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  1. You're not the only one, I would also like to play armada with someone.
  2. The big problem with TLJ is that Ryan Johnson doesn't know how shields work. While you can indeed focus your shields to a particular point of the ship, squadrons and ships can't just get trough the shield at a high speed like Poe's X-wing or the Raddus. Squadrons could get trough the shields in earlier movies after the ship had already taken some damage. While Poe's x-wing just gets trough the shields at a high speed no problem. Remember the X-wings in rogue one trying to get trough the shield gate? It didn't end well for the pilots. There is literally a clone wars episode in wich is explained that fast moving thermal detonators can't get trough shields while slow moving one's can. Why else did the droids slow down while entering the shield on the battle of Naboo. While crude weapons can get trough shields, both X-wings and the Raddus aren't crude projectiles. They're just fast moving vehicles that should get destroyed on impact like the x-wings on Scarif or the other fighters at the battle of Endor (do you see any damage to the star destroyers they crash into?).
  3. Also, where will armada get it's inspiration now that rebels is finished. It took ships from the show since wave 3, wich is also a reason why armada could slow down.
  4. Fantasy flight has made a lot of titles by themselves, this wouldn't be the last time i guess.
  5. I would die to see tartan patrol cruisers in armada, the empire really lags small ships and needs squadron killers who don't die after 1 shot.
  6. I don't really want to read every comment in this topic but if nobody mentioned it already: if everyone could use the pass rule everyone would probably want to go last. If i choose to pass, you would probably pass too as both would want to go last, that's when games are getting broken. So i don't really think it will come.
  7. Let's just hope Santa doesn't have any problems on his way here because this is amazing!!!
  8. I know someone (tried to) figure out what Bail would be like but were not 100% sure, or are we?
  9. This is the dream Martin Luther King should have talked about. ?
  10. Like i said, Leia could totally dominate Pryce if you use her well
  11. You choose what round you want to use Pryce after you and your opponent choose the begin-speed If you start at 0 or 1 the opponent will know there is something fishy about it. And will choose her later. If you start at speed 2 or higher, you will bump into Pryce sooner or later. Except if you have Leia, Leia has total control over Pryce.
  12. Yes, but there will always be a better officer to put on the quasar as a lot of officers are very good for squadron commands, and if you put Pryce on there you can't take the others. Still a good idea if you can miss the others.
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