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  1. Sure, that sounds fine to me
  2. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    @Edgehawk, before I do the ic can I get the same kind of check from you please as well (don't worry everyone, there is an ic reason for this).
  3. @Edgehawk because you have the height advantage of the stairs and want to commit the xp, I'll say you can use strong arm with a setback to the throw. In terms of making the detonator prolong it's timer, you can do an average mechanics check as a maneuver to rig the timer to last longer (bear in mind threat may make things worse). If you succeed it would potentially lie there till the droids walk over the top (they're not too bright).
  4. Rabobankrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    @Jonas Shaaf and @Tramp Graphics, for convenience sake I'm going to say you do have something to transport the corpse to save time. @EliasWindrider, how would you now like to introduce your new character to the group?
  5. Rabobankrider

    The Circuit (OOC)

    @Edgehawk, again I seem to have misunderstood punch it here. Punch it should do strain per each speed that the vehicle goes up but it does go to the max, meaning that none of these vehicles except the landspeeder. Unfortunately I'm still relatively new to detailed vehicle encounters so apologies for the mistakes here and in the future. I have fixed the results again below. @Edgehawk, @Jonas Shaaf and @Tramp Graphics when you are ready you can put up your posts about you guys coming off the starting line. @TheShard you've been very quiet, you still with us? @Shlambate what do you want to do? Race Order and Leg: Rodian: 1st leg, speed 1, 1/2 strain Wheeler: 1st leg, speed 1, 1/2 strain @Edgehawk: 1st leg @Tramp Graphics: 1st leg Kriff: 1st leg, speed 1, 1/5 strain
  6. Rabobankrider

    The Circuit (OOC)

    True, though I do see why they've done it this way mechanically speaking, so I think I will stick with the books in the end.
  7. Rabobankrider

    The Circuit (OOC)

    @Edgehawk, you are right, I misread that (long day). I will adjust speeds and the ic accordingly.
  8. Rabobankrider

    The Circuit (IC)

    Glancing at the crowd still whooping with excitement, the nautolan turns back to beam at the racers. Raising both hands high he would shout out once again. "Alright, three, two, one, go!" With the final word he lets both hands drop and tucks them tight to his side. With a roar of engines spraying sand out from behind, the racers take off. Wheeler is the first off the line, the speeder lurching forwards with a deep rumble as the engine stirs to life. She burns past the nautoloan, inches from his left, leaving Zara to pass on his right as they tear onto the course with Lie close on their heels. Kriff is left in the dust by those on the bikes, the bulky landspeeder unable to match the acceleration of the bikes. It is the rodian that is perhaps the greatest surprise to the crowd. With an almost flawless start his old speeder pulls ahead of the others by a good half length, though for how long it can hold this up for is another matter. He hunches low over the frame, reducing wind resistance as much as he can while remaining in control. The torches guide the racers down a now path, leaving little to no room between them as they jostle for positions. The crowd with a cry of excitement scatter as they try to rush over the centre of the camp site to try and head them off at points around the course to continue watching the spectacle.
  9. Rabobankrider

    The Circuit (OOC)

    @Jawa4thewin, ah, so do I. @Jonas Shaaf I just need your piloting check for the race order as well. I've also just realised (an oversight on my part, I don't do a lot with vehicles usually) that I don't have stats for @Tramp Graphics's or @Jonas Shaaf's vehicles. If you guys can get those sorted that'll be great. Below is the order for the race (I am assuming you are all punching it as that is what the NPC's will be doing). Race Order and Leg: Rodian: 1st leg, speed 2, 1/2 strain Wheeler: 1st leg, speed 2, 1/2 strain @Edgehawk: 1st leg @Tramp Graphics: 1st leg Kriff: 1st leg, speed 2, 1/5 strain Future checks will be made using the terrain rules for difficulty (speed=difficulty upgraded by silhouette divided by 2). This check is more to see who is on the ball enough to be off the line first.
  10. Rabobankrider

    Jedi Star IC thread

    The woman shakes her head in response to Elias's question. "Sorry love, I never really had need to get involved with such folk. I'd guess you'd probably know more of those types than me, being an off-worlder and all". Meanwhile Reesh had seemingly found his target, though it had taken longer than he would have liked. His eyes must be getting old, along with the rest of him. He had heard of a findsman who had replaced many limbs and organs with cybernetcis to stay on top of the game, but Reesh had never considered it for long. He felt it would rob him of what the mists had provided. He may be a hunter, but he was a pious one. Still, there was this Arvel, out on the street of all places. It seemed more and more likely that this would be a dead end, but hunting meant following what leads you had. With a shrug Reesh stomps down the street towards the military man. Stopping behind him he would reach up to tap him on the shoulder. "Arvel Ven?" he would ask in his tiny voice via the translator. Arvel would find himself faced with a strange squat insectoid, not a common sight on Gorse by any means. "You are Arvel Ven, yes?" he would ask again.
  11. Rabobankrider

