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  1. Dear Community, I have a question regarding the talents that make certain skills become career skills, such as Well-Travelled and the various forms of Combat Training. If the character already has the specified skills as career skills, do they still have to pay the XP cost for the talent in order to progress further down the specialisation chart? Alternately, can they be skipped similar to talents that have only one rank? Many thanks.
  2. Dear all, I have a question regarding weapon attachments. One of the things I noticed whilst reading through Suns of Fortune was the last line describing the CR-2 Heavy Blaster Pistol: "The blaster is usually fitted with a second under-barrel forearm grip to increase its firing stability." This indicates to me that the gun can take a Forearm Grip attachment, even though it is not a rifle nor a carbine. Since the base modifier is made redundant, it could be changed so that enemies cannot gain a Boost on their Melee/Brawl checks when engaged with the character. The mod options would remain the same. I would be interested to know if anyone else agrees with this, and if so whether they would consider the upgrade themselves.
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