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  1. I Hope there will be Phasma (and will have more screen time than both films combined... [its 3:30min btw])
  2. It would be a nice idea to do this poll again in about 2 months from release to see how ppl have changed their mind about some ships.
  3. Oh yeah.... I had to imagine something or else
  4. Yea, i like how Tie Aggressor look but its kinda "meh". Sienar Specialist is 36p with 4+1 hit points and 2 green dice (+red Evade) for the same price I can get Tie Punisher with 6+3 hit points and 1 green dice with slightly worse dial (but with 0 stop!) or cheaper Tie Bomber [28 points] with 6 hit points, 2 green dice and little better dial (+ ship ability). All of these ships can get Mod. and Two Missiles. The Only thing that make Tie Agressor better is a Turret Slot. Lets hope when the re-release this chassisthey gave it some good turrets ? Edit: Its nice to know how ppl think about other ships - great idea with that Poll!
  5. It would be nice if focus of this faction would be a generic pilots and to see pilot text (on commanders) such as "All non unique ships at range 1-3 gans [...]" . I also like a Idea of 2 small ships for 25-30$.
  6. What if Yellow one would be in new core set and red one in normal expansion? ?
  7. Right now it can be bad but after realese (with some new cards) maybe VCX will be better.
  8. Frodos

    Promo Cards

    Maybe promo "keys"?
  9. Right now I expect to spend entry fee in my Local Store for Draft/Swiss/Seald (+ deck if not included) to try this game out.
  10. Thanks for info. Im going to watch
  11. This could be also kinda a "K-turn" https://youtu.be/MCgjvI6VJeY?t=2m26s
  12. I think that flying off the board counts as ship being destroyed?
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