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  1. Grumbleduke

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    EAW was an attempt to remake it; same basic style (galactic conquest in a campaign - gather resources, conquer plants, build structures, build fleets, "agents" to carry out missions). Its weakness (like most similar games) is that it tried to be 3 different games (campaign, space, ground) but didn't have the time/budget/space to do any one of them properly. I'm not a huge fan of any of the ships it introduced (AFMkII, Broadside Cruiser, Tartan Cruiser - even the MC30) - certainly in contrast with the Rebellion ones (Liberator, Dauntless, CCs - some of which are now canon!). I'd rather EaW and FFG had gone with them rather than using new ones. I don't think a game like Rebellion is likely to happen again. I guess a campaign-only Mobile version might work, but it's hard to see how it would fit in the current EA trend of microtransactions, room for DLC, mostly multi-player, and playable on console. It would be nice to see some of these ships in Armada, but I imagine that may be complicated by licensing and modelling problems.
  2. While there's some Destiny stuff on the Thursday all the other main Star Wars FFG events are later in the week... I guess they had to have a conflict between something and the panel, and Armada drew the short straw. Hey; you have to understand - the X-Wing players really need a third version of a ship that hasn't even been released yet.
  3. So will this be a "announcements plus questions about different aspects of Armada and the other games," or will it be "an hour or so of talking about X-Wing without a mention of the other games" type thing? If the SSD is out by then this would be a good opportunity to announce Wave 8. If not, I have a feeling it will be a very boring panel for Armada. Probably mostly focused on the Clone Wars stuff for Legion, with no or minimal Armada stuff. [Of course, this is in the middle of the first day of the Armada Tournament, so unless they're going to break for lunch at just the right time the Armada players will miss it.]
  4. Grumbleduke

    New factions

    Starkiller base can move. Not sure if there is an official canon thing, but it was apparently confirmed in the DVD extras. They built engines into it.
  5. Grumbleduke

    Terrain for Armada?

    I've played with 3d obstacles and we ended up mostly removing them. Too much getting in the way of ships, squadrons, tools... However, I'd be all for a new class of "ship" for space stations; square base, 4 hull zones, "ship" card, speed 0, Defense Tokens (special ability to use them at speed 0), upgrade slots (including Fleet Support?), normal rules for overlapping etc. The main question would be how you convinced your opponent to come into range of them.
  6. Grumbleduke

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    Talking of generic offices - would Armada benefit from having some generic Commanders? An "Imperial Admiral" or "Rebel General" card, maybe 20 points or cheaper, with a weaker effect, but that lets you squeeze in more points for other upgrades? Although if under 20 points it would cause problems for the Executor-I.
  7. Grumbleduke

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    On the flip side, if you have 5 SSDs that means you are free to loan out SSDs to others who can't afford them, and maybe even give away the redundant Commanders, Officers and Titles (you can only have two of each in any one game) to those in need.
  8. Grumbleduke

    New factions

    A bit of digging suggests the current "best canon" is that it was a planet with lots of natural kyber crystals, some of which were mined by the Empire for the Death Star's superlaser. When the First Order was looking for somewhere to build their fancy new project they dug through the Imperial archives to find this planet, then searched the Unknown Regions for it. They mined a lot more of the kyber crystals (for their weapons etc.), and when they'd mined enough built the base/weapon structure into the planet. It looks big, but may not be as big as the Death Stars in terms of actual construction as they're building the base into an existing planet.
  9. Grumbleduke

