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  1. The Starhawk didn't come with Command Tokens. See, for example, Crabbok's unboxing video, where you can see all the cardboard. I suspect it was partly due to all the extra Defense Tokens taking up so much space. The Onager didn't come with them either (despite them being included in the spread). There was a discussion of this back in February when they came out. Interestingly Dras also claimed his Starhawk came with Command Tokens - I wonder if there were versions that did come with them.
  2. The restriction on Flag Bridge is part of fleet building. So when you are designing your list the ship has to be the flagship for you to put Flag Bridge on it, but once there it is fine. Same goes for things like removing upgrades that add upgrade slots. Fleet building conditions only apply at the start of the game (with the explicit exception of Profundity, which has an "if able" restriction on moving officers and commanders to the deployed ship).
  3. Yes. From the rules reference: So Gunnery Team is triggered not when you spend a CF command token, but when you resolve a CF command. You are not spending the CF token to trigger GT, you are spending the CF token to resolve a CF command, and the CF command is triggering GT. Going back to the rules: So during the ship's activation, while attacking, during its "Resolve Attack Effects" step (so after the initial dice roll, before Defense Tokens) that ship can spend a CF Command Dial or Token (or both) to resolve a CF command. Resolving the command gives it options (adding a dice and/or rerolling a dice). It also triggers the Gunnery Team effect (the next attack can be performed from the same hull zone). Spending is not the same as resolving. You Spend tokens, dials and so on, but you Resolve commands or upgrade card effects. Generally you spend a command dial or token to resolve a command, but you can also spend command tokens for other things (such as to trigger the Fleet Command upgrades), and in theory you could resolve a command without spending a dial or token (if an upgrade card allowed for it).
  4. Yep, that looks like a mis-print. It is the same on my copy. I guess Shriv really hates offensive retrofits, or perhaps is feeling a bit sympathetic towards ordnance given the nerfs.
  5. Also remember that you don't have to reroll any dice. So if you had rolled enough dice to kill the MC80 and didn't want to reroll and risk reducing the damage, you can spend the CF token without actually using it. "A ship can resolve a command and choose not to produce its effect. It still counts as resolving that command, such as for the purpose of triggering upgrade cards."
  6. It is actually far worse if you read the rules strictly. That RRG rule says that you don't finish executing your maneuver until you've resolved the effects of overlapping ships. New ET says that if you overlap a ship, after you execute your maneuver you exhaust it. Taking those two rules, exhausting ETs is an effect of overlapping ships. So you have to do that before you've finished executing your maneuver. But you don't do it until after you've executed your maneuver. So if you have a ship with ETs and it overlaps a ship, it can never finish executing its maneuver and gets stuck. Which is another good reason to interpret the new ET rule as being a "while executing a maneuver" rather than an "after executing a maneuver" thing.
  7. Clarification on the HSB Follow-up Q: Q: If I have multiple copies of HSB in a fleet, can I resolve them in different "turns" during the Squadron Phase and can I choose which turns to use them on? Based on my understanding, the answer should be something like: A: Yes and Yes. You can resolve HSB on any of your "turns" during the Squadron Phase. If you have multiple copies you can resolve any number of copies of HSB during any one "turn" (resolving each one fully before moving to the next; exhaust one copy -> activate squadrons -> exhaust the next -> activate new squadrons etc.). You can resolve different copies of HSB on different "squadron turns." For example, with 3 copies of the card (and enough squadrons) the Squadron Phase could go: normal squadron turn -> opponent's turn -> HSB activation -> HSB activation -> opponent's turn -> HSB activation -> opponent's turn.
