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  1. Sorry for the delay folks, @Xcapobl, as interesting as that would be, unfortunately clones are limited to none force specs 😛 @vandarl, there is a space for you in either if you want. @LaGouache, fair enough, if you change your mind let me know. @Bellona, good choice, I look forward to the result.
  2. @Shlambate, I'll give you a boost with that as you are playing on some things that will work well on the crowd. If @Von3679 wants to say anything, they can add an additional boost. Unfortunately the check will be against Karath's leadership, so the difficulty is 2eC+2eD+1eS. Don't forget guys you do have destiny points still if you want to use them. This will determine the actions of the defence force. @Edgehawk and @SithArissa, if things go wrong you will arrive after the first round of combat, if not then you will arrive shortly after the jedi move into the building.
  3. Karath's smirk widens as he listens in silence to Zoroku. "Desperate words in your final hour jedi. It will not be so easy to turn patriots against the republic, as you and your order have done. Your claims have no evidence, no founding in truth. These men before you are soldiers of the republic, each and everyone one of them served to protect this galaxy while you hid in your temples, and now you would try to turn them against one of their own, flanked by our old enemy. This ends now". Looking down through the holo-projector, Karath nods to a man near the front of the barricade. "Captain, apprehend these traitors".
  4. Base Defence: @btmaja @Shlambate @Von3679 @Edgehawk Horde 1: 2 soak, 21/100 wounds, 5/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of Akua Horde 2: 2 soak, 74/100 wounds, 15/20 people, pierce 2, one the wall Horde 3: 2 soak, 24/50 wounds, 5/10 people, pierce 2, engaged range of Vanguard Horde 4: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, engaged range of wall @Edgehawk, that's 3 dead with pistols (dayum), for future reference, when duel wielding, the difficulty is only increased instead of upgraded, so it would be purple at short range. With the advantage, you would notice that when the gungans are 'killed', a faint cloud of green gas or energy leaves the body and seems to move off into the distance away from the base (int he direction the gungans came). So we are back up to the top of the initiative, @btmaja you are up.
  5. As the clones and jedi battle against the seemingly endless horde, they seem to be holding their own, despite the numbers. In their armour, they are relatively safe from the viscous claws that they lunged drunkenly about with. However that does not seem to be all that the gungans have in their arsenal. As the enemy is cut down by Akua, a strange green glow can be seen through the desiccated cracks in their flesh. Before Akua realises what is happening, one of the creatures belches up a viscous green fluid, spraying it in her direction. Fortunately she is able to leap to one side as it splatter onto the ground. Looking begind he were it landed, even through the mist Akua can see the green liquid hiss and bubble dangerously. The padawan is not the only one to come under attack from this strange attack. As they lurch through the gate after the two retreating clones, Vanguard is coated down his left side by another of the spitting attacks. As soon as it comes into contact with his armour he hears it hiss and fizzle as it tries to eat through his armour. He can feel some of it on the joints burn into his flesh, but the fluid seems to quickly become inert. While the other group of gungans shuffle past the jedi and advance on the gate, the defenders would hear a cry from the wall. As the others had advanced another group of gungans had taken the wall. Looking behind them Gunslinger and Akua can see that they have literally clambered over each other to pile onto the wall in a macabre form of ladder. The savage creatures had quickly overpowered the mandalorian still stood atop the wall as they use their claws to tear of his helmet, before he disappears under the sheer mass of bodies. The defence of the base is slowly being driven back.
  6. @Jonas Shaaf and @Edgehawk, the speeder is pretty distinctive so it's only an average perception, but in the dark and with the maze of this place it does have 2 setback to the check.
  7. "Yeah, Logan. Stand down already" Den would say as he takes another bat at the guards helmet, this time with the flat of his hand. It was a petty move to be sure, but Den really did not like these kind of mercenaries. To him half of them were amateurs, the other half only followed the credits. Taking a deep breath the trooper calms himself and takes a step back. Keeping his rifle lowered he resumes the role of security, his job for not complete (with questionable results).
  8. @Bellona, that is correct yes. It does only apply to universal specs, as the intention in those games is that the free specs represent the background training of the characters. Eg. in the Cyclone Squad game, a medic may take recruit as their free spec to show their basic training, allowing them to get involved in fighting without taking too much from the primary focus. In the Revan's war game, specs like force sensitive emergent, padawan etc shows the time spent in the temple. If you want, non force specs are available to force users, so long as they have some basic ability in the force to show they are jedi. As a quick note, @LaGouache is looking to possibly join as a soresu defender/armourer.
  9. @Shlambate, it really would depend on what is said, but I suspect that leadership will be most applicable to the situation. You could of course try and coerce the guards into standing down, or lying to them with deception. As @Von3679's character is a witness an accomplice to all this, they could provide an assist if they want to say anything.
  10. Base Defence: @btmaja @Shlambate @Von3679 @Edgehawk Horde 1: 2 soak, 21/100 wounds, 5/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of Akua Horde 2: 2 soak, 90/100 wounds, 18/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of wall 1 setback, upgraded ability, upgraded difficulty in attack against Horde 2. Horde 3: 2 soak, 24/50 wounds, 5/10 people, pierce 2, engaged range of gate Horde 4: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, short range of wall @Von3679, it is 2 advantage to activate linked (I recommend making a note on your sheet). That kills 3 (very nearly 4) of the enemy in horde 1. @Edgehawk, you are up next!
