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  1. On iOS (latest version) with app (latest version) we finished a mission a few days ago. Now, when we open the app, the galaxy is "empty" - tried tapping around the galaxy, but nothing happened. Tried resetting the last mission, and nothing changed - still empty galaxy. So... how do we proceed? Or must we start over from the beginning?!
  2. I'm seeking advice on how I should set-up and fly in the early game with a Rey crew (on a Ghost, in my case, but I'm guessing this advice would apply to any ship with Rey crew). I've been having trouble with various Ghost+Fenn lists in the early game - I know I need to stack a focus tokens on Rey before I get into combat, but I'm having trouble setting asteroids, setting my ships, and piloting them to allow me a few unmolested turns. I typically find myself engaged in combat in turn 2 or 3, leaving me with a tiny focus stack. Any tips on the optimal setup and early game for maximizing my focus stack on Rey?
  3. (Oh wow, how'd I not notice there is a "main forum?! I've always looked at the list of sub-topics on https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/222-x-wing/ and thought that all discussion had to be in one of those sub-topics - but duh, if I just scrolled and paid a bit more attention, I'd see that the "main" forum exists - thanks for teaching me that, and the flying part too
  4. Sorry, I originally posted in the wrong sub-topic - I've moved to main forum
  5. OK, I made a slight change, got rid of Pulsed Ray Shield (because I wasn't able to utilize it) and replaced it with Determination - but I'm still thinking I can do better with this list, just not sure how... Kanan Jarrus (38) Fire-Control System (2) Twin Laser Turret (6) Jan Ors (2) Rey (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Ghost (0) "Zeb" Orrelios (18) "Chopper" (0) Phantom (0) Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20) Determination (1) Operations Specialist (3) M9-G8 (3) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  6. OK, I got one win (100 to zero) and two losses (both were not terrible points-wise ) in my local store tournament yesterday. I think I might need more adjustments - and I REALLY need more practice, and more knowledge about flying technique: Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle (20) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) was useless - at least to me, yesterday. I might have missed one occasion to use it, at best, in three games. This needs replacing, or I need to learn to use it. Operations Specialist (3) and R3 Astromech (2) could have been more useful - I simply forgot to use them as much as I should have - the "missed opportunity" thing continues to be a problem for me. Pilot ability (below) was fairly useful - I used it a few times, to good effect. At first we had some confusion about whether this ability prevented use of Target Locks for re-rolls - the TO said "yep, you cannot spend target lock for re-roll" so we went with that - correct? "When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 becomes the active ship during the Combat "Phase, if you are not stressed you may receive one stress token. If you do, that ship cannot spend tokens to modify its dice when attacking this round." Coordinate action I rarely spent on the Ghost's Engine Upgrade - which made me doubt the worth of the Engine Upgrade card - though it is certainly possible I was doing it wrong - was I? I've previously flow this ship with Flight Assist Astromech - which allows repositioning, but takes away the rear firing arc. I think I prefer keeping that rear arc - at least it allowed me to shoot back when I was running away "Zeb" Orrelios — Attack Shuttle (18) Undocked in 2 out of three games. He didn't typically last long, but I'm doubtful it is worth the points to make him any stronger offensively or defensively. The combo of the Phantom title card and the TLT was pretty great - I very frequently landed 4 damage each combat. Kanan Jarrus — VCX-100 (38) Pilot ability (below) was fairly useful - I used it a few times, to good effect. Occasionally I triggered it twice in a given round, to reduce two different enemy ships attacks by 1 dice each. "When an enemy ship at Range 1-2 is attacking, you may spend a focus token. If you do, the attacker rolls 1 fewer attack die" Accuracy Corrector (3) - Pretty good, especially against 1 or 0-agility ships - gave me nice options too when I had a few focus tokens, as I could accuracy correct a poor red roll for two hits, or I could focus a good red roll for three hits. Twin Laser Turret (6) - Solid. One thing that'd I'd been doing wrong in previous games, and started doing right yesterday (wish someone had corrected me earlier!) was taking the 2nd pair of TLT shots (via Phantom title card on the docked Attack Shuttle) at the END of the combat phase. Previously I'd been taking all 4 shots in a row, even if there was a lower Pilot Skill ship that was supposed to shoot after the Phantom. This made the 2nd pair of shots a little less useful, but still, great weapon and ability. Jan Ors (2) - Pretty handy to be able to choose either the Sheathipede or Ghost to get an evade pretty much every turn. I didn't use it in combo with Operations Specialist and R3 Astromech as much as I should have, and I didn't really understand the right order of operations for all the dealing of tokens, coordinate, etc. Rey (2) - In two of the three games, I did a poor job of going slow early and building up a fat stack of Focus tokens on Rey. I need to learn better how to fly slow while staying out of arc/range. This is extra important because once we get into fighting, I'm going to be spending the focus token from Rey every single round, often to get an evade (via Jan Ors) Engine Upgrade (4) - Used it surprisingly little, certainly less than when I flew a more traditional Ghost Fenn Rau list with Ezra and Maul and FAA and Hotshot Copilot.
