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  1. What if you could only Harpoon large ships?

    my poor Norra
  2. The big Clone Wars thread.

    four rookies with FA - the dream
  3. Engine upgrade or vectored thrusters on Norra?

    I remember this post from last year, but actually never gave it a try. How was it working out at the end?
  4. Engine upgrade or vectored thrusters on Norra?

    I like flying Norra with BB8 and therefore would go with EU, but usually, I don't have the points left for it. With BB-8 and EU however, she can go to places you could not dream off...
  5. Boba Rick Vs. Mrs. Rick

    Sounds like the perfect weekend! I always feel bad playing X-Wing with my girlfriend. I just don't want (or can't?) beat her. We started playing Arkham Horror LCG together, since it is cooperative, and having a blast!
  6. 2017 Regionals Live Streams Threads

    Calgary Regionals. https://www.twitch.tv/sentrybox Top4: traj nym and miranda vs. QD and 3 poon Nu's two SF's and gunboat vs Dash and Poe
  7. Happy Friday

    Watch the streams of this weeks regionals
  8. Night of the Zealot Redux

    You guys think with this expansion I don't need to buy a second core to be able to play with four players?
  9. Pure Sabacc with chips?

    I think they simply messed it up when uploading the lists. Guidance Chip should be on the ship with the Harpoon Missle and Lightweight Frame on Sabacc.
  10. Is this list the new meta? If so, how do you beat it?

    I think this list might be an example to try to split fire. First round of combat: Your first ship attacks Miranda (ideally with one of your harpoons). Your opponent has to choose to spend his reinforce token on Miranda in order to not take to much damage. If he does, attack Lowhhrick with your second and third ship to put some damage into him. If not keep hitting on Miranda. The damage output of your friend list is not so high, so I think it is worth to risk splitting up the fire. I'm not sure though if you want to shoot Erza or Miranda first. I guess that depends on how important actions are to your list.
  11. Poe, Jake and Sheathipede - the wave 12/13 edition

    I tried both and personally prefer FAA. The point with Fenn is that you really need to have someone in arc with him. FAA gives you the advantage in case you guessed the maneuver wrong. About Ezra - why not putting snap shot on him?
  12. Poe, Jake and Sheathipede - the wave 12/13 edition

    I like the Fenn build and think that the flight assist astro is the right if not only choice. It helps a lot against the lack of the green one bank maneuver. I usually end up using the two green maneuvers and then be out of arc with him, which is worst case. About Ezra - the idea is to not remove the stress at all and stacking it? The build with gunner and two potential stress seems strong, but you won't be able to coordinate and K-turn after the first round of combat.
  13. RZ-2 A-Wing: Custom Expansion.

    Mind if I see the movie first?
  14. Sheathipede-class Shuttle musings.

    You will probably use Wired most of the time defensively. Not sure if it is worth it at the end, but a reroll is always nice to have. What should be the main priority is losing the stress after Fenn triggers his ability. I don't see this guaranteed with his few green maneuvers, so R2 would be my personal choice.
  15. FennBug: The Biggs that Doesn't Need to be in Range 1.

    So the outcome of the sheathipede name discussion thread is FennBug? Back on topic: I proxied Fenn the other games night with Wired, R2 and Pulsed Ray Shield. Played against a Parattani list. Long story short. Fenn Rau (scum) range 1 into FennBug. FennBug triggered his ability, resulting in only taking one damage. End of the story is that FennBug definitely messes a lot with your opponent and that he works pretty well until he gets stressed before he can trigger his ability (in this case from Asaji) or after I regenerated a shield that caused me to move out of arc with the ionized maneuver.