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  1. If there was an easy answer to this, the game would be boring. From before you choose 1st/2nd player to the end of the final activation, you should be continuously assessing what the best way is for you to maximise points, and how best to stop your opponent getting points. With targeting ships (ignoring the objective game) you have to balance the likelihood of killing something with the chance of killing it with what you might lose in doing so. It will depend on what you have and what they have. It may even change in the middle of a game (if you get a lucky crit, your opponent makes a mistake or does something unexpected).
  2. On an unrelated note, the London, UK Prime is happening 4-5 January. I'm sure we'll try to get the lists, but it may depend on how many people there are, and if anyone gets a bye.
  3. It feels like an over-powered AFMkII; no dedicated role in a fleet, just a thing that does a bit of everything. But I haven't played with it that much yet. I'm hoping there is a second Superweapon upgrade in the expansion (to match the two Superweapon cards the Onager gets). Like the Experimental Retrofit slot on the Interdictors, I feel that it may be underwhelming for the points without a superweapon included. When list-building none of the titles have leapt out as being all that useful. Concord is expensive, and mostly useful if you're planning speed-0 shenanigans without being able to last-first. Unity seems like it might be useful if you have a decent squadron ball, but without that you're spending a lot of points for the redirect, and Amity seems like it might not do much often. But then I've been trying it out in Raddus lists, with minimal squadrons, no need for the evade, and not much being overlapped to worry about.
  4. Short notice, but probably last tournament in the South before the London Prime: 15/12/2019 - Basingstoke, The Gaming Den, 10am registration for 10.30am start, Monthly Event. https://www.facebook.com/events/2489180308034010/
  5. I have the UK Grand standings if that helps. Well, almost - there were two versions (they got a score the wrong way around) and I can't remember which is the correct one - so 13th onwards is a bit messed up. I'll send a PM.
  6. Almost You can't do it the way you've set it up because that isn't a valid speed 2 maneuver for the Onager. A large ship cannot do an inside turn at speed 2 as the rear of the ship would overlap the maneuver tool (see the Rules Reference, page 11, under Ship Movement). You would need to do a wiggle; so adding a click back on the second joint.
  7. Yep, they're MC80s. The animation at 1:59 is the same as the one from the teaser trailer, so you can see it more clearly there.
  8. Thanks for updating it. I just tried out a Starhawk v Onager match, and the Starhawk dies quickly without a second redirect or ECM. [I take that back; thinking about it more, the Starhawk took some 45 dice over two turns... Even an SSD would have struggled with that. Maybe this was more on my flying than the fragility of the Starhawk.] But more importantly, I've found a few possible problems, mostly with the Starhawk. In decreasing order of severity: The range on the Starhawk seems to be off around the front (affecting both front and side arcs). Close range doesn't reach out far enough, and medium and long are wrong because of that, The Starhawk ship cards have a prompt to spawn a Command 3 tray, not a Command 4 one, Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array doesn't have an exhaust option (although obviously that needs care due to not always being readied), Given that there isn't a slot for a 5th (or 6th or 7th) Defense Token on the ships, perhaps the upgrade cards granting extra tokens (Commander Krysta and Stawhawk titles) could include a prompt for the extra token (like Commander Palpatine... who also could do with Salvo being added to him), Is the tab under "Campaigns" for "Rebellion in the Rim" meant to be blank (obviously the Republic and Separatists ones are)? Would it be possible to add menu option for spawning Long, Medium or Close Ignition Tokens from the Onager ship cards? It may be that we don't get Close Ignition tokens in the end, but it sounds like it should be an option. Obviously all of these are not game-breaking and have work-arounds, and I definitely don't mean to dismiss the work you did. I'm just good at poking holes in things... Thank you again for making this all work.
  9. Do we know if any seats are being passed down? Did anyone get Top 4 at a Grand and Top 8 at a Continental, or are there instructions in the Prime prize kits?
  10. Invites are being given to winners of Primes/Regioanls, Top 4 at Nationals/Grands, Top 8 at Continentals. Most if not all of the Continentals and Grands have already happened, so if you want an invite you need to win a Prime (unless invites don't get duplicated, so if the winner of a Prime already has one the runner-up gets it).
  11. It is one for each crit. One way of thinking about it is that the first crit icon is the one that you need to trigger the effect (this being a critical effect). If you have at least one red crit icon in the attack pool at the start of the Resolve Damage step, you can resolve this crit effect (unless DCO). The crit says that the defender suffers 1 damage. And you do that once for each red or blue crit icon.
  12. It's not enough for the ships to exist in canon, they also need to add to the game somehow. The Onager and Starhawk both give the factions something completely new to play with. The Dornean Gunship would give the Rebels another corvette-style ship, and the Dreadnought something between the VSD and Arquitens. Adding those would be adding ships for the sake of having the ships in the game, not adding ships for the sake of building on the game.