  8. If you are interested, the full image is The Anakin Solo by Darren Tan, a lot of whose work is used by FFG (some original, some older). This was commissioned(?) for Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare, and is set at the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY). The centre ship is the modified ISD-II Anakin Solo, supporting it are at least 3 other ISD-IIs and an MC90, and some X-Wings (from the Galactic Alliance, or Galactic Federation of Free Alliances). On the left of the picture are a couple of Bothan Assault Cruisers (the mostly rectangular ones), some Hapan Battle Dragons (the oval ones), a Nova-class Battle Cruiser (the curved one in the distance, below the main ISD and above the sea), some Jedi Stealth-Xs (the darker X-Wings) and some Owool Interceptors (the other fighters, from Kashyyyk), all representing the Confederation and Jedi Order. FFG borrows all sorts of random art for their cards and booklets, sadly that doesn't mean the stuff in them will ever appear in game; the Slaved Turrets artwork has a Corellian Gunship on it, and that was Wave 2....
  9. There was a thread on this last week: And there have been some discussions on the Facebook group and elsewhere. The tl;dr is that AsmodeeUK didn't have enough stock to fulfil all the orders FLGSs put in to them. Some FLGSs have been getting half to a third of what they asked for, with the promise of another batch in January. On the whole there seem to be enough Fleet Starters and Dial Packs, but there is a shortage of Squadron Packs, and a severe shortage of Upgrade Card Collections. Some places (mainly those who prepared for a shortage when allowing pre-orders) still have some Upgrade Card Collections, but you may have to search a few places and/or ask around. The same seems to have happened with recent X-Wing and Legion, but to a lesser extent. This could be a problem with Asmodee not producing enough fast enough, AsmodeeUK underestimating demand, or the general difficulties the UK is having at the moment with imports.
  10. Thank you for the response. I wasn't thinking of QLT or Snipe, my reasoning here was that Counter is a type of attack, so it follows all the normal rules and steps for an attack ("Declare Target, Roll Attack Dice, Resolve Attack Effects" etc.). All the normal rules of attack apply except the two that the Counter rules override explicitly; the defender must be the attacking squadron, and the attack uses the special anti-squadron armament (hence the attack can resolve attack effects such as Swarm, the defender can spend Defense Tokens and so on). That would include the rule under Declare Target that "f the attacker is a squadron, the defending squadron or hull zone must be at distance 1." So unless the Counter rules implicitly override that, or we skip all the Declare Target step (so no measuring line of sight), if a first-player Kickback can get beyond distance 1 of the squadron it attacked, the counter attack would fail at the Declare Target step. Having said all that, I think Counter overriding the distance check can be taken as intended from the rules for Snipe. If the distance 1 check was part of a Counter attack it would also be part of a Snipe attack, and so Snipe wouldn't have to be explicit that it ignores Counter (as a Counter attack to a Snipe attack would fail anyway). Except then the Snipe rules also say that those attacks can be modified by things like Swarm, whereas that isn't made explicit for Counter - so there must be some redundancy in the rules for Snipe. Urgh... I can see this going both ways, so I will defer to your officially-unofficial judgement.
  11. How does "Kickback" interact with Counter X? Kickback: "After you perform an attack, you may move up to distance 1, even if you are engaged." Counter X: "After a squadron performs a non-COUNTER attack against you, you may attack that squadron with an anti-squadron armament of blue dice equal to X, even if you are destroyed." If the Kickback player is First Player, can Kickback move up to distance 1 before the Second Player has the option to perform a counter attack? If Kickback moves beyond the attack range of the initial defender as a result of this move, can the defender still perform a counter attack? If Kickback moves so that Line of Sight is now obstructed (or was obstructed before and isn't now), is the counter attack obstructed (or does it match the obstruction of the original shot)? My thoughts are 1) Yes, 2) No, 3) Yes. The timing windows for Kickback's effect and counter are the same ("after... perform(s) a(n)... attack"), and ties go to the First Player. For the other questions, a counter attack is still an attack, so goes through the normal attack rules, which include the range and line of sight checks.
