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  1. Eh. It’s certainly good but I wouldn’t say imbalanced. It only takes one creature which really isn’t that strong in comparsion to other cards that can remove several or even all of your creatures while your opponents board stays in tact. On top of this if you’re playing different houses taking control of those houses makes the card nearly useless without other cards that let them activate it. Lastly you can just kill your own creature to get it back. Lastly consider none of it gives you any aember and it’s only as powerful as what’s on the board when it’s played meaning there’s plenty of situations where it’s meh
  2. False: -The rebels where having supplies delivered somewhere outside of the city, possibly some kind of hideout. -A local port owner says the rebels docked their ship in his yard and he’s unhappy with the “future” promise of payment. He’ll gladly lead the imperials to the ship. Once arriving there a fragged looking ship secretly rigged to explode when the imperials get to close. True: -A local crime syndicate has eyes and ears everywhere and are loyal only to credits. They must have seen something and would be willing to hand it over for the right price or a favor. -A Local Bothan lost his son who was a contractor during a rebel bombing on an imperial facility that was being built. He’s heard one of the rebels was injured and got treated by a local vet who promised to keep the surgery on the down low. Being no fan of the rebels despite local pressures he’d gladly sell out the doctor for vengeance.
  3. No worries hard to convey meaning sometimes over mere text. I used to do it back in my early GMing days but not anymore. I typically reward it differently ie a player makes a rousing speech, a convincing lie, a charming line etc I throw a bonus die or two their way for the check. If the role playing doesn’t aid the context of a check I might flip a destiny point in the players favor.
  4. You asked how it makes it a punishment, the reasoning was everything was made slightly more difficult for an action they took (not coming) resulting in an optional consequence by the GM that put them behind the rest of the party you didn’t seem to like this answer or simply choose to ignore it and repeat the question. It’s obvious you’re just trolling so think I’m happily done wasting my time with you. Also talk about my straw man? I ever made an argument for you, you however lied repeatedly about me first suggesting I never answered and changed the subject because you didn’t like my answer then suggesting my original response was to someone it wasn’t then claiming I thought all GMs who thought differently where bad or evil when I never suggested such a thing. But sure ok you got me
  5. Ruling as in decision made by the GM, not rules. I openly said earlier if it works at your table then great, I’m more responding to the other poster now for constant misrepresentation of everything I say.
  6. Oh look another straw man, honest discussion that difficult aye?
  7. Again you either fail to read or you’re simply a liar which is it? I opened that first statement pointing out some people calling the act of giving out xp to absent players as “participation awards” then proceeded to say I believed THOSE tables where awful. Please lie some more because you don’t agree with me, harms me not at all.
  8. Again reading comprehension, try it sometime. “To begin with” No **** I responded to them AFTER they quoted me and took offense at my BEGINNING post.
  9. You got offended at my remark of some calling it “participation trophies”, that’s a judgment on others I was criticizing. If you don’t call it that then why exactly did you assume I was judging you when I had never quoted nor responded to you to begin with?
  10. Pot meet kettle, judging others calling it participation trophies while not wanting to be judged, sure ok then
  11. Also consider if she’s in a prison there’s plenty of scenes that can occur. Other prisoners can make interesting or even dangerous NPC’s. Are there gangs in the prison? They might want to fight or intimidate the fresh meat. Maybe a bounty they captured alive and turned in before. Maybe someone from one of the players past is imprisoned and can reveal details about then that Pc didn’t know. Perhaps the guards are corrupt and can transfer info to those outside for a cost, after all what better way for the party to get details like how many guards are on at what time, what cell block is the prisoner in, what are the internal defenses and response units during a break out, a lot of that is info easier gathered from inside than out, etc.
  12. Translation “dur dur repeat the same answer for me to ignore again, also irrelevant pizza”
  13. So the pizza analogy has nothing to do with anything I said. Cool then I’ll happily ignore your straw man. Its not me feeling a punishment, I explained how it had a measurable negative effect on the character, the fact that you choose to ignore that explanation is entirely on you. I didn’t say you said it would hurt the game, I asked how it would as a justification for imposing that ruling. Reading comprehension is important. You then proceed the ask the same question I’ve answered several times. If you’re going to play stupid you can gladly continue to do so by yourself.
  14. Math is math, no one ever said that die would effect every roll your character ever did. But if you’re just as effective in every check but miss that die in one check you are over all less effective, this lack of effectiveness increases the larger that xp gain becomes whether you wish to play stupid and ignore it or not. Period, that’s objective fact you ignore. Your pizza analogy is still meaningless, xp earns effects what that character can do in every session down the road and makes them less effective than they would be if they hadn’t received it. Similarly if you’re seriously going to stick with this idea that xp doesn’t translate directly into how effective a character is then awarding any xp period is meaningless, have fun with those party wipes as difficulty increases. You ask a lot of questions but answer none of mine despite me answering yours, typically the same one over and over. I’m not playing the “how dense can you be game”. How would giving that player the xp hurt the game?
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