  13. Unless some of them are old cards. We probably need another Superweapon upgrade for the Starhawk, maybe another new card for the Onager. That leaves 3 for each - doesn't seem to improbable that they'd be repeats. Maybe Auxiliary Shield Teams/Veteran Gunners, Weapon Battery Techs/Sensor Team and a Turbolaser for the Onager, maybe Fire Control Teams, Hardened Bulkheads, HIEs/Leading Shots for the Starhawk?
  14. You can get 11 XP for completely stomping a Pivotal Battle, but you really need to stop it (750-0). And that shouldn't happen. But yes, huge wins (and teams being a long way behind) will lead to big XP gains. You can spend at most 14 XP points on unique abilities (e.g. Master Navigator III and Master Gunner I). However, I think you are encouraged to try out new things. It may be worth buying cheaper abilities early in the game (Ready Defender/Independent Raider, Repair Expert etc.) with the goal of swapping them out later in the game, when they might be less useful and when you have enough XP to choose something big. But yes - XP does seem like it could build up. Anyway... It's looking great, although I've found a couple more problems. "Volatile Deposits" is spelt incorrectly. When choosing an assault on Raxus Prime I still couldn't choose Volatile Cargo, and when trying to build a base (end of turn 2) on Nar Shaddaa I couldn't choose an objective or even type it in manually. My group will keep trying to poke holes in it.
  15. It depends on who is attacking. Spending accuracies to lock down a Defense Token is resolving an Attack Effect. It happens during the Resolve Attack Effects step (so after the initial roll, Intel Officer and Solar Corona, but before the Defender Spends Defense Tokens). It happens at the same time as the Destiny effect (and most offensive dice-related effects). During each timing window First Player does all their stuff, then Second Player does all their stuff. So if the First Player is attacking they get to spend accuracies before the Second Player can Resolve a Destiny Token. But if the Second Player is attacking, the First Player gets to Resolve a Destiny Token before the Second Player can spend accuracies. [I don't think that was a part I edited, but I can see why it would be confusing. And I may be wrong - it's been a long couple of days.]
  16. But not just SSDs, at least, and a nice array of Imperial Commanders. Talking of SSDs, are they meant to be included in the "Ship Classes (Imperial Fleets)" section?
  17. From what we can tell (rules aren't out yet), Ignition Attacks measure Line of Sight, Arc and Obstruction in the normal way. They measure Range from the Ignition Token. So if the Defender is between the Ignition Token and the Attacker, there probably won't be Line of Sight to the Defender's Hull Zones on the token's side, and probably won't be valid Range-Line-of-Sight (Range has to not cross other hull zones either) to the Defender's Hull Zones on the ship side. But there might be exceptions to the normal rules.
  18. It's RitR; if you're not happy with the rules, make up your own rules! Maybe they'll include something in the next FAQ adding some new reward thingamies to the map. If not, house rules it. Perhaps agree that the Experimental Retrofit also counts as Superweapon (but with 10/5 points instead of 8/4 - depending on what other Superweapon upgrades we get).
  19. The upcoming page has been updated; seems both ships have been pushed back to January. Even though the preview article still says Q4 2019.
  20. Also, Sunder and Shriv - I guess that's one way of nerfing the too powerful upgrade cards.
  21. Hang on. The last part (ignition attack first) sounds vaguely reasonable, if an odd limitation on the Onager. The middle bit (that the Onager must perform an ignition attack) doesn't make much sense (so you can only use the front battery armament if you chose not to place the token last round?) and the token at close range only seems to be just plain wrong. That might be true for a close range ignition attack, but the cards they've shown are for long range and medium range ignition attacks... That also seems to fit with the Cataclysm title. So I'm guessing that part is a mistake. Edit: as pointed out below, there may be a "standard" ignition attack at close range, with the upgrades extending it to longer range. Although I think that could be worded a bit better. But does that mean an Onager with a superweapon upgrade has two ignition tokens for two attacks? Even better than that. If you have a red crit in the attack pool, the defending hull zone defender suffers one damage for each crit icon in the attack pool. But this happens before brace or redirect do anything (like APTs). So if you have just 4 crits in your attack pool, even if the defender spends a brace and redirect, they will still suffer 4 damage to one hull zone of their choice (and then 2 damage to another hull zone).