  12. Yes. So you can choose to take the tokens from another ship (reverse comms net), but you can also choose to take them from your own card supply (until you run out). Or you can do both. I guess you could take no tokens from either, but then the card would have no effect. If you had a Command 4 ship in the list (if any turn up for Separatists) you could take 6 tokens in one round except you wouldn't have anywhere to put them. However, a big thing to note is that even if you are only taking tokens from the card itself, you still need to choose another friendly ship to "steal" from. It is the choosing that triggers the card effects.
  13. Rune Haako is a reverse Comms Net, that works on multiple tokens at once, and has its own supply. You start with 2 tokens of any type on the card. When you (the ship) reveals a command dial, you pick any other friendly ship at distance 1-5 of your ship (so it doesn't work when the ship is on its own). You then grab any number of tokens from that other ship and/or the card and move them to the ship you are currently activating. If you put him on the Hardcell obviously you'd only be grabbing one token at once, presumably to fuel your Fleet Support, or for an emergency. He might be better on a higher Command ship as then you'd be able to benefit from grabbing multiple tokens.
  14. Yes, this is mentioned in the full Rules Reference, page 14: "Note: These rules replace the pass token rules previously published in the Super Star Destroyer expansion. A huge ship no longer receives an additional pass token as described in those rules." I suspect most players won't worry about this new rule, particularly in casual games, but it is there as now players make a choice when readying some of their cards, and that choice can give their opponent some extra information. Also, looks like we're getting larger Damage Deck cards as well. That's potentially a lot more table space covered up, particularly in team games or high-point games. Oooh, Game Crash with Engine Techs! New Engine Techs says: "After you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, exhaust this card." But the new Overlapping rule says: "If a ship overlaps another ship while moving, it has not executed its maneuver until it resolves the effects of overlapping that other ship, including being dealt damage cards." So if you overlap a ship, you haven't executed its maneuver until you've resolved all the effects of overlapping the ship. Engine Techs has an effect when you overlap a ship. But you don't resolve the Engine Techs effect until "after" you execute a maneuver. But you can't get to after executing the maneuver until you've resolved the effects... Don't interpret Engine Techs this way. Pretend that "after" is a "while".
  15. The Upgrade Card Collection is upgrade cards only. When they announced the new format for ship cards they did mention the possibility of updating the old ship cards as well (particularly as traits become more important) but they weren't planning to do that immediately. We will have to see what AMG decides to do - updated ship cards gives them a chance to re-balance all the existing ships, which is a fairly big project.
  16. DTT is slightly better than a reroll, as it is a reroll that can't get worse.
  17. The Upgrade Card Pack does come with some rules (you can see them here and here thanks to /u/Roland8561 on Reddit), but neither the Upgrade Card Pack nor the Fleet Starter Packs come with a full Rules Reference (the Fleet Starters come with a new Learn to Play but that is all). It looks like the new Rules Reference will only be available online, on the FFG (later AMG?) website.
  18. At the moment they share the same timing, so the player gets to choose which one to resolve first. So the player gets to the "After you execute a maneuver" stage and can choose to resolve the first effect (exhausting to execute a speed-1 maneuver) and then resolve the second one, which they can't as the card is already exhausted. [Also, remember that ETs is a bit weird in that the trigger for resolving it happens during the maneuver, when you resolve the navigation command.] Other ways to reword it would be to change the timing, something like: While executing a maneuver, if you overlap a ship exhaust this card. or even simpler When you overlap a ship exhaust this card.
  19. The new wording on the card is probably a mistake. As worded at the moment, with an "after", the extra sentence has almost no effect on the game (only in situations where a ship would execute 3 maneuvers in a round). It is almost certainly meant to be a "while" - intended to prevent double-ramming with ETs. I suspect it will generally be interpreted that way until we get an official clarification. But again, factor in the nerfs to close range attacks, APTs, ACMs and Ordnance Experts. The OE nerf means the side shots from the GSD 1 aren't as likely to get the crit or do damage. The APT/ACM nerf means one fewer special crit. The special crits alone reduce the total damage by one face-up (plus effects) or two shields (for easier redirecting) - that is already accounting for the extra ram damage. The OE nerf may not affect the front shot (without a CF dial), but it makes low-damage rolls more likely with the side shot. Plus smaller ships with evades are going to be able to reroll dice to get rid of the crits completely. These aren't huge reductions in damage, but they may be enough to change Demo from an auto-kill on many things to a huge pain, but with a good chance for survival.