    New factions

    There were other Resistance people at the time, they were just busy on other missions (the novelisation makes that clear). Snap Wexley being an example. It's also worth nothing that the First Order isn't the remnant of the Empire. Without the Emperor the Empire fractured, but the biggest part was the bit that stayed in the main part of the Galaxy, surrendered to the Republic, and gradually hid in its own little corner of the Core (so some of the old Empire is still out there). The First Order was part of Palpatine's "Contingency" plan to cut away the corrupt, bureaucratic and wasteful parts of the Empire that he'd inherited from the Old Republic, and set the True Believers up in the Unknown Regions, while leaving mass destruction and chaos behind - but that plan got screwed up by the heroes in the Aftermath books (the Republic wasn't crippled, the remnants of the Empire were able to get together long enough to surrender, and key players in the Contingency were killed). The result was that the group that did escape into the Unknown Regions was relatively leaderless - and in their desperation they turned to someone they found out there who was vaguely Emperor-shaped; Snoke. That's why every part of the First Order looks like the Empire but not quite working properly. Snoke is no Palpatine, Hux is no Tarkin, Ren is no Vader, the First Order is no Empire. Hux is a fool - specially trained from childhood to be a fanatical leader (good public speaker, inspiring to crowds) but tactically useless and - due to his training being cut short (only a child when the Empire fell) emotionally unstable. The First Order does have a few experienced ex-Imperial officers left (e.g. Captain Kennedy in TLJ), and they try to do the best job they can but nothing quite works because they look down on Hux but still feel they have to follow his orders (however stupid they are). Snoke inspires some fear, but nothing like the fear and leadership Palpatine had (can you imagine Palpatine having to throw an officer around on their bridge? Just look at how afraid Jerjerrod was at the mention of his presence). The First Order was able to grow because it kept in the shadows, nowhere near the Republic. Even when rumours of it did reach the Republic, they were unwilling (due to big military stuff and infiltration from the FO) and unable (due to the Republic-Empire Treaty forbidding territorial expansion/military action outside the agreed on borders) to intervene. Then Senator (or Representative?) Leia tried to convince them otherwise, but lost - gave up her political career to set up a Resistance - officially unsanctioned by the Republic, but quietly supported by some (hence picking up some old Republic starships and fighters, and some key Republic leaders). Anyway. As for fleets, the New Republic decided not to have a strong, central Government (viewing that as the bad thing of the Empire and Old Republic). So while there are lots of ships out there, only a few were under the command of the Republic (mostly destroyed in the attack on the Hosnian System, where the Republic was based then) - most were under control of the local systems. And without the Republic's leadership, they're not leaving their home systems - not when there's a dangerous enemy out there with a significant fleet. It was some of those fleets General Leia was hoping would come to their rescue on Crait. Without a Resistance (or Republic) to lead the opposition to the First Order, each individual system should fall fairly easily. The First Order is supposed to be scary because of its fanaticism, and its military power. But it is also supposed to be fairly incompetent, because of its messed up leadership and lack of experienced officers or troops (relying on brainwashed press-ganged locals). [Source: the Aftermath Trilogy and the novelisations of TFA and TLJ (the latter in particular goes into so much more detail than the film does).] [Also... I'd forgotten about that Rise of the Resistance thing - woo for MC80s still being around!]
  10. Grumbleduke