  11. @Jonas Shaaf and @Edgehawk, you can try to hide further in the yard and avoid the officers, you can look for the bike, or do something else entirely, it's up to you at this point. @btmaja and @Shlambate, you would see the officer move into the yard, and see the other leave his panther to walk up the path to the scrapyard.
  12. As Zara and Cormil sneak their way into the scrapyard, they see the beam of a light rove overhead as the officer abandons the truck and moves towards the site. The eerie silence that fills the air is tense with the risk of their actions. It may be easy enough for them to outrun corsec on speeders, but on foot could be a different matter. Not to forget that in recent years, almost all officers were armed, and more than happy to take a shot when they get the chance. The pair begin to move between the huge stacks of ruined speeders and other vehicles, rusted and falling apart. Every so often they hear a creak of a crunching noise as the piles settle in on themselves. The place is an absolute maze, a mishmash of wreckage with no clear route, or even basic planning. Set near the centre is a huge yellow crane with two arms set onto it at different angles. One with a large magnet, the other with what looks like a viscous crushing claw. Everything is currently shut of, leaving the two in the shadowy darkness of the scrapyard. For a moment it sounds like the officer had left, and then they hear his voice, muffled a little by the distance. "Yeah, looks like someone cut the fence, probably scavs again. Better get up here and take a look. The pair hear the wire of the fence rattle as the portly officer squeezes through the gap and into the yard.
  13. Sorry for the delay, I've been at a wedding. @Xcapobl, looking forward to seeing it! I think I forgot to say, but clones can take a free universal spec during creation depending on the role they want to fill. I have gotten hold of the clone war supplements, so universal specs from there are usable, as are ones like recruit. For anyone building force characters, they also get a free universal spec during creation. Specs such as padawan or force sensitive emergent are available as well. @Bellona, glad to see you are interested! That quote does apply to the Revan's War game as well. What it means is that upon creation when you take the usual starting spec, you can take a universal spec with no additional cost.
  14. @Shlambate, unfortunately a warfare check wouldn't really be appropriate. A leadership check would be used to try and turn the soldiers. If you want to put up your ic post of what Zoroku wants to say I'll sort the difficulty.
  15. At the risk of upsetting a potential ally, Den is going to try and (non-lethally) deal with the crimson guard so he doesn't disintegrate their traitor. Den vs Crimson Guard: 1eP+2eA+1eB+2eD 1 failure, 1 advantage So Den misses, and as the rifle in this case would count as an improvised weapon, this would cancel out the advantage as well. @Edgehawk, can Den position himself between the guard and Porel?
  16. As Den had expected (or hoped a little), the situation devolved at a surprising rate. The gunshots are already flying through the air as the young stormtrooper realises what is happening and springs into action. The apparent traitor is already on the floor thanks to the others, and that blasted guard has already opened up with that blasted disruptor. Den assumes that the others will want this Porel alive, and so he rushes forwards, moving to put himself between the guard and his target. Swinging upwards with the but of his rifle, Den tries to clatter the guard in the head in a rushed attempt to put him out of the fight. Unfortunately it is only a glancing blow, the guards helmet protecting him from the blow. "Hold fire!" Den shouts at the guard as he takes a step back. "Amateur, you want to disintegrate the person we've come for? Use your head!"
  17. @Edgehawk, you could prop it back up in such a way that at a glance it doesn't look cut. However the officers may be able to spot it if they check the perimeter closer. If you and @Jonas Shaaf want to cover up the hole and move further into the scrapyard, you do have time.
  18. @Shlambate, as you have in depth knowledge of the situation, I will give you a boost if you try to convince the guards outside of the jedi's innocence etc.
  19. Base Defence: @btmaja @Shlambate @Von3679 @Edgehawk Horde 1: 2 soak, 39/100 wounds, 8/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of Akua Horde 2: 2 soak, 90/100 wounds, 18/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of wall 1 setback, upgraded ability, upgraded difficulty in attack against Horde 2. Horde 3: 2 soak, 24/50 wounds, 5/10 people, pierce 2, engaged range of gate Horde 4: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, short range of wall @Shlambate that is another two dead, @Von3679, you are up!
  20. Cool, don't forget the benefits of the tow and the tools feature.
  21. @Shlambate, I would recommend this: http://swrpg.viluppo.net/transportation/vehicles/399/ I'll also say that as this is a repair truck it wil have a special ability to pull vehicles of the same or lower silhouette, and can add 2 boosts to mechanical checks related to vehicles due to the tools etc it will have. @btmaja, do you want to stay in the truck with Krydil still? If so that's as good a chance as any for a little rp.
  22. @Shlambate, do me an average vigilance check, and if so then I'll say you do have a little recorder on your person with the interview on it.
  23. @Shlambate, you can, but you are at engaged range, making it a hard check. If you want to fall back with Spearhead, then that goes down to an easy check.
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