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  1. Lobot: A Star Wars X-Wing Story. I5 jus' because.
  2. All things considered, I'd call this the best X-Wing we've ever had. If we never got another points update, I'd be sad that some secondary weapons aren't more viable, but generally, they're not completely unplayable. Aces and generics are both decent. Movie characters are generally creme of the crop. TIE/ln are worse than TIE/fos...but isn't that thematic anyway? Luke t65 is a better team player (easier to build diverse squads around) than Poe t70... Which is also perfectly thematic. Boba is a nasty good center piece. Jedi are cheaters. Droids are so good in groups. Everybody's got something.
  3. The fact that Braylen exists means that this upgrade can't even be variably costed appropriately. Since we're voting, I vote baked B-Wing foils as well (hint*hint: free on generics.....)
  4. True. I would add that ships who are not designed to do "damage" have to be able to progress the game state through other means. A naked Z95 can use blocking as a form of control, and the HP dispersion to add complexity to the opponent's target priority. Control takes a lot of forms. Auto-include guaranteed ion should definitely be avoided, but ion Y-wings should probably not be terrible, at least. Now, am I %100 sure ion Ys are completely trash in 2e at the moment? No. I actually think they might be alright. Same with Ion Cannon Sycks. There's just a lot of other stuff that actually does damage and therefore pushes these interesting control fillers into casual territory.
  5. was that the one won by an american or scum? Scum. Brobots from the UK. That kid was an incredible player. Control was good enough, but you need to also BE good enough.
  6. Well, inasmuch as talking design theory is valuable in our boat, I'd say that in the scope of the seven existing factions, Res and FO are in the unique position for upgrade expression and premium chassis points. I would be fine with another 4 point tax on RZs and SFs, especially (possibly more like 2 or 3 points on T70s and Silencers), if we could have 2 point D.PwrCells, Pattern Analyzers and Optics. .... 1 or 0 point T.Synchronizer and FerroPaint. I'm a modder at heart, who loves to turn dials hard in the direction of cool and unique, so I'm always gonna be pro increasing faction identity.
  7. I think I'll leave my final thought on the matter with my usual, annoying but actually serious hope and dream that... Chassis costs should go up to extorbitent levels on sequel generation ships (not falcon... maybe not fireball), but DOWN proportionately on all sequel efficiency upgrades (I'm talking like, 1 or 2 point Optics/Paint/D.PowerCells/etc). Kill the spam mindset on these premium chassis and force people to be creative on loadouts to succeed. Same deal on Illicits for scum (though, I think they're already a lot closer to this then FO and Res.) K. I'm out.
  8. This thread is starting to hurt my brain too much.
  9. Okay. I can get behind that. SF Turn+B.roll + rotate definitely has limitations over the RZ turn+focus+rotate or turn+boost+rotate.
  10. Triple Black Ace T70s + Greer RZ has been one of my favorite casual lists. I look forward to the future.
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