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  1. Did you find someone or still need a painter? I could recommend someone very good and reasonably priced
  2. Chimera paint job on top?

    This. Especially Emo Vader when he throws his temper tantrum and slices up the generic computer equipment in his bedroom to show he's real mad!
  3. Thrawn's Paint Job

    Full repaint would destroy the factory Chimera paint job, no?
  4. Thrawn's Paint Job

    What color is a gravity well projector in your mind's eye?
  5. Say what you will, the Mandator-IV looks epic

    You're clearly disinterested rebel scum, who can't appreciate functionality over form. We Imperials believe in a functional design aesthetic that accomplishes the job. We may not be pretty, but we get **** done! What planet are you on? We'll demonstrate our Pew, Pew cannons on that one first!
  6. MC 75 Hype Train! All aboard!!!

    Toot! Toot! Beep! Beep! All aboard! I think it looks boring as f***k (in terms of design aesthetic). I'm just happy that they're continuing to grow the game so book me a seat on the MC75 train! Im more interested in the title and the admiral upgrade cards that go with it.
  7. Will there be future for Battles of Westeros?

    This. I am looking for a fantasy miniatures game to play other than Runewars. I'm guessing this game is dead though and they want to sell as much of their remaining stock as possible, so they're not going to tell their customers that this game is kaput.
  8. Mega Star Destroyer

    George Soros was funding the FO, that's how they could afford the ship
  9. Alino's Terrain Workshop

    OP, you are very talented man. Really like what you've done.
  10. Say what you will, the Mandator-IV looks epic

    I too think it looks cool
  11. 2 new players looking for advice

    Looks like you have everything you need. Since you're both beginners, tell your friend he can play with the rebel ships that come in the core set and that you're going to use all your Imperial ships at the same time since the Empire would always use overwhelming force. Tell him it's a real world simulation and he has to do his best to defeat you using a Neb B and CR90!
  12. "Something Big is coming"

    Thanks for posting that. I was curious myself since I'm new to gaming in general, I don't know all the lingo in the miniatures world much less the card playing world.
  13. Same ol Pot. Different spoon.

    So how many ships do you have? Like doubles of everything? Triples?
  14. Same ol Pot. Different spoon.

    I'm curious, what are your "spare" ships? And why would you sell them? I mean, ships play different roles in combat and missions. You might play a mission/ objective where it would be hove (behove?) you to have additional smaller and medium ships on your roster to accomplish objectives that large ships may not be ideally suited for. Just a thought.
  15. Say what you will, the Mandator-IV looks epic

    Is this the ship with the big cannons on the underside or a different ship? Smart of Disney to add new ships to get us to spend money on new toys.