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  1. As many people seem, unsure how to create a character I am posting a video my friend and I did covering this game hopefully people will find the video helpful and informative! I have also attached a link to our character creation guide which I hoe is of use. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/158514/character-creation-guide-and-sample-characters
  2. I really think it could be my missus and I play and it took here awhile to adjust to the idea of character creation but we have been having a lot of fun since then. You can check out some reviews on the content and even how to creat a character here on my channel. I also attached a helpful character creation guide that my friend and i created! https://youtu.be/27NePcCHLQA https://youtu.be/Bq6MVM4odE0 Dice and Dragons Legacy of Dragonholt Character Creation Guide and Sample Characters.pdf
  3. When do we get Runebound/Terrinoth 5e Sourcebook?

    I am definitely purchasing that book whether I play it or not I love the idea of the setting. Lots of Info that I have been wanting to know in there!
  4. Hello everyone Noticed that a lot of people in here are looking for some more information on Dragonholt. Been working on a project with my friend where we take a look at some games and review them. I am posting a link to our video review of the character creation and components. Spoilers it's fairly positive! If anyone has any issues let me know and I will remove the post I just thought it may be helpful for people to get a look at what comes in the box! https://youtu.be/27NePcCHLQA
  5. Replayability

    Going through our first play through and we are definitely noticing how the paths branch out and it is something that you can go through again and the more people you play it with the more the experience will differ. Really enjoying it so far!
  6. The app is what convinced me to pick it up as well as the coop adventures then my completionist OCD led me to getting the rest. Having lots of fun with the game and even if they do a third edition depending on what they do I will be playing second edition for a very long time.
  7. I am definitely hoping for some stuff and that everything at the printer comes out soon. Due to the changes with Asmodee I decided to go out and pick up everythign because I just love the game. Just waiting on one more lieutenant pack to arrive. Even if they slowdown on the Physical expansions for a bit I would love for them to do something with the Shadow Rune Campaign and continue expanding the app. My fiancee and I play the game mostly in the app and that has stimulated a lot of sales. If they are busy with other games and don't have production capacity adding a new campaign to the app and getting and update version of Shadow Rune out there would be a great way to keep interest going in the game without them having to produce miniatures. I do want to see some kind of physical expansion in 2018 maybe even some rule update to reflect on how IA has improved on the system.
  8. New Expansion!

    I just ordered the product had to get it from a distributor in another country due to some issues in mine but I bought the game and all the expansion because of my love of Descent, terrinoth and Imperial Assault I just couldn't wait. Looking forward to unboxing everything and playing!
  9. Oath and Anvil [Eng]

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find Oath and Anvil at a reasonable price I currently can only find it on amazon for about 5 times the retail price. Just got the base game at a good price as we are getting into descent and runebound and enjoying the world of terrinoth. Would love to add Oath and Anvil as well. Thanks if anyone is able to help