    Grimdark in the Star Wars Universe

    It makes perfect sense. It just requires three extra books, a lot of the cut or skipped content from Ep 7, and a bit of understanding of the themes for it to make sense. Episodes 4-6 work without any background or much context because they're really straightforward, they're new, and they're really well written and edited (in terms of squeezing in little one-liners that give us all the context we need). Episodes 1-3 change this by providing so much background and context - so much exposition, so many Jedi Council meetings or Senate meetings where everyone sits around and tells you what's going on. Which is nice if you like the background stuff, but is different. Episode 7 then tries to go back to the 4-6 way of doing things; minimal context, leaving it for the audience to fill in the gaps. Except we already have episodes 1-6, so we're more invested in knowing what's happened to our characters to get us from there to here. We're used to the Episode 1-3 style of making everything explicit, and the writing/editing isn't quite as neat (so the little one-liners we need to fill in the blanks don't quite work or are missing). The opening scene of Episode 7 was originally General Leia discussing the political situation - why the Resistance was needed, why the Republic wasn't doing enough to stop the rise of the First Order, why she was a random resistance fighter not a senior politician and so on. But it got cut because it messes up the pacing to start with a long exposition scene, and it spoils the General Leia reveal later on. Episode 4 had some extra scenes early on - particularly some with Luke, fleshing out is character and background - and those were also cut to improve the film's pacing and keep them simple. It works for Episode 4 because we don't need that information; until we meet Luke we don't know anything about him, and once we do we learn pretty much all we need to know. But in Episode 7 we do need those scenes because we do know about the Empire and the Republic, we do know who Leia is, we want to know how we got from the end of Episode 6 to this. Which is a shame, because with the added context Episodes 7-8 are quite good (sure they have some rough parts and are no Episodes 4-6, but they're at least as good as, if not better than Episodes 1-2 imho). And without Episodes 1-6 they work fairly well (because, again, you don't want to know all this background stuff that confuses everyone else).
  11. But if they made official plastic range rulers they might have to decide, officially, how long the distances and ranges should be! That would take away all the fun and excitement of playing a game and finding out that your rulers are slightly different to your opponents, and the surprise extra shots (or not) you take as a result.
  12. Grumbleduke

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    That was from the 2018 Q1 kit. Generally FFG releases 4 season kits a year, which stores can buy (through their normal distributor) and use for tournaments however they choose. They tend to have one small prize for everyone, and two larger prizes for the top players (although this may all be changing now). The older prize cards tended to have different artwork on them. The more recent ones just have differently-cropped versions of the normal art, but double-sided. So the 2018 Season 3 kit came with 17 versions of a double-sided Dual Turbolaser Turrets/Skilled First Officer card, 3 copies of a medium-sized, double-sided Home One/Demolisher card, and 2 bundles of plastic Navigate Tokens. The 2018 Season 4 kit (which I don't think has made it to stores yet) has Slave Turrets/Boosted Comms for the participation card, and medium-sized Yavaris/Suppressor cards and bundles of plastic Redirect Tokens for the top prizes. Bigger tournaments tend to have more prizes (this shows the prize spread for the current Regionals) but they're a bit more restricted on when and where they can happen. If you don't have local Armada game tournaments you could try prodding your FLGS to see if they have enough interested in hosting some (but you might need to be pro-active in convincing them there are enough players). Now may be a good time to do that given the changes in how tournaments are working.
  13. Grumbleduke

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    That's the one - except they flipped it, probably to fit better with the text. Much of the art for Armada is existing art, sometimes fan art, sometimes previous FFG commissions. My favourite random Armada trivia at the moment is that the Annihilator and Ravager images are actually from the same picture, just carefully cropped and edited a bit.
  14. Grumbleduke

    New factions

    It didn't, but I don't think it needed to, because we saw at the end of ESB that they had some ships, and there was no reason to think they wouldn't have more (although Rogue One spoils the progression a bit). But Episode 8 has established that the Resistance doesn't have many, if any ships. Now some of us I think will be fine with them turning up with a bunch of new ships in the next film (because we can fill in the gaps and know what's going on from the novelisations and broader context), but given how much criticism TFA and TLJ got for leaving these gaps, I don't think it will go down that well with most viewers - it will just be confusing.
  15. Grumbleduke

    Grimdark in the Star Wars Universe

    They were very different. They had to be overpowered (to be an existential threat to the Republic), and they had some very weird cultural things that weren't always consistent. They also broke some existing rules of the Star Wars universe, and not always in a way that made sense. Some people didn't like that. I don't think they'd work very well in Armada because there's very little variety between ships of different classes (they mostly look the same), while there is a lot of variety between ships of the same class (even more so than Mon Cal ships, which are all supposed to be a little different). It would be difficult to make their different ships distinctive. Plus not enough people are familiar with them that to most people they'll look confusing/weird or out of place. As for dark fantasy, Star Wars has always blurred the line between bright, futuristic sci-fi and grim, gritty fantasy. Clone Wars got pretty dark at places, and I wonder if the Mandalorian TV series will take that further.