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  1. Well, I managed to get a couple of games with it at the weekend and can confirm its a bit of a beast. The bad news - probably won't be weeks until another game because of the COVID lockdown.
  2. Mine arrived today. Better late than never. Still not happy with the lack of even a simple update apart from the the last minute releasing this week notification on Asmode UK.
  3. Nope, very much a rebel, just been bitten too many times (not just gaming) and will continue to do so because I'm an idiot.
  4. Still no Sloane Nerf 🙄
  5. It's hope that kills you.
  6. Don't believe you. Photo evidence required. However, it might indicate the UK isn't far off.
  7. My pre order now expects release at the end of March. Two months after the 'global' release. Still no explanation or apology from FFG. The problem is that they know we want this stuff so can get away with it. Thanks for your continued distain towards your loyal UK customers FFG. At this point, this will be the last of your products that I pre order, and I buy quite a lot, not just Armada or SW stuff.
  8. Thanks for the email address. I've used it to complained mainly about their complete lack of acknowledgement of the situation, no PR and no public apology over the delay, especially for long standing customers me who have had it on preorder since December. Kickstarters give better updates than this long standing professional company that has time and time again annoyed its customers. Even if it is a fault with it's distributer, they chose them so it is still their fault. Delays are sometimes unavoidable, the lack of communication isn't.
  9. Over a month sinse the 'global' release of the Starhawk and still no sign of it in the UK on the evening of March 1st.
  10. The only downside is that its taken this long, and an expansion, to realise that this should have been a coop game all along. Oh well, this expansion is now on my must-buy list.
  11. At least Kickstarters give regular updates on things, even delays.....
  12. Well, we're going big (and not going home). 8 of us 400 pts each 🤪 (similar to how we ran the CC campaign). To be fair, we'll probably have 2 parallel games of the pivotal battles, randomly chosen from the opponents to keep things moving. Probably take 6 months because we only meet up every 3 or 4 weeks, but who cares?
  13. UK calling. My preorder with Dark Star still showing Feb 28th. In the mean time Imperial Flight Games have ensured that all my Imperial friends have been flying Onagers for weeks now. If there are any FFG employees monitoring these boards, will someone please give some form of explanation why the whole of the UK is running out of Armada stock and not just lacking the Starhawk?
  14. We're about to kick off a RitR campaign. I'm planning on running a Starhawk (it it ever arrives in the UK). However, we are opting for 400pt fleets instead of 200.
  15. All retailers in the UK are seemingly out of Armada stock (nearly all ships). One has even put a warning that they have no idea when new stock is due in. XW is also running low. It's almost like FFG don't want our money. Left a message on their twitter account. It's been getting worse for years but I've never seen it this bad.
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