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  1. Rabobankrider

    You get 3500 xp

    Gungan beast rider/marauder/martial artist. He is sick of people thinking his whole species is Jar Jar and with 3,500 xp is pretty confident he can sort this.
  2. I've been using this for old Republic stuff, it may help:
  3. Rabobankrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    @Stormbourne, the food after this amount of time would have gone bad, no credits or nick knacks (stormtroopers do not usually carry personal possessions). The armour on the corpse is busted thanks to the attack, and the mans rifle was cut in half. You would find a combat knife though.
  4. Rabobankrider

    What's this? A new pbp?

    @Tramp Graphics, any species within reason. Basically if common sense is used I shouldn't have to change anyone's choice (eg. no ancient sith at the helm of the ship). If you're not sure, check with me in advance.
  5. Rabobankrider

    What's this? A new pbp?

    Perfectly Viable option
  6. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    @SithArissa, if you want Oola can still go of on one, but it can be a calculated effort instead of her losing her temper. The advantage can indeed be used to spot something important. I'll let you put up your post of Oola snapping (or not, your choice), and I'll sort the response for it.
  7. Ok, @KungFuFerret, you are up.
  8. 'Waah!' one of the droids would cry as it is torn apart by the plasma bolts fired by Slugger. Those near by would be quick to follow, but the remainder of the squad would be quick to fire back at the squad and their commander. Fortunately the barrier defends them as the droids march fowards, the red bolts smashing into the metal and masonry that made the barrier. Still though the droids marched on.
  9. Rabobankrider

    What's this? A new pbp?

    Ok, so having considered @Edgehawk's point, I think that I will allow the racer spec to be used in this setting. However I will be limiting the force power that are available to the ones found in the EotE core book (these are sense, influence and move). @Jawa4thewin, you can take +10 if you want as per the regular rules, but bear in mind it does mean your past is more likely to catch up with you (whatever tat is). @Jonas Shaaf, I think I will be sticking with regular starting xp for this campaign to represent you guys being very much beginners in this. 120,000 credits will get you guys a few mid level swoops and/or speeders, so it seems like a fair amount of credits to me there. As the general consensus is that you guys want to start with swoops and/or speeders, I think we're going to go with that. That should help narrow down backstory ideas for you guys. Perhaps you're swoop gangers looking to go legit? Or simple speed freaks looking to make a name for yourselves. Like I say, the only prerequisite is that there is something to link you all together in the game early on. @Edgehawk, the credits can be used on attachments if you want, but the mods to them will have to come later. @TheShard, I think we're going to keep things on here instead of discord. It's not a rapid post campaign this, once a week is perfectly fine. I am going to ask however that if you guys are joining the campaign, that you do make a commitment to it. I have had a large number of players dropping in and out of campaigns in the past, and it is pretty frustrating and disruptive to the game. I get that real life happens, but if you need to be away for a while please let me know so I can take it into account.
  10. Rabobankrider

    Creativity vs Reality - Knock down brawl of the Forum (Ding)!

    Part of me thinks the original movies would have been somewhat less groundbreaking and popular had they followed all the rules and laws of science (same for the prequals).
  11. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Haha, @SithArissa, I'd say it'd be an average, but I'm going to add a setback to represent the monotony and slow progress getting to her.
  12. Rabobankrider

    What's this? A new pbp?

    @Tramp Graphics, unfortunately this is not a force-focused campaign. Because no one is a trained force user (or on who hasn't trained in a very long time), the force sensitive and force sensitive emergent represent that best. For that reason they are the force specs currently available. In terms of roles, they are really up to the players, but my very basic recommendations are: Pilots Co-pilots Mechanics Manager/promoter Security Maybe someone to deal with the shadier sides of racing.
  13. Ok, I was wrong about the aim rule. @Shlambate, feel free to roll a boost dice to add to your previous check, but it would take 2 strain for the second maneuver. Having said that, @Tramp Graphics please don't jump onto my other threads to correct my gm'ing. If I make a mistake I'll either notice or one of the players will spot it.
  14. Rabobankrider

    What's this? A new pbp?

    In terms of vehicles, I think I'm going to say you guys have the standard cost of 120,000 credits to spend on vehicles. As residents of Corellia you'd all have needed ways to get around the planet, so it stands to reason you'd have a decent variety of vehicles to start. If we aim for preliminary character sheets to be done by next week that'd be ideal.