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    @Jonas Shaaf, you would locate a place in the market district of the city that is still open despite the mass exodus from the planet. They would probably take the body (or skeleton) for a price. @player3333902 and @EliasWindrider, still need you guys to finish adding the new padawan to the party.
  12. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    From out of the back of the alley a hooded figure emerges. Though they are largely obscured, the green hands and lower half of their face identifies them as the admiral. She certainly seems to be alone, though the large cloak makes it difficult to tell if she is armed. She glances behind her before approaching, stopping near the centre of the alley. She hurriedly gestures the pair to come forwards, still looking around as she does. As they draw near she hisses at Oola. "Are you trying to turn us into a beacon, turn that thing off! I am here because I want to help you and clear myself from this cursed investigation, not start a fight with you". She leans to one side to look past Kai and turns back to them with concern on her face. "Where are the others? You should all be here to hear this". Meanwhile the two jedi speeders had made good progress winding their way through the traffic of the city. They would not be long before reaching the meeting point. The transition from the wealthy upper levels to the darker lower levels was marked and dramatic, the war had only made the divide worse as credits were tight all over. People were mostly getting buy, but it was tougher, no doubt.
  13. Rabobankrider

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    @player3333902, please do me a formidable negotiations check (the guys has very good presence) to see if you can get a little extra out of the deal. Also as a quick point timeline wise, @player3333902 would ic have arrived a few minutes before @SithArissa and @Edgehawk (though for ic reasons to be disclosed soon you wouldn't have seen Zalen). The rest will be arriving shortly after you two.
  14. Before leaving the cockpit of the LAAT/i slides back, and the pilot and co-pilot toss a couple of extra thermal detonators out to the sergeant. "That's all we got" he would say apologetically as he glances at the co-pilot. He nods in confirmation, beyond this, the squad were on their own. The flurry of activity to set up the guns feels as if it rushes past, though it does take several minutes. It's the wait that feels like it lasts an eternity. It's always that way, or so the veterans say. Battles to them take second, but it's the quiet, the calm that gets into your head. They were left with the sound of the rustle of the wind, the hum of the city in the distance. Behind them every so often there is a flicker of coloured light and the sound of a lightsaber crashing into something. Hopefully they wouldn't end up fighting on two fronts, here in front of the temple. Then they heard it, the tramp of metal against the ground. The droids were coming. Thump thump thump they marched out of view, halting and ominous. Trapper grits his teeth as his gloves squeak against the metal of his gun. He didn't want to be here, he didn't want to die, but he had a duty, and he would be damned if he wasn't going to carry it out. Kneeling beside the others he takes up the firing position, ready to let loos upon the enemy when they came into range. After a few moments of the sound of marching, the droids finally come into view. Row after row of killing machine advances slowly towards the temple down the main street, right for the clones. The first couple of rows was made up of the regular B1 units, followed a pace behind by the sinister supers. Behind them, the remaining experimental droids march in place. After all, the temple of the jedi is a perfect place to test such jedi killers. The fight would be tough, but the clones and their commander were the only chance left to defeat this enemy, it was down to them now.
  15. Temple Initiative: @Edgehawk @btmaja @Shlambate @KungFuFerret B1 Battle Droid Squad 1: soak 4, 40/40 wounds, 10/10 men Trapper: 4 soak, 13/13 wounds, 12/12 strain B1 Battle Droid Squad 2: soak 4, 40/40 wounds, 10/10 men B2 Super Battle Droid Squad 1: armour 1, soak 5, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 men @player3333902 B2 Super Battle Droid Squad 2: armour 1, soak 5, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 men Cortosis Battle Droid Squad: armour 1, cortosis, soak 5, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 men Ok! So you guys rolled pretty well on initiative there, so @Edgehawk gets to go first. As per the new rules we are trying, you've got 3 days to sort a post The enemy is entering at long range of you guys, so it's a hard difficulty on ranged attacks, with a setback for armour on all but the B1's. Also please to remember to specify who you attack so I know who to deduct wounds from. As @Hchar seems to unfortunately be inactive, I will be playing Trapper to help with numbers for this combat. Also if you think on, please let the next person know that they are up after your post in case I don't have a chance to check that day. This is going to be a tough fight guys, good luck!