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  1. I wasn't able to stick around and I didn't get to see all the lists, but the top 4 were 1 Rebel (Han, Lando, Rangers), 1 Imperial (Double Sentries, Double Jets) and two IG-88 Merc lists. From the video ( A little difficult to watch) IG-88 versus the Double Sentries, Double Jets. Winner was Gage Middleton with IG-88 Mercenaries.
  2. Could the fact that Nationals are about 2 weeks away have had an affect on attendance this year? I couldn't make Gencon and can't make Nova, but scheduling time off work to travel and the expense meant that I would have only chosen 1 if I could have attended at all. Is this proximity in scheduling due to the changes implemented by FFG when they split the various Organized Play games across two tracks?
  3. Oh geez...something quite naughty happened after reading this.
  4. Here's what i have been able to piece together so far. Anyone able to confirm? Fill in the gaps? 1. Patrick Christians - Mercenary - 6 Ugnaughts, Onar, and IG. 2. Brian Vandergalien - Mercenary - Onar, Elite Weequay, Jabba with Indentured Servant, Greedo, Elite Jawa, BT-1 with Prey on the Weak, Chopper with Headhunter, C-3PO 3. Spencer Albert - Rebel List - Jedi Luke, eRangers, Hera, Gideon, C-3PO, R2-D2, and rSmuggler with RHC. 4. Desmond Miller - Mercenary - 2x eWeequay, Vinto, eJawa, BT, C-3PO, Hera, Gideon, Temporary Alliance, Black Market, and Devious Scheme
  5. I had a chance to watch the demo posted in this forum. I am really really digging the mechanics. I hope the age of I activate all my stuff and you then respond with all your stuff is coming to an end. My excitement continues to grow from just this little snippet. I really like how movement is simplified with just moving the leader and then maintaining squad coherency. It's early days yet, but it looks like the game will move along for each player at a fair clip.
  6. All I have been able to gather is that the top 4 comprised of 3 Mercs and 1 Rebel and Brian came in second with Mercs (ugnaughts). Desmond Miller is in that list at 4th I believe, also with mercs (euro championship list) Bits of Information is being slow dripped here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551885518468362/?fref=nf
  7. I will huddle in this topic for warmth.
  8. I am PERFECTLY fine with this retcon. Game on!
  9. Some great discussion here. I'm not sure if I want to go all in on the Take Initiative debate, but it seems to be a nice counter to being Devious Schemed. Right now, I am really really enjoying this game. I am a relatively new player, having only really started playing Skirmish with the release of Jabbas Realm. The short of it is for me, I am having a lot of fun with this game. I peeked in at 8th ed for WH40k and in the end, said, nevermind, I am having a blast with IA. There is a great community and a lot of things to try out. (As others have already said). I'll need to play a few games of Nal Hutta to form an opinion, so no comments yet there. Here's some things I would like to see with HotE or future waves. This may be a bit Imperial biased. Better defense cards, especially for Brawlers, Troopers, Spies and anyone else not a hunter or smuggler. Something along the lines of "Run for Cover" would be swell. "Brace for Impact" is alright, just a little unreliable at times. Really, I would prefer some defense cards with a little more reliability. When your dice go cold, it stings all the more when you need to rely on them too with your command cards. A way for Imperials to get more reliable focus. "Inspiring Speech" just doesn't cut it. (Prefer it not to be answered with Temp Alliance :P) Maybe this new "Power Token" mechanic may be the answer? I'm anxious to see it in action. I like the options to re-draw cards. I'd like to see that expanded on, especially for Imperials who lack an inherent way to control terminals or draw more cards. Maybe being card starved is the price of Zillo? I dunno, brainstorming here. In principle, I think I agree with @mellowthello and would like to see more options. Specifically counters to things. Disorient is an interesting card too. Special actions that remove beneficial conditions would be a possible way to deal with focus. Either way, a great thread! A lot to mull over
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