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  1. Looking at your suggested numbers (which seem very reasonable) I believe they may bring out both factions together in one conversion kit. That would be a total of app. 26/27 ships. The current conversion kits have between 34 and 39 ships at the moment. Assuming they will sell resistance/fo separate I think the cost of 30$, that some people bring up here, pretty expensive. They probably also bring out a new Core Set as well with the conversion packs - that will convert technically one t70 and two fo's already. Looking at my collection now (no silencer, one sf, two fo, three t70 and one yt1300) I'm probably doing better buying left over conversions from others then the whole kits myself.
  2. Will der be a generic ARC-170 pilot? and can I field four of them in one list?
  3. warmdown

    X-Wing Summer 2018 Survival Kit

    Any idea where I get medium bases? just kidding - good stuff you put there together!
  4. warmdown

    Krayt data on the 2018 Regional Meta Leading to Worlds

    Great data collection - thanks for sharing. I personally only miss Lowhhrick, Sheatipede, + in the summaries and also think that splitting up rey + lowhhrick and rey + poe would make sense as they performed quite differently. Edit: never mind - should have read the appendix before posting
  5. Regarding the first point, they hopefully implement the gunner slot or something like that like it is rumoured for several other ships as well! And I think it is 100% sure that you will see some sort of new A-Wing as well as soon as they introduce the Resistance faction formally. Someone has a clue when that might be?
  6. warmdown

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    What I don't understand about the imperial conversion kit is the amounts of ships provided compared to rebel and scum. It is 3 and 5 ships short, respectively, which could be easily one plate of tie/ln prints. Yet it costs the same as the other kits. Anyway, I feel like all this discussion is complaining at a high level and I personally am very happy that we even have an option to convert 1e to 2e.
  7. warmdown

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    Why do you need 10 ties fully converted? You probably can max field only 8 anyway. Meaning that you are short two and hence the smart idea with the kit exchange where the cost of 1 imp ship is 50USD/34.
  8. warmdown

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    I had a similar idea in my gaming group with an excel sheet and we came to a similar conclusion. Starvipers for some reason are high on demand. But the sheet gives a great overview of what you need. The only downside is that everyone kind of has to buy all three conversion kits anyway because of the upgrade cards.
  9. warmdown

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    You have to buy the core set anyway so that makes 6 tie dials and that should cover most lists.
  10. I honestly wouldn't even mind if people would do that.
  11. warmdown

    May the 4th Be With You and Solo: A SW Story

    They have so many articles to bring our within in the next weeks and month... why nothing today so far?
  12. Will the next SoS support 2.0 alt art prices and damage deck?
  13. warmdown

    System Open Hanover Livestream

    will the event be on listjuggler soon?
  14. warmdown

    The UK System Open Is Underway!

    That sounds great! When do you usually start? Never mind, after checking the website it says 7pm! Probably will come out.