  7. Based on your kind feedback, I've been messing about (right before the tournament tomorrow - not the best idea, I know ) and I think this is a further-improved squad - am I thinking correctly? Kanan Jarrus — VCX-10038 Accuracy Corrector3 Twin Laser Turret6 Jan Ors2 Rey2 Engine Upgrade4 Ghost0 Ship Total: 55 "Zeb" Orrelios — Attack Shuttle18 "Chopper"0 Phantom0 Ship Total: 18 Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle20 Adaptability0 Operations Specialist3 R3 Astromech2 Pulsed Ray Shield2 Ship Total: 27
  8. @GreenLantern1138 I could use a little clarification here - why can Fenn Rau with Operations Specialist give a friendly 2 actions a turn? Coordinate lets it give one action. Operations Specialist can give another action ONLY if Fenn Rau's attack misses - is that what you meant? This is also a little unclear to me - I see how R3 Astromech turns an eye attack roll into an evade token - but, how does that change the chances of that attack missing?
  9. Here is that same squad in PDF too, for possibly easier browsing. Hide and Seek 3.pdf
  10. Mynock Squadron podcast got me turned-on to a more defensive Ghost Fenn Rau build - following is what I've got so far. I'm wanting to be at least not a total loser at my local tournaments . I had some luck with a more offense-oriented Ghost Fenn Rau list (Ezra and Maul crew on the VCX-100) but still got my Ghost killed too early, so I'm thinking I might want to go a bit more defense and "run away" (with Dash crew) style. Your wise guidance is welcomed! Kanan Jarrus — VCX-100 38 Accuracy Corrector 3 Twin Laser Turret 6 Dash Rendar 2 Rey 2 Engine Upgrade 4 Ghost 0 Ship Total: 55 "Zeb" Orrelios — Attack Shuttle 18 "Chopper" 0 Phantom 0 Ship Total: 18 Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle 20 Veteran Instincts 1 Operations Specialist 3 R3 Astromech 2 Ship Total: 26
  11. I flew a very similar list recently - it seemed very strong, but also kind of boring - there aren't many decisions to make while flying this list. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!162:-1,167:26:-1:;275:27,213,253:-1:-1:;158:44,135,-1,-1,165,250:25:3:&sn=New Squadron&obs=
  12. I've been enjoying this list - it hits hard with Harpoons and TLT, and while the Shuttle can't withstand much return fire, the YT-1300 sure can. I want to keep the three ships, as I'm getting comfortable maneuvering this squad. Any ideas on improving things by changing pilots or upgrades? • "Zeb" Orrelios (25) - Attack Shuttle Twin Laser Turret (6), Hera Syndulla (1) • Green Squadron Pilot (25) - A-Wing Calculation (1), Harpoon Missiles (4), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Guidance Chips (0), Deadeye (1) • Chewbacca (50) - YT-1300 Trick Shot (0), Harpoon Missiles (4), •Kanan Jarrus (3), •Millennium Falcon (1)
  13. Thanks @flipperoverlord that is a kind offer of you. I think what I need to make this guide more easily shared and modifiable by others is the "source" - what program do you use to create and edit this guide? I'm guessing you use Microsoft Word? I'd need to .doc or .docx file that is the "original" of this guide. If you have multiple versions of that saved, it'd be to have the last few versions. You could share those on Google Drive like you share the PDF, or if you preferred you could send directly to me, and I'll take care of getting them shared - just let me know, thanks!
