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  1. I was wondering if they also release a new core set? Is there any product number missing that would indicate this?
  2. warmdown

    How are your 2.0 games going?

    My games are going really well so far! I played two games on launch day and then had two four rounds launch event tournaments over the weekend. A total of 10 games and I lost only one by two points! Noting that the loss was not through any TLT bs but against a punisher + 3x phantom list. Who would have thought that?!
  3. warmdown

    Power Creep (Team Covenant video)

    haha great - I just bought TFA this weekend! Anyway, I'm looking forward to giving it a try, regardless.
  4. warmdown

    Power Creep (Team Covenant video)

    That gives me a perfect reference and a good idea of what to expect. I struggled with that scenario in particular for a long time but it is doable!
  5. warmdown

    Power Creep (Team Covenant video)

    I guess that is my point. Will the strength of my deck with my limited card pool be sufficient enough to for the newest expansions? I did play the Carnevale of Horrors twice or three times. The third time I and my friend got very close to beat it. Working through the core set so far is fine I believe, I played with Roland mostly. The final monster in the third scenario is still a challenge but you can always throw in Lita and call it a day. Thanks for the encouraging words and preparing the decks. I probably will come back to it once I got the TFA expansion. Looks like my worries were for nothing and I should just get the expansion that I favor and start playing!
  6. I recently watched Team Covenants new episode explaining all the current expansions from Arkham Horror LCG (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exsu7PHApDU&frags=pl%2Cwn). It's meant for new players who are curious about the game to orientate themselves and understand the structure behind the releases. In this video, they mention that there is some kind of power creep between the three main expansions and they specifically recommend starting with the first one ('Dunwich Legacy') in order to manage the campaigns. They think that with buying the core set only and then directly jumping in for instance 'The Forgotten Age' it would be too hard of a challenge. I played the core set now a couple of times (mostly solo) and think about investing in one if the expansions. However, 'The Forgotten Age' is the most intriguing one but now with this video, I'm kind of holding back because I don't want my story experience to suffer from my frustration not be able to manage the campaigns. I would appreciate if some people with more game experience share their thoughts about this. Is there indeed a power creep? Won't the cards in 'The Forgotten Age' not be enough to compensate this potentially?
  7. warmdown

    List of content

    sweet thank you! One more question, my set came without cards for Greyjoy and Martell. Are they in some expansion or did I simply bought a set with missing content?
  8. warmdown

    List of content

    Hi guys, I recently bought this game used for the fun but it came a bit unsorted, unfortunately. The manual says that the decks out of the core are pre-build but I can't find any list that tells me the exact content. Can you lead me to a reference or something? I tried to google it but couldn't get what I was looking for. Thank you!
  9. warmdown

    The new Jam Action

    Follow up question: What exactly happens to the jam token once you jammed a ship? Let's assume the following two scenarios: 1. The opponent ship has a focus, evade or blue TL token. After now taking the jam action, the ship has to remove one of those tokens. Will the jam token still be placed next to the opponent ship? 2. The opponent ship has no tokens. After now taking the jam action you place the jam token next to the opponent ship. Will the jam token stay there only until the opponent does a focus, evade or TL action on that ship, or even after that until the end of the round? I'm just curious under what scenarios Captain Feroph makes sense because it appears to me that it is very unlikely that the jam token stays on the board until the begin of the combat phase.
  10. warmdown

    Petition for FFG, start a design series.

    They will resculpt the silencer!