gods, did not study in some mage’s school, and drew their power from magic naturally (Primal). A lot of Morrigan’s magic is focused on hexing (cursing). I could imagine plenty of other examples where using the power of nature’s darker elements (darkness, disease/sickness/pestilence, etc.) to debuff makes a lot of sense. I assume there’s a way around this by using one of the other magic actions to create the same effect... It goes without saying that the other side of this coin is that Augment, the mirror of Curse *is* available to Primal users...but not Arcana. Why wouldn’t a studied mage be able to create spells to buff (Augment), but they can Curse? I feel like if it makes sense in your setting, change these rules up a bit.
  6. Interesting thoughts everyone. Thank you all for your input. I definitely have a better understanding now!
  7. Good Cop, from No Disintegrations: Spend 2 advantage from Charm or Negotiation to upgrade ally's subsequent social check a number of times equal to ranks in good Cop. The book never says anything about succeeding the check, so I understand this to mean even if if fail my check, but gain 2 advantage, I still get to upgrade my ally's check. This makes sense to me in that my PC may be playing the "Bad Cop." Thoughts?
  8. The Bounty Hunter: Gadgeteer specialization offers a Disorient talent. Normal combat allows for 2 advantage to be spent to add 1 setback to target's next skill check (Disorient). The Disorient talent allows for the same amount of advantage to be spent to activate Disorient for all skill checks for rounds equal to ranks in Disorient, but there is only one rank available! No other Bounty Hunter Specializations have this talent, so it can't be stacked (in career), and rarely do NPCs make multiple checks per round. What am I missing? How is this valuable???
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