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  1. Hmmm. That makes a bit of sense. All of the redundancy I have spotted are in kata (though I'm far less familiar with the other types so far). Maybe some quick and simple errata can clear up the confusion.
  2. I haven't found any skill redundancies ether. The following schools have technique redundancy: Kakita dualism (striking as air) Akodo Commander (warriors resolve) Shiba guardian (rank 2, iron forest style) Kaito shrine keeper (rank 2, parking hail style) I have only really read through the kata and shuji very well so far, so there is a good chance there a lot more bidding among the shugenja.
  3. It can only be wielded one handed by channeling your inner anime. I don't have the book in front of me but I need to do an audit of what can and can't be used 1/2 handed.
  4. I think one of the below is what they will probably say, in order of likelyness: 1. There is a missing rule that techniques are punch card and skills are not. 2. Cariculum are punch cards and the example is wrong. 3. The example is correct and multiple schools have redundant techniques.
  5. Ah, I'm more familiar with WAD, working as designed.
  6. Read the example on page 98. It's the fly in the ointment. Last part of that one is probably what your remembering.
  7. Yes, that's the same sort of redundancy in talking about. The example given is a rank 1 hida defender. The have the martial skill group listed bit not a separate martial skill, so the exampl isn't getting the XP from both ranks to count by for filling two separate listed skills.
  8. Basically my question is, why are techniques like warriors resolve (a rank 1 kata) listed under cariculum when rank 1 Kata is already listed? (See Akodo Commander P.70) At first I thought each advancement of the curriculum could only be picket once. Example: You can take any ONE Kata plus warriors resolve. However, on page 98 of the core it shows the XP from two increases of a martial skill applying to the same school rank. Is warriors resolve just listed as a suggestion, or am I missing something, and where?
  9. The duel system is very tactical. That means your choices will be shaped by your opponents dessessions as much as theirs will be shaped by yours. If someone chooses to just keep striking, you can choose to "follow suit" and strike back, or try to rock their scissors. If someone just tried striking me, I would probably switch to water stance for the extra action. Then strike back while using predict on whatever they keep using or a good striking stance like fire. Once they are compromised they you get the finishing blow (p.259) and probably end the duel there. Sorry if this last the best explanation, distracted and on mobile. Basically, bonzieing your opponent is a valid stratagem but their are valled stratagem to counter that. Many fight, especially among junior Samaria who have few special techniques will devolve to spank and tank.
  10. Sounds right to me. As long as the TN to hit is still only 2, opponents in air stance, obscuring terrain, etc, would be missed and take no damage on that roll.
  11. Also good to know: you get half the XP you spend on out of curriculum stuff added to school advancement. P.97, Completing School Rank.
  12. Color, and sometimes by number of sides, "Add one black because of X." "I'm good at that, i roll 2 greens and 2 yellows." "I add a 6 sider to their difficulty with my talent."
  13. Character improve much more gradually rather than in big jumps. Usually i value about 50 XP earned after character generation as about a level. However, I usually count 100 XP before "leveling up" the threats the PCs encounter, this is because with 50 XP some characters will get some good stuff while others will get more "filler" ability. If someone spends 100 XP on their character, and they are not significantly superior then they where, their doing it wrong. Once you get past 200 XP (D&D=5th-7th level) your getting pretty powerful and can even hit some of the system limits (5s in stats and skills). The game has a lower power cap (as 2P51 said evin XPed characters need to be careful or go squish), but with the gentel raise in power it doesn't feel as stifling as D&D would if their was only 7 levels.
  14. Its not that the crane clan lacks courage, its that they don't see it as necessary or important compared to the other clans. A crane clan bushi is much more willing to retreat if it is the smart tactical choice while other clans will tend to get hung up on "but i need to be courageous." I think their rather well done, as long as you don't over state them. Each tenant of the code is important, on at least some level, to each clan.
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