  22. tl;dr: politics. One of the problems with the Sequels is that a lot is left for backstory in the novels etc. The New Republic is aware of the First Order, but doesn't interfere for political reasons. Firstly, there's a lot of internal political debate within the New Republic with two factions, the unhelpfully named "Centrists", who want a strong, centralised Republic government, big military, and admire some elements of the Empire (a US-style Republic), and the "Populists" who want a weaker central government, with most power (and sovereignty) reserved to the individual systems (a EU-style Republic). There's a lot of infighting, and no one really has time to deal with outside problems. There's also the Galactic Concordance - the treaty between the New Republic and Galactic Empire following the latter's defeat at the Battle of Jakku. While most of the terms are limiting the Empire (understandably), there were restrictions on the size of the Republic military, and on any territorial or external aggression by the Republic So... the First Order rises in the Unknown Regions, but initially they're too far away from anywhere civilised for the Republic Government to care about. The Centrists have similar ideals (and in some cases, are secretly working for the FO), and the Populists don't think the Republic should interfere because that's too strong a central government. And even if they wanted to, taking action against the First Order might break the Galactic Concordance and the Imperial Remnant could complain. And it's hard to promote yourself as the "not the Empire" government, that stands up for freedom and so on if you're going to invade and crush your neighbours. As the First Order gets stronger, they end up in a kind of Cold War. The FO doesn't want to oppose the Republic openly (as they're outnumbered and out-gunned) and the Republic doesn't want a third Galactic Civil War in a century. And this is where the Resistance comes in. Leia starts warning about the FO, and trying to rally support for the Republic to take action. But this is spun (by her political opponents and secret FO collaborators) as her trying to distract from the Centrist v Populist problems, and her enemies choose that moment to leak information about her parentage, which destroys her political career. She gives up on the Republic and decides to form a Resistance to take on the First Order herself (taking a handful of prominent Republican military people with her). So the Resistance isn't part of the Republic. It's not sanctioned, even unofficially. They really are on their own (hence limited to a handful of out-of-date X-Wings and A-Wings, and some mothballed starships). The First Order complains to the Republic about the Resistance, and the Republic denies involvement (which makes the Resistance fair game for the FO to wipe out, as they're just a bunch of "terrorists"). And the FO's argument is understandable; all these prominent people (Leia, Ackbar), all this former Republic military - it does look like the Republic is backing them. And then we get into the actual film content. The FO is trying to destroy the Resistance (which is struggling to do anything without support from the Republic). They've also finally finished Starkiller Base as a way of attacking the Republic if they have to (the nuclear option in the cold war). And then Snoke panics about Luke Skywalker coming back (because Snoke fears Luke; a Jedi Master could cause all kinds of trouble). Hux (who is a fanatic and just wants to destroy the Republic) persuades Snoke that the only way to be safe from Skywalker is if they destroy the Resistance, and the only way to destroy the Resistance is to cut off their support from the Republic, and the only way to do that is to attack the Republic. Hux then uses claims about the Republic's support for the Resistance in his speech justifying mass murder. "At this very moment, in a system far from here the New Republic lies to the Galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance." So... yeah... politics.
  23. Destiny Tokens to Modify Dice - Destiny has its effect during the "Resolve Attack Effects" step of an attack. This is when most of the "attacker" effects happen; adding dice (other than Battery Armament), re-rolling, changing dice to a different face, spending dice on effects, spending accuracies etc.. It happens after the initial roll, after Intel Officer and Solar Corona, and before Defense Tokens are spent by the Defender. If two of a player's effects happen at the same time, that player gets to choose the order. If both players have effects that trigger at the same time, the First Player resolves all of theirs, then the Second Player resolves all of theirs. So if the First Player is the attacker, they roll their initial attack pool (then do Intel Officer/Solar Corona things), then can choose the order of their Attack Effects, including when to spend a Destiny Token for its effect. Once they have finished all their Attack Effects the Second Player can choose to spend a Destiny Token. If the Second Player is the attacker, they roll their initial attack pool (then Intel Officer/Solar Conona), then the First Player gets to spend their Destiny Token and change a die, then the Second Player gets to do any Attack Effects, including spending a Destiny Token. So, for example, if the First Player is attacking, the Second Player cannot use a Destiny Token to blank an accuracy die that has been spent to lock down a token. But the First Player has to do all their rerolls first. If the Second Player is attacking, the First Player can blank an accuracy straight away, but the Second Player can then do their rerolls and potentially fix that. tl;dr - do all First Player "Resolve Attack Effects" then do all Second Player "Resolve Attack Effects." Flotillas - this is a bit of a trick question. The normal tabling rules do not apply to RitR games (unless you are playing RitR tournaments) as they are in only the Tournament Rules. Even though everyone normally plays with the Tournament Rules, they aren't actually the standard rules for a game of Armada. A standard game ends according to the default Armada rules in the Rules Reference, under "Winning and Losing" (page 13): So if a player still has flotillas left the game keeps going. However, as soon as the last ship on a team is destroyed the game ends right then. You don't play out the rest of the round - you don't do the other player's ship activations, the squadron phase, status phase, end of round effects etc. (as you do in Tournaments).
  24. Officer Agate is an exhaust, so you could only refresh one token using her. Which is probably to stop unlimited salvos with H9s.
  25. The 3rd fleet is also off. And a couple of the others look suspicious based on the bids (although I haven't checked). The Ackbar corvettes list has a 56-point bid, which feels like it is missing a ship, but again, I haven't checked.
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