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  1. It was not quite in full swing by the trial I attended in the KC area in July (2019).
  2. Did ya save that broken ship?! Might make some great 3D debris....
  3. Sounds fun for a themed event. Discounted N1s, etc. But I'd even consider some upgrades... Outer Rim event with -2 pt. all illicts. Coruscant event with -5 pt munitions.
  4. Hey dude. It's just hyperbole. But I am starting to feel like the Force and Vultures are dancing on either side of me, right up in my face, and I'm getting ready to lose it. Metaphorically. Throw down. Edit: I actually agree...most points are really fine. I'm just ready to see things shook up a bit.
  5. Hello, fellow pilots. Just a PSA on my Yuri's Revenge mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/nods-revenge New update available.
  6. Fat Bb8-Primed Poe might actually be a thematic and functional candidate. B1 behind the ship out of arc and whack it with proton Torps. ... I need a few more Resistance Bombers.
  7. Thanks for sharing, guys! @gennataos, the Resistance needs you! Rey+Poe might be the last hope... Unless we discover Han+Poe. Or put Snap in a RZ2.
  8. Who cares if you get bombed?! You ALL have Regen.
  9. Turr Phennir + Stealth Device + Shield + Snap Shot = 67 points. Could be stupid fun. Snap, reposition. Attack, reposition.
  10. What about Decimator+Sloane+DTs? _____ RuthlessSloane (74) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (9) Admiral Sloane (6) Death Troopers (3) Intimidation Points: 92 (26) Black Squadron Ace [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Ruthless Points: 27 (26) Black Squadron Ace [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Ruthless Points: 27 (26) Black Squadron Ace [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Ruthless Points: 27 (26) Black Squadron Ace [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Ruthless Points: 27 Total points: 200 _____ -They are all I3s -Death Troopers synergize crazy -Ruthless overkill trick is one Empires secret weapons...
  11. Ronu, I think a big factor for the Strikers is having information and maximizing that 3-die gun. Sorta like alpha strike tie fighters. I'd experiment with Blacks at a higher initiative and Crack Shot (marksmanship if Crack goes up). But otherwise, having at least one or two basic Academy LNs would probably serve Sloane well in most games.
  12. Maclunky.com HAN SHOT FIRST ... Lol
  13. Yes, please. That'll motivate an engagement.
  14. Exactly! What if Ben missed, cut the wolf guys' arm off, everybody screams, and the nefarious duo runs away? New head Canon.
  15. Medium Base. 3 front. Cannon slot. 1 or 2 crew, no Gunner. Like a Firespray and an Xwing. Think, Mini Lancer Pursuit Craft.
  16. I don't know, but related question: Now that we have the Ghost 2.0 (with the Phantom 2 included), will the Attack Shuttle ever get rereleased?
  17. Holdiay special was an abomination... That cartoon though.
  18. I propose a new, charge-based upgrade for everyone: Hyperspace Jump: 2 charges. Setup: you may spend one charge to have the Marshal change your pairing for this Swiss game. Charges only reset at the end of the tournament. 7 points.
  19. I think a lot of current 2-ship lists being A-Tier are debatable. They're razors edge and require high skill and reps to make them perform at an A-Tier level. REPS: The most expensive upgrade in X-Wing.
  20. I think the debatable part here is, "A-tier". Mark, you're amazing with Rey+Poe. Most of X-Wing is not. 😕 I feel like that pushes Rey+Poe down to "B-tier"... But then as soon as you or someone else wins a System Open with it we'll all change our tune and join the fun train. Did I miss some obscure European smash fest where Rey+Poe made a mark?
  21. Great points. Instinctively, I don't think 5X is significantly better than 5 Cartels, except in the hands of the most experienced players. And if our world champions want to take up 5X if it becomes legal and win worlds with it... I don't think anyone would complain - and I don't think it'd be a landslide. On paper, they have the TORP slot, ASTRO slot, and free FOILS over the Cartel's MISSILE and 2x MOD+ILLICIT. If Cartels are supposed to be modded to the gills, but the devs can't drop mod prices without breaking everything else, then their base cost needs to be low. ___ 4 T65s with Torps died with the first update, and I was surprised they didn't lower chassis cost equal to Torp tax. But that's all residual 1.0 balance, so I understand why they didn't do that right away. ___ Just because 4 naked Resistance Bombers wouldn't "break the game", doesn't mean it would be good for the game... ___ In other words, @Tlfj200, I have no idea.
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