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  1. TwitchyBait

    Poltergeist vs Mobius Scroll

    True I was more referencing which archives it goes to, somehow I forgot about the destruction part haha.
  2. Yep do as much as you can covers this fully. You’d be able to ready, fight, ready, fight, then ready but not do the final fight (since there isn’t a third target you can choose) leaving the creature ready to reap, fight, or action after this card is discarded as you please.
  3. TwitchyBait

    Poltergeist vs Mobius Scroll

    Slightly different scenario, here it’s more if the card leaves play into its owners archives for “leaving play” when under another players controll that isn’t its owners because there are cards that archive your opponents cards into your own archive but they usually explicitly state so making me agree it’s more of a golden rule situation there. In bad Penny’s case the decision that she won’t be purged (if her ability resolves first) is because effects can’t target out of play cards unless they specify that they do. So that’s more order of effects and legal targeting.
  4. TwitchyBait

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    Yep the target wouldn’t change since it’s a play ability and not a constant ability.
  5. TwitchyBait

    Custom boxes for my decks

    Finished my PSD version and tested it out. Everthing fits snugly and works fine with standard card stock. Alas BGG says the file is to big. I'll have to find another way of uploading it for use later.
  6. TwitchyBait

    Chain Strategy

    I feel this is one of those things that will be solved as the game ages, since decks will gain recommended chains and even if they haven't earned them players should be able to recognize certain combinations and have a moderate idea of what they should bid.
  7. TwitchyBait

    Help from future self ruling

    I believe it's because of the idea that the effect can still occur. For help from future self the effect technically doesn't end until you've shuffled your discard pile into your deck. At that I agree it's likely it doesn't get shuffled back in as it wouldn't hit the discard pile till after the effect ended. However then there's cards like library access where it's a little more unclear (if we take the wording alone and ignore how the lead developer played it in a video). In this instance it says "For the remainder of the turn each time you play another card draw a card". So the question becomes is the effect that it establishes a rule for the turn and then you've done what you can for the turn and thus it hits the discard pile immediately after play OR is the effect not finished until the end of the turn since it can still trigger.
  8. TwitchyBait

    Help from future self ruling

    I can see the ambiguity here because page 5 says to resolve as much of the effect as possible then discard it. It could be either way ie The card is played, it creates an effect that occasionally will go off again if triggers are met for the stated limit. You’ve done as much as you can for now, discard it. or The card is played, it creates an effect that occasionally will go off again if triggers are met for the stated limit. Since it can go off again it hasn’t been full resolved, don’t discard it. I lean towards the former since by playing it you’ve “done as much as you can” if you would have to take further independent actions to trigger the card thus satisfying “do as much as you can”. This said the only official source we have clarifying otherwise says it is discarded and the effect lingers that seems to be the common sense answer to go with until we get an FAQ or errata.
  9. TwitchyBait

    Poltergeist vs Mobius Scroll

    Interesting perhaps so. That would still mean the active player got to archieve two of their own cards and the artifact would go to its owners archive.
  10. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    Yeah I don’t get it, I’ve been happy to admit when someone’s provided rules showing me wrong several times now because it helps me understand the game better. Digging ones heels in and taking it personally seems not only silly but counterproductive if you want to do well in competitive.
  11. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    I was unaware of said ruling, I was talking about threads here like spindowns beings counters, multiple creatures with elusive, gabos long arms vs elusive etc where example after example from the rules and cards are provided to support a ruling that get ignored by some of those who thought they worked differently which turn into long arguments that go nowhere but ultimately get resolved decisions that show exactly what the one side using the existing rules to support there arguments where saying the whole time. That said we do have a few unanswered and a few where the questions get answered and don’t drag on forever.
  12. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    I don’t know, the only genuinely bad ruling I’ve seen so far was Biomatrix Backupx and with that it was even admired to be a typo. Most of the others just seem to have been people having odd misunderstandings then not wanting to admit they’re wrong and thus spurring on ridiculously long discussions where they hold to the “I get it but I think I’m right so I won’t entertain the alternative”.
  13. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    It’s just indicating the creature gains that ability. If I’m not mistaken (don’t have my cards in front of me) all upgrades have this.
  14. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    Well no capture takes from the opponent of the creature with capture, place does not. The point of blood money is to put 2 from the general pool on an opponent creature then to kill it so you gain it. Putting your own on as per capture would be pointless
  15. TwitchyBait

    Jammer Pack

    Yep, the only time creatures would have aember on them the card will either indicate to "place" aember on them (such as blood money) or for them to "capture" aember.