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  1. Frodos

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    I Hope there will be Phasma (and will have more screen time than both films combined... [its 3:30min btw])
  2. Frodos

    Poll - Rate 2.0 Rebel Ships from 1-5 stars

    It would be a nice idea to do this poll again in about 2 months from release to see how ppl have changed their mind about some ships.
  3. Frodos

    Poll - Rate 2.0 Imperial Ships from 1-5 stars

    Oh yeah.... I had to imagine something or else
  4. Frodos

    Poll - Rate 2.0 Imperial Ships from 1-5 stars

    Yea, i like how Tie Aggressor look but its kinda "meh". Sienar Specialist is 36p with 4+1 hit points and 2 green dice (+red Evade) for the same price I can get Tie Punisher with 6+3 hit points and 1 green dice with slightly worse dial (but with 0 stop!) or cheaper Tie Bomber [28 points] with 6 hit points, 2 green dice and little better dial (+ ship ability). All of these ships can get Mod. and Two Missiles. The Only thing that make Tie Agressor better is a Turret Slot. Lets hope when the re-release this chassisthey gave it some good turrets ? Edit: Its nice to know how ppl think about other ships - great idea with that Poll!
  5. Frodos

    What will the CIS look like?

    It would be nice if focus of this faction would be a generic pilots and to see pilot text (on commanders) such as "All non unique ships at range 1-3 gans [...]" . I also like a Idea of 2 small ships for 25-30$.
  6. Frodos

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    Thank you!
  7. Frodos

    FFG/X-wing gets featured on the Star Wars Show

    What if Yellow one would be in new core set and red one in normal expansion? ?
  8. Frodos

    The VCX-100 just kinda melts...

    Right now it can be bad but after realese (with some new cards) maybe VCX will be better.
  9. Frodos

    Promo Cards

    Maybe promo "keys"?
  10. Frodos

    How much do you expect to spend?

    Right now I expect to spend entry fee in my Local Store for Draft/Swiss/Seald (+ deck if not included) to try this game out.
  11. Frodos

    Thoughts about the gameplay videos?

    Thanks for info. Im going to watch
  12. Frodos

    Vassal League Deep Core Top 4

    Will there be archive Vid?
  13. Frodos

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    This could be also kinda a "K-turn" https://youtu.be/MCgjvI6VJeY?t=2m26s
  14. Frodos

    New Escalation format

    I think that flying off the board counts as ship being destroyed?