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  1. Gallanteer

    What should the next campaign use?

    Hoth is the only expansion that doesn't have desert or forest tiles that every other set uses. That or Bespin for me.
  2. Gallanteer

    Can Corran work? What lists do you have?

    As you stated above forget R2. To get the most out of Corran, his bullseye ability needs more success. R4 and Daredevil sees him on target slightly more.
  3. Gallanteer

    Bistan and Han Falcon

    Probably an old question but.... When using Bistan for the bonus attack, do you still get to use Han's reroll ability?
  4. Gallanteer

    Looks like this board is basically dead!

    Eldritch is pretty solid and enjoyable as is. Unless there is new content incoming, there's not a lot to discuss. Just enjoy!
  5. Gallanteer

    New California

    Not got New California (on Birthday list - I'm a 48 year old kid) or Fallout 76. Really looking forward to the expansion. But....is Fallout TBG actually a better multiplayer experience than Fallout 76, especially with NewCalif added?
  6. I was a bit annoyed that Legion is getting R1 stuff when IA is a perfect fit for a R1 campaign with some sweet tropical map tiles.
  7. Gallanteer

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    Heresy! Imperial Assault! A much better game and with *real* character development in a *real* campaign mode. Oh and Armada and too many other games. I am loving XW 2.0 though after a year away being annoyed at the power stride (not creep) in 1.0.
  8. Gallanteer

    Rebel Falcon: Lando or Han?

    Han every time. 1. You spend much of the game hanging near asteroids anyway. His reroll plus TL is exceptionally potent. 2. As a traditionalist I'd always choose Han over Lando. If you want an interesting and thematic twist - Chewie pilot, Han Gunner - 96 pts. Lando flying the Falcon better than Han is wrong! Who was it that negotiated an asteroid field? Don't mention the DS2, Lando broke the Radar dish so that doesn't count (plus I bet Nein Numb was the real pilot that day). At 47 years old, no matter how uncompetitive it might be, I just cannot feel happy about chosing Lando over Han.
  9. Gallanteer

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

  10. Gallanteer

    I need a rebel list

    Han+Trick shot+CybImps, Wedge+marksmanship, Thane+marksmanship. All can hold their own. If they focus on Han, the XWs have enough naked firepower. If they ignore Han then all his rerolls including TL. Also keeps things simple without you forgetting to do things in a tournament environment.
  11. Gallanteer

    Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing

    Kyle Katarn should also have force powers unless its during his fallow period between Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast.
  12. Gallanteer

    Rebel Han Pilot Ability

    To that end if Han's ability is 'not a reroll'...... In an attack I could roll 3 reds that all come up blank. I use Han's ability which gets me 2 hits and a blank. I could then use a Target Lock to reroll the blank (a second reroll but not classed as one because of Han's ability)?
  13. Gallanteer

    Trying to build a list around the VCX-100

    You've got to try it at least once, judt for kicks. If your opponent focuses on the ghost then Han and AP5 will have a bit of a free run. Both large ships haveca lot of health to chew through whilst you start to pick off small ships.
  14. Gallanteer

    Trying to build a list around the VCX-100

    Maybe so, but fattening up a big ship generally means only running 2 or 3 ships in your squad. You get rammed by 3+ ships in a squad at the same time, or maybe 2 with prockets, especially if they're out of your arc then you're toast. Zeb is a big risk on large based ships as they generally get bumped in several rounds.
  15. Gallanteer

    Rebel Han Pilot Ability

    Had this tonight with Blinded Pilot. We didn't allow the reroll. Why? Golden rule - the word 'cannot' is absolute and cannot be overidden by other card effects. Blinded pilot uses the word cannot as does Magva. Those rules are therefore absolute and Han's text cannot override them. Add to that, that the damage deck is an outside influence to your squad build and it should therefore take priority. Add to that the text from the FAQ uses the text 'ineligible to be rerolled or modified' shows that Han's reroll IS a modification to the dice that blinded pilot counters with the word 'cannot'. In the end its pretty straight forward and just remember the golden rules.