  14. Nice to hear from you @jmswood! Thanks for those tips, and for the great game yesterday (even though you crushed me That combo of Ezra plus Elusiveness is nice - I presume that Elusiveness' effect "When defending, you may receive 1 stress token to choose 1 attack die. The attacker must reroll that die." triggers first, then Ezra's "When defending, if you are stressed, you may change up to 2 of your focus results to evade results." triggers off the just-received stress? It never occurred to me to try "XX-23 S-Thread Tracers" - they seem tricky to use, but hey, they only cost 1 point. Or, they are a change of 3 points when I swap with Chardaan Refit - though I can see that having Target Locks that I wouldn't otherwise have might make that worthwhile. I'm not so sure about Engine Upgrade on the Auzituck. That ship needs to get enemies into range 2 to trigger Tactician, and I was thinking that the barrel roll from Vectored Thrusters would allow repositioning side to side AND forward/backward - Engine Upgrade only allows me to reposition forward, and costs more. Do you think when I fly it I'll find the boosts of Engine Upgrade to be more helpful than the barrel rolls of Vectored Thrusters?
  15. Thanks for all your advice! I took (some ) of it and attempted to improve this squad thusly: Sabine Wren (30 total) - Attack Shuttle Intensity (2) Twin Laser Turret (6) Intelligence Agent (1) Jake Farrell (31 total) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3) Proton Rockets (3) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Veteran Instincts (1) Wullffwarro (38 total) - Auzituck Gunship Predator (3) C-3PO (3) Tactician (2) I played a tournament this weekend, in which I won one match (destroyed all of my opponent's ships), lost one on points (I destroyed neither of my opponent's Han Solo YT-1300 nor Luke Skywalker X-wing, he destroyed my A-wing and my Attack Shuttle), and again lost one on points (I destroyed two of my opponent's Tie Fighters, he destroyed my A-wing and Attack Shuttle). My flying is improving, and I made only a couple maneuvering mistakes the whole day (two asteroid collisions, only one of which did damage). I was able to joust fairly effectively with the Auzituck, and the games all ended with him having many hull points left. I had some trouble getting enemies into the range 2 band for Tactician. Arc dodging with Jake Farrell worked well, though his Proton Rockets were less effective than I'd hoped. Sabine Wren's TLT was hugely powerful in one game, and then in the other two games she was destroyed before she could take many shots. Intelligence Agent helped a only a few times - it seemed worth its low cost, but its value was inconsistent. Additionally, I had some trouble getting enemies out of range 1 so I could fire TLT, even with all the repositioning actions I had. I was imagining the squad was going to be stronger than it was. So, when I got home, I drafted the following tuneup: Sabine Wren (33 total) - Attack Shuttle Intensity (2) Twin Laser Turret (6) Chewbacca (4) - to give Sabine more staying power, so she can get more TLT shots before being destroyed Jake Farrell (28 total) - A-Wing Push The Limit (3) Chardaan Refit (-2) - because Proton Rockets just weren't that helpful A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Autothrusters (1) - to give Jake more staying power Crack Shot (1) - to help Jake hit harder the one time he must Wullffwarro (40 total) - Auzituck Gunship Predator (3) C-3PO (3) Tactician (2) Vectored Thrusters (2) - to help with repositioning to get enemies into Range 2 and thus make Tactician more effective. But you can see the problem - 101 points is (at least!) 1 too many I welcome your suggestions for further improvements.
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