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  1. The woman examines Yoomnuff with a sceptical expression for a moment before smiling again. "Alright, well then, let's not waste time". She nods to the crew behinds her who begin to operate the probe droid. "And welcome back! Today is an exciting day, with the first downhill race of the season, 'the knucklecracker'. With the shake up in the roster, it is about time we get to know the fresh meat, out here, on the course". Turning to let Yoomnuff take centre stage, she gives him a winning smile, allowing him to make his introduction.
  2. Yep, you're right, my mistake. It was a long day. @Edgehawk, are you continuing to hang back for now?
  3. @Edgehawk, cool, he'll continue to drag them in that direction.
  4. As the two groups separate out, they make quick work of tracking down a changing room that they can steal from. The rooms are as one would expect, dull tiling covering the walls and floors, battered and scratched lockers lining the walls. Chipped benches run down the centre of the room, and even in the open a few jackets and overalls have been tossed haphazardly over the tops of the benches. It was easy pickings for the jedi to find what they needed, and a quick task to get changed. With their youth and diversity, they did not look out of place in the dull blue uniforms of the spaceport. Fortunately at this time of day the locker rooms are quiet, no one to catch them. After getting changed, Carth looks down at himself with a grimace. "I think I prefer my naval uniform, if I'm being honest. Ok, now what?"
  5. If anybody wants, they can make an average perception check while in the locker rooms. A success will allow you to find a spare toolbox by one of the lockers (one per group), you can add that to your inventory if you want, I believe they are 4 encumbrance.
  6. Sorry for the delay folks, work ramped up in the last couple of days. I will have a post for you in a day or so. @Shlambate, that puts you back at the top of initiative as the enemy still can't attack. However I am going to ask that you try to avoid using disorient for the encounter after this, as it effectively stun locks the enemy.
  7. @Edgehawk, how long to meet up with the medical services here?
  8. @Shlambate, you'd see the droids just about to go into the walker (short range), with the closest squad currently engaged by the padawan. The second squad is still free though.
  9. Sorry for the delay folks, work ramped up in the last couple of days. I will have a post for you in a day or so.
  10. @Ive Virdas, welcome! @Bellona, with your access to the map you can find the changing rooms of the staff easily enough. Feel free to narrate heading in that direction with anyone else going with you.
  11. As the droids open fire on the padawan atop the walker, there is the thrum of a lightsaber cutting through the air as he launches himself from the top of the wreckage. Twisting through the air he lands dead centre of the first group of droids. There is a screech of metal as the blade slices clean through the upper torso of two of the attackers, sending them clattering to the ground. The droids scramble backwards, away from the jedi as they try to mount a defence, buying time ofr the clones.
  12. AT-TE: silhouette 4, speed 1, handling -2, armour 4, HT threshold 0/40, SS Threshold 25/35, sensor range short. 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot/spotter, 1 vehicle commander, 5 gunners (1 on the top, 2 on the front, 2 on the back). Turret-mounted mass driver cannon: Fire arc all, damage 7, critical 3, range short, breach 2, slow-firing 1. Two front-mounted twin light blaster cannons: Fire arc forward, damage 4, critical 3, range close, linked. Two aft-mounted light blaster cannons: Fire arc rear, damage 4, critical 3, range close. The walker also has dynamic actuator pistons, allowing the walker to ram targets and reduce the critical hit of a collision by 30 to a minimum of 1. @Edgehawk 4s1a @fluglichkeiten @Shlambate 2s2a Tank 1: Armour 4, HT 1/15, SS 8/8 @Petragor07 1s3a @pyciloo 1s2a @Von3679 1s2a Droid squad 2: Soak 4, 14/25 wounds, 3/5 men 1s1a Droid squad 3: Soak 4, 25/25 wounds, 5/5 men 1s Medical Droid: Soak 3, 3/10 wounds 1s @Xcapobl 0s2a @Shlambate, you're up!
  13. Standing up with a faint grunt, Den goes to grab the guy by the back of his shirt, slowly dragging him behind him in what he assumes is the direction of the medical facilities. "Alright, come on then you bleeding idiot. Some people have glass jaws, I guess you've just got glass organs or something" he mutters. Huffing under the strain, he glances around as he readjusts his hold a few times to find the best way to drag this near-corpse. Reaching for the coms he uses his free hand he sends a broadcast out to the others. "I hope you lot are doing as well as me. I'm killing it here. Quick question, what's the rule on collateral damage? Just in case".
  14. @Edgehawk, is Den out of hearing for the stand down order? His current plan is to drag the dying guy in the direction of the medical facilities.
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