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  1. "Padawan, you must control your emotions. Do not let the prisoner get into your head" Kavar would say, steering Oola a couple steps away from the energy barrier. Turning to face her he would speak in a quieter voice. "I understand your frustration, your anger, but that is not the jedi way Oola. After this you should try to re-centre yourself, meditate for a while". Turning to face Zalen, Kavar would raise his voice to the normal decibel. "You may have information mandalorian, but if needed, we will be able to manage without you. Your 'freedom'; as you put it, is out of the question. You single handedly assassinated an official of the republic. No amount of information could buy your freedom. However, you could still be of use to the jedi and the senate. If you help us, then a case could be made to reduce your sentence. We may be able to have you released into jedi custody". In the other cell, the woman would shake her head a little in response to the question. "I only know a little. I was never included in the plot, but after you all started investigating, I took a look at the data collected from the admiral databases. Karath didn't plan the attack, but he provided the codes to let the attackers bypass the early warning system. How much more he is involved, I don't know".
  2. As a quick point that I hadn't picked up on, stun settings (unless specified on a weapon) is limited to short range. @Shlambate, if you want to keep the gun on the kill setting please do so, otherwise I am afraid that the shots would dissipate before hitting the target. @Edgehawk, I will post what you see in the ic. Base Defence: @btmaja @Shlambate @Von3679 @Edgehawk Horde 1: 2 soak, 90/100 wounds, 18/20 people, pierce 2, engaged range of Gunslinger Horde 2: 2 soak, 100/100 wounds, 20/20 people, pierce 2, short range Horde 3: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, pierce 2, short range @Tramp Graphics Horde 4: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, medium range Ok @Edgehawk, I'm going to need a daunting (sorry) resilience check to see if you can hold your breath. It will take a manoeuvre on your turn to reconnect your helmet, but if you do, you won't suffer any additional checks. @Tramp Graphics, you are up.
  3. As Gunslinger wades into the clinging smog, the sight of the fortress is quickly lost behind him. For a moment, he is totally a lone. For the first time in his life in fact, there is no squad mates, no officers or trainers, no jedi. There is nothing but the mists, the sound of his footprints, and himself. This silence feels like it lasts a lot longer than it does in reality. However, it does not last. Parting the mists, the horde approaches him. His worst fears must be confirmed by what he sees. The gungans are dead, or at least they had died at one point. Their skin was peeling away from their bones, and they were covered in horrific orange welts and boils. Some clearly had been attacked and were peppered with blaster marks or were missing limbs. As he approaches, it is as if these monsters sense them, and suddenly their pace quickens. With a mournful moaning sound they lurch forwards with jagged fingers and lunge at the sergeant. One group clatters into him, almost knocking him over as they try to tear through the laminate of his armour. The sheer weight of numbers almost overwhelm Gunslinger, and he feels their sharpened fingers scratching and clawing at the joints in his armour. For a moment it seems that he will suffer little more than a few bruises as he is bumped around. However as he tries to push one of them back, he feels one of them tear roughly at his helmet. He hears the air seal break in the suit as the helmet bounces onto the floor. As soon as it does, Gunslinger feels his lungs burn and his eyes itch intolerably as he has to stop himself from breathing in the gases. The rest of the swarm push on towards the base, now only a little way from the walls and the open gate. As they approach the walls, the others begin to see the details of the gungans, the same that Gunslinger had spotted before he was overrun.
  4. @Edgehawk, just to check, the wookies that went into the arena are the ones with the guy we were talking to?
  5. Whatever you guys are going to do, I will need an ic post soon so I can introduce you guys to whatever you plan to do.
  6. So I think I am going to say that an immediate decision doesn't need to be made (but do not put it off, it will be needed soon). As @btmaja has suggested, the next line of action would be to get @Jonas Shaaf's speeder back. You do have a lead and a possible location on it thanks to the previous scene, and with the full party it may go easier. I suggest making a plan and I will introduce the next section.
  7. The woman stays silent for a long while, eyes darting around as if she was looking for a way out of this. Finally, she speaks. "Yes, yes it was Admiral Karath, like the mandalorian and Varn said. He approached a few of us, veterans mostly who felt let down. He got us work where he wanted us, and then here and there we would be sent jobs. It was little things at first, but then something changed. I don't know the plan, but it's in its final act now".
  8. Ok, someone will need to talk to @Von3679 so they can be integrated into the party. I would rather it didn't come from an npc. @SithArissa, @Tramp Graphics, @Beto666 and @Edgehawk, you are all present so any of you can get involved with this.
  9. @Von3679, you could spend to strain to reach the enemy and attack, but you wouldn't be able to get back.
  10. Den shakes his head a little as he tries to follow the intricacies of the conversation. "Wait," he would grunt, looking at the others for a moment. "So does he work for the imperials or not?" This was certainly not the scenario that the duros had expected, so he felt it would be best to let the others figure this out before he took any 'action' on behalf of the empire.
  11. A relay would be a possibility if you guys wanted. I will need a decision however before we can proceed. I can't make the choice for you.
  12. Dhac's shoulder would sag a little as he hears the sound. He's been around enough vehicles in his short time as a jedi to recognise a group of speeders. Turning over his shoulder he shouts out to the others. "It must be the pirates coming back to check the wreckage! I think we may have trouble on our hands, better get ready!"
  13. Base Defence: @btmaja @Shlambate @Von3679 @Edgehawk Horde 1: 2 soak, 91/100 wounds, 19/20 people, medium range Horde 2: 2 soak, 100/100 wounds, 20/20 people, medium range Horde 3: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, medium range @Tramp Graphics Horde 4: 2 soak, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 people, medium range @Shlambate, the base damage for a rifle is 9. So that is 1 dead with one very nearly dead as well. @Von3679, I do need a decision on what you want to do with your turn so @Edgehawk can go.
  14. The woman turns sharply to glower at the wall, as if trying to burn a hole through to the other side. She tenses with anger and looks for a moment as if she is going to attack the jedi, but with a heavy sigh she relaxes. Looking down at the floor she speaks in a sullen, somewhat defeated tone. "I can't go to prison. What do you want, jedi?"
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