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  1. I think a magnifier or some type of enhancing glasses are useful when doing small detail work
  2. Really like the glow effect you added from the saber
  3. I like your videos. Good info. Thanks.
  4. Did you find someone or still need a painter? I could recommend someone very good and reasonably priced
  5. This. Especially Emo Vader when he throws his temper tantrum and slices up the generic computer equipment in his bedroom to show he's real mad!
  6. Full repaint would destroy the factory Chimera paint job, no?
  7. What color is a gravity well projector in your mind's eye?
  8. You're clearly disinterested rebel scum, who can't appreciate functionality over form. We Imperials believe in a functional design aesthetic that accomplishes the job. We may not be pretty, but we get **** done! What planet are you on? We'll demonstrate our Pew, Pew cannons on that one first!
  9. Toot! Toot! Beep! Beep! All aboard! I think it looks boring as f***k (in terms of design aesthetic). I'm just happy that they're continuing to grow the game so book me a seat on the MC75 train! Im more interested in the title and the admiral upgrade cards that go with it.
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