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  1. Gallanteer

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Got 3. A second EW for me!
  2. Gallanteer

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    I was playing Han 1300 plus Bistan before the points drop and was having a lot if success with it.
  3. Gallanteer

    Don't Hassle the Hoth

    The is the scale Legion should have been, then you really can field a legion.
  4. Gallanteer

    They're up!!!

    True. Forgot that. Han gunner on VCX is still a thing, esp with VCX price drop.
  5. Gallanteer

    More proof this game is dying

    He should go onto the Armada and IA forums and claim they're dead. We're used to idiots like him appearing periodically and enjoy toying with them.
  6. Gallanteer

    They're up!!!

    Han gunner - whats the point. Even as a Rebel player - glad Han, Dash and Roark is dead - a boring one trick pony. But, is there any point to ever include Han Gunner at all now?
  7. Gallanteer

    They're up!!!

    To those that said extended was dead and wouldn't get any points changes - in your face!
  8. Gallanteer

    They're up!!!

    As a rebel player, so am I. Was boring. Means people will have to get creative.
  9. Not tried it but has anyone tested if Kannan, Han, Dorsal and Heightened Perception is almost as good and leaves 92 points for two better ships than the HWK? Its obvious a little less versatile than firing from the YT2400 but has a much greater squad points efficiency so the pay off on paper looks to get away from the one trick pony a little.
  10. Gallanteer

    What should the next campaign use?

    Bespin next please but I but it's Lothal.
  11. Gallanteer

    YT-2400 Builds?

    I find it incredibly boring that the only time people fly Dash is with this combo, meta stunts creativity. Removing the FAQ about Dash and Roark and dropping some points from the 2400 would mean people would find some more interesting ways to fly Dash.
  12. Gallanteer

    Looks promising!

    Will they ever dare to create a campaign that needs multiple expansions? Bespin and Hoth? Twin Shadows and Jabba's Palace? Gonna try Hoth very soon. Been waiting for them to do one for the App.
  13. Gallanteer

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    Yeah, but that's Star Wars for me. Not these sleek Naboo type ships, but totally utilitarean. Plus, it is at least the letter K (and I love my 3 BWs). Back on point, I reckon everything will be reprinted, it'll just take a few years.
  14. Gallanteer

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    In all honesty, I'm flying the Wullfy pilot a lot 'cos he's a beast, the model itself is just, you know, not very, erm. It's fugly.
  15. Gallanteer

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    The KW may not be canon but its a better looking than the EW and even some canon ships- I'm looking at you, Auzituck.