  20. We don't know for sure (and won't until the new Rules come out), but based on interviews etc. they are banned, but might re-appear eventually in a new form.
  21. I think the key difference with the new Demolisher is that it has to stay to get the triple-hit off. A Demolisher wants to fly in, last-first, then fly off before it can be killed (maybe having time to hit something else on the way out). If the Demolisher has to ram it loses hull and has to spend an extra round in combat, so should be dying. Maybe it will still trade up, but it is a lot riskier. Combine that with the nerfs to APTs, ACMs, OEs, buff to Evades at close range, and pass tokens, I think Demolisher will be quite a bit weaker. Still powerful, but not something completely terrifying (which I approve of, having on at least one occasion lost 180-points of MC80, with ECMs and EWS, to a Demolisher drive-by).
  22. Yes. But they are Galactic Civil War era ships - built during the Civil War, present at the Battle of Jakku. Rather than thinking in terms of factions, think in terms of eras/conflicts; the Prequel Era is the Clone Wars (Republic v Separatists later Confederacy), the OT Era is the Galactic Civil War (Empire v Rebel Alliance later New Republic), and the Sequel Era is ... we don't really have a name for the conflict yet, but is Resistance v First Order (with the Empire and Republic still around, just not really involved). The lack of Starhawks in the Sequel Trilogy suggests that not many of them were made (we know of 3 plus the prototype, with only one surviving past the Battle of Jakku), and maybe the New Republic relied mostly on MC cruisers (variants of the MC75, 80, 85 and 95) many of which are present at the Battle of Exegol.
  23. I suspect it was less about getting rid of them, and more about trying again to fix the problem they were an attempted solution to; activation advantage. They tried fixing it by limiting to 2 flotillas, but that just meant almost every competitive list had two flotillas in. They tried with SA - but that just meant almost every large ship list had to "waste" an officer slot on SA (and you had SA-SA match-ups). Bail didn't get much use, and Pryce created the monster of Imperial 2-ship, but was probably the closest to a solution for the Empire. I think if they'd wanted to fix SA, Pryce and Bail they would have modified those cards; changing the point costs, changing the mechanisms a bit, maybe requiring a token to refresh SA. But instead they went back to the original problem of activation advantage and tried something different, which they had seen kind of work with the SSD. Hmm. With pass tokens, does this mean we might go back to more than 2 flotillas? I suspect not, as flotilla spam is boring, but it might not be quite as necessary in a world with pass tokens.
  24. The "Attack step" is part of a ship's activation; the ship goes through the Reveal Command Dial step, Attack step and Execute Maneuver Step. This change means Demolisher can only attack once during the attack step, but it can still attack during the (or after) the Execute Maneuver Step. The Attack step is not an attack; a ship can attack during its Attack step, but can also attack at other times (e.g. Salvo, or Counter attacks). This change just means Demolisher can't do its two normal attacks; but it can do one normal attack and then the special Demo attack.
  25. Firstly, we don't have the new Rules Reference yet, so we don't know the full rules. But from what has been said on stream and so on, for the cards that have the two bars on either side, the left bar is what is put on the card at the start of the game, and the right bar is what is needed to ready the card during the status phase (at the end of a round). Cards that need to be exhausted to use now come with two options. Some, like the new Assault Concussion Missiles ready as normal during the status phase (the double arrows in a square icon), while others like Munitions Resupply have a cost associated with readying them (the single arrow and bar on the right). But all that cost does is ready or unexhaust the card so you can use it again in a later round.
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