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  1. Many thanks. I don’t use Facebook but I think I’ll make an account for MoM
  2. Hello all. It seems I am a little late to the MoM party as I only just got the bug.. I notice this forum is shutting down soon and wonder if there are any active MoM forums I should join in order to share my adventures and ask questions when I am stuck on a rule etc. Cheers.
  3. Many thanks once again for the info
  4. Great job! The colours really bring the minies to life.
  5. What an amazing setup! It adds so much atmosphere while playing games. I’m so jealous:)
  6. Thank you for posting this. I am only now getting into MoM and installed this app about an hour ago. Its really cool to see the game has such enthusiastic and creative followers
  7. Please forgive me for asking a few more questions. When setting up the game and placing wall tiles etc, before the investigators first turn, I was prompted to place a barricade against a door. If I decide on my investigators turn to explore that door, do I first need to use one of my turns to remove the barricade? If both investors are adjacent to a door, one has used both turns, the second has one turn left. He uses that turn to activate the explore token and reveal the next room. The app says you may now enter the room. Do they both automatically enter the room at the start of the next investors turn without using a move turn? I have just encountered my first creature, a hunting horror. The creature lets out an unholy screech. Then the text says suffer 2 horror (Will negates) Does this mean I automatically ignore the effect if my will is more than 2? Cheers
  8. Many thanks for the reply vsolfronk. I have never played a board game of this sort. Chess, monopoly, when I was a kid is about it. I am really, really loving the game and app! Its so much fun. I always loved turn based strategy games on my PC but playing this board game has really opened my eyes to something I wished I had discovered years ago. I spoke with some friends today and arranged our first games night when we get back to a time when people can mix freely again. Gives us all something to look forward to
  9. Hi all. I am currently playing my first ever game of MoM 2ed. I am playing solo with 2 investigators and the MoM app. Question: If both investigators are adjacent to a search token and say this token needs to be resolved using the Lore stat, do they combine they're Lore skill? If so what other interactions can they combine skills to resolve? Is it best to stick together in order to have a better chance at resolving events and encounters? Many thanks
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