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  1. See it can get 9 points on the 30 for ord ex and APT
  2. Our final store championship at a game store here that was moving. Store was officially closed, but they opened for the tournament. Just 20+ Armada players in an empty space filled with memory.
  3. *Rerolls 3 reds into 3 doubles* Lando is the worst
  4. Under Mothma, I think a foresight build with Derlin is the talkiest small base in the game.
  5. As a guy who just faced 3 Sloane aces lists with a no squads MSU yesterday, I appreciate the new rules. They allowed me to table 2 opponents and nearly get tabled by 1. 1-10, 10-1, 10-1 on the day, and it was way more fun and charged then if it was a bunch of 6-5 non engagements.
  6. Dodonna's pride, SW7 flanker