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  1. Gallanteer

    Who else hasn't played 2.0 yet??

    I'm all set but waiting for my regular opponents to get their act together. Plus we're playing a bit of Epic at the moment anyway. I am really looking forward to 2.0, especially the whole rebalancing it brings.
  2. Gallanteer

    Expansion Pack Dream Figures

    Not bothered about particular new minis. The game simply needs more cards. It also needs a replacement agenda system. Hopefully the coop scenario rules can be applied to all other scenarios, or go the other way and allow PvP.
  3. Gallanteer

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Rebels was good but I'm not a total fanboy of it. Prequel stuff should stay were it belongs - in the past. Not a fan of it coming to XW or possibly Armada either. Solo movie provided a rich vein of characters to go for as did Rogue One - plus those breach environments haven't featured in any of the map tiles. I know it's probably the end for big box expansions but a quest for the DS2 plans leading up to the start of ROTJ with Bothans, Ewoks and the remains of Scarif would be great
  4. Gallanteer

    Squad Builder: Feature wishlist

    The most important amendment needs to be a game mode called Collection and therefore only list pilots and cards you have added in you collection (obviously). You can then bin Extended and Second Edition or at least Second Edition. The other bugbear is that after saving a squad, selecting Back should take you back to your squad not the menu screen (Android App). I work in Software design and delivery and apart from the above, the whole look and feel is so **** annoying. IE the whole 'only see one ship at a time' nonsense.
  5. Gallanteer

    Bugs on Android App

    Reinstalling the app fixed the unable to save issue but a rubbish way to resolve it. Maybe some SQLite corruption? Stopped working after using an apostraphy in the squad name but could be a coincidence.
  6. Gallanteer

    Bugs on Android App

    Badly spelt HTML tags Missing icons on some cards that use two slots Crash when deleting some ships from a squad Keeps last squad name when creating a new squad Now....cannot save any squads so permanently broken
  7. Does nobody remember how un-Star Wars and rubbish the prequel movies actual were and the outcry at the time? Apparently now they're awesome though?
  8. Gallanteer

    Rebels will not get a huge ship

    This is as it should be. Rebels don't need to compensate for anything. A new nedium sized ship woukdn't go amiss though.
  9. Gallanteer

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Didn't think of it before. Imps get an SSD and us Rebels get a space slug in a giant asteroid nomming down on passing ships.
  10. Gallanteer

    Need more content

    Same here. Why not Hoth or Bespin? I bet the Hoth expansion outsold Jabbas palace.
  11. Gallanteer

    New California Expansion

    A reply I got on twitter seems to think one of the scenarios is full on cooperative. If that's true, maybe some of the rules will be tweaked to apply this to all existing scenarios. Still, like my Eldritch Horror, XW, Armada and Imperial Assault addiction, more cards and stuff is good. And to think I've just backed the season 1 box of Elite Dangerous battlecards as well. Gonna have no money left and have some explaining to do to the wife.
  12. Gallanteer

    Need Rule Clarification for Quests

    Hopefully the cryptic Fallout tweet from FFG might indicate an expansion for this game and maybe some revised rules etc. Then some of these questions might become easier.
  13. Similar to the way we had to wait for IA news until after Legion was launched so that the general public 'didn't get confused', my guess is that it will be the same for Armada and XW 2.0. Wait till XW 2.0 is released, wait a couple of weeks and then we'll 'suddenly' hear about the 'big thing' in Armada. 'Control, control, you must learn control' - Yoda 'Patience!' - Obi Wan
  14. Gallanteer

    Pls nerf ECM finally FFG

    The asymetric design is sort of the point. The true SW theme is Rebels vs Imps. Blue on blue just doesn't feel right, and although there is nothing really wrong with it, it makes Armada simply a gaming ruleset rather than utilising the SW theme.
  15. Gallanteer

    Blaw blaw blaw Friday ,,,,,, or something

    Gone to plaid.