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  1. Good luck with altarnsarnai For affect, it might be fun to have some of the unicorn keep certain words english or use katakana.
  2. The dueling mechanic is a mind game. The dial is how much you would give up to win. If you absolutely need to win a duel, bid 5 for sure. Or duel with the intention of losing for honor. Or consider that your opponent will bid one and counter appropriately. Even in the story, some samurai duel knowing they will lose, or die on purpose so they don't suffer some other fate. Losing a duel can also be non-fatal. Some duels are just for ceremonial purposes. And in some circumstances, it can be dishonorable to win.
  3. Asmode's site. They will send the card to match the die
  4. That's a little heavy. I'm sure there's a little bit of room in-between innocent fun and life destroying. Know the difference between house rule and how others play and you're covered. If you really want to prepare for a tournament, you should probably play more than one guy anyway and test out plenty of different decks.
  5. If you run Poe, you'd probably want both of awakinings poe anyway.
  6. @BayushiFugu That was a lot of work to post a whole pack I'm offended with dragon moving in on unicorn's movement thing
  7. I like the Dragon splash too. When we get more battle maidens, I'd consider Crane splash to keep em honored.
  8. @Anemura Maybe I was too harsh on way of the Unicorn.
  9. I just want more Utako in general. Something with decent glory, ways to honor them, and if they want to bring back paragon effects as well, then I'm game.
  10. I play L5R too thematically to include Lion. I also think Way of the Unicorn to not have a big enough change to include it.
  11. That was my thought too! Also, funeral pyre is my favorite card. Jedi are always giving things away!
  12. Three lightsabers? With the Force, anything is possible.
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