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  1. I like this. There are several other ways you could juggle things around. Bossk -> rHK droids 0-0-0 -> 3PO Probe Droid -> R2D2 and you'd have some points left over for something cheap like Greedo or Hired Guns. I ran a similar list with IG, eJawa, BT, R2D2, eHK, and rHired Guns. I wanted another activation, and focusing the HK's would have been nice. I don't think I got full value out the eHK's, and the regulars would give more points to play with. I can't decide if 3PO would be a good value or not, as BT and IG don't need the focus. I didn't draw Shared Experience, so there is that. I did grossly misplay my Hired Guns, but I chalk that up to being a noob.
  2. At PixArtPrinting, if you stick to 2" height, you can print up to 5'4" wide for the same price. So there isn't any reason to print only 1 map. I already have Anchorhead and Jabba's Palace. Are there any other maps folks would recommend? I'd expect the next rotation to have a new map that isn't out yet. Maybe I can find some other people locally and split some maps.
  3. It's important to note that you build the side mission deck (and the agenda deck) at the start of the campaign. You aren't supposed to add cards to it mid campaign. That said, I've swapped out specific cards when I have bought Ally/Villain packs when it made sense. To me it was more important to keep the balance of green/gray/red side missions correct. My players really want the red missions, sort of want the green missions, and really don't care for the gray ones.
  4. In the campaign guide for the mission Fly Solo, there is no round limit, and all heroes being wounded is not listed as a failure condition. The players also effectively control when the mission is over, so in theory, they could have as many rounds as they wanted to go collect crates, as long as they could efficiently deal with my per round threat gain. I told my players this ahead of time, so they made full use of this knowledge and were a bit more cavalier than they normally would be. They conceded that it would be a PITA for every to stall the game to collect all the crates, so we punted on that =p. Is this intended? How have others played out this mission?
  5. I just an hour ago had the current rotation sent to be print =p. I should have known better based on the history. Since printing 3 maps via Pixelartprinting seems to be the most cost effective, what other two maps are a good idea to print with Nal Hutta Swamps? (Given that I have already ordered Jabba's Palace and Anchorhead.
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