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  1. Sabine Attack Shuttle + bid Procket LoneWolf Jake RZ1? Ten HLC B-Wing? Leia carrier U-Wing? (Probably the right choice) ProTorp Red Vet? Norra Turret Y-Wing? .........
  2. ....and Turret Ywings? Are they dead simply because VTG went up to 8? Would anyone take a Yion over a U-Wing? And we're seeing four U-Wings succeed and seeing ZERO Y-Wings? What am I missing? Or does the Rebel floor need some more tweaks?
  3. Where's Luke T65? Where's Dash? Where's the Ghost? Is the Sabine Attack Shuttle costed out? Where are the Wookies? E-Wings?
  4. Saw U-Wing and 3 Ywings is a fun off-meta Rebel. Quad T65 CAZs with Dead Man's Switch and Adv. protorps is just silly fun.
  5. @ScummyRebel is being very honest today. @GreenDragoon, don't worry about him.
  6. I'm fine with more screen time for A-Wings. I'm a little disappointed in the Resistance Y-Wing and was hoping for something more New Republic or even a K-wing. (And maybe we'll still get some). I'll still enjoy some more intentional Y-Wing screen time since the only decent action shots we've got are from Rogue One, but some content from the fringe would be very welcome as well. I'm intrigued by the post-empire Scum Walker from the Mandolorian.
  7. Andrew! Have you guys ever considered a IP license for Halo?! It would be a dream come true to have a rules-compatible sister game for Star Wars Armada where my buddy who owns a Covenant fleet could take on my Imperial fleet with balanced points and mechanics. Thanks so much for your time! -b
  8. Bucknife


    What @Boom Owl said.
  9. I have to pay over 10 points to make the jump from one of my I5 T70's to the only I6 small base in my faction: Poe. I feel like I pay big time to have reliable agency. It's not perfectly balanced for every ship or every faction, but I'm feeling like we're doing just fine, people.
  10. Brunas, one of my losses at a Hyperspace flying Quad T70 was to a 2Jedi 2 Torrent who literally locked me every single action... And I generally think he was correct.
  11. Hi, @Yank01! My friend has astounding success with Jendon Lambda shuttle + 2 Storms w/fcs and Prockets + Wampa if you want to maximize those TIE Advances. As for Rebels, T65s are tricky nowadays. I'd put Crack and Plasma Torps on Wedge and Crack or Marksmanship on Thane. The list crumbles fast when your X-Wings go down, and they will go down quick with one bad move, so your list really has to win/get a massive advantage early. Definitely a fun list if you like to gamble and bait!! Good luck on the tournament. -b
  12. This one just made 2nd place at a 60 person tourney in Sacramento! _____ Captain Sear + TA-175 + Impervium Plating + Soulless One Trade Federation Drone + Discord Missiles Trade Federation Drone + Discord Missiles Trade Federation Drone + Discord Missiles Trade Federation Drone Trade Federation Drone Trade Federation Drone Trade Federation Drone
  13. @GreenDragoon or @Captain Lackwit or @Brunas, any thoughts on this since target locking Jedi are running rampant right now?
  14. I got a joke.... What uses one crew slot and eats jedi for breakfast?
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