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  1. Bucknife

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    I joined X-Wing right after the 1.0 ARC came out. It was my first expansion after the original core set. Good times.
  2. Bucknife

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Unless there happens to be another key imperial unit on the horizon, from Rogue One, that will have one or more of those features.... Cough, cough... Shore Troopers.
  3. Bucknife

    My first vent - Tarkin's forced relationship

    It's totally thematic!! Tarkin does nothing...then walks up to Krennic's achievement and says, "MINE." Tarkin needs Krennic, period. I'm fine with that for now, unless they want to make a Empire-only targeting computer mod that is initiative costed.
  4. Bucknife

    Faction identities

    Rebels: I'll take that hit for you, bro. Republic: Look out! Don't get hit, bro! Empire: Your pain makes me stronger. FO: My pain makes me stronger. Scum: What is pain? Seperatists: Let's make a deal: I win.
  5. Bucknife

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Wake up, Bob! Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!!
  6. Bucknife

    What to play

    Hmm...... Commence mind reading.................. Hmmmmmmmm.......... Seperatists.
  7. Bucknife

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    K, fine. Fearless should be 1 as well. There. Happy? No seriously...I totally forgot it was 3 points for fearless... Definitely should be 1 or 2 in order to see more play.
  8. Bucknife

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Hey! Fearless is fine. Couldn't you tell? My omission meant that SCUM IS PERFECT.
  9. Bucknife

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Trick shot is the turrets talent... So far, I feel like it's the ONLY talent for large base turrets, making it's costing really difficult. If they could have costing for an upgrade based on ship size and/or arc-type, that could be a reasonable fix, I think. \\ Heroic is fine. The vote is still up on the other faction talents, but in my opinion, if FACTION DEFINING cards aren't at least a little under-costed, then we're stuck with bland Xwing 1.0. Ruthless should probably be free. Selfless, 1.
  10. Bucknife

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Yup. These guys are gonks if they think 5A is a problem. THEY'RE Aaaaaaa-WINGS. Watch the complaining start when people start seeing 4 Heroic T70s after Republic drops and everyone needs burst damage to deal with all the ARCs.
  11. Bucknife

    Double Falcons

    Definitely add Leia crew somewhere.
  12. Bucknife

    A tale of two X-wings

    Gotta go with hierarchy in Resistance list building: For T70s, I always take Nien first, Poe second and Ello third. ...and don't get me wrong...other T70s are a BLAST (I have flown Kare and Snap a bunch, plus tons of heroic Experts and the lot), but by the time you've optimized their pilot abilities, you're into the 60's and might as well go with Ello or Nien. It's just that simple. For T70s, competitively, it's aces or bust (until mid-I points adjustments and hopefully some cheaper Tech). Just my opinion, but otherwise fly what's fun!
  13. Bucknife

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    BUCKNIFE - Insatiable Modder YT-2400 & ARC-170 I3 You may equip any four Modifications or Illicits. [So I could stack multiple Hull upgrades or DMSwitches] For each damage card on this ship, you may change one [hit] result to a [crit] result.
  14. Bucknife

    Quad ARC meta...

    It's gonna be real. I'm agreeing with Hairy Nick on this one. More HP is almost always more reliable in competition than more agility. So... What will the Empire and Rebels and Resistance and FO going to put on the table to counter this High HP, high burst damage tank list of the Republic? _________ For the Resistance, I'm calling Triple T70s. All the fun with RZ2s will probably go on the shelf for a little while until some of the Tech options get points rebalanced in July.
  15. Bucknife

    ARC Article - Hammer the Opposition

    PRO: No Biggs to anchor the formation. PRO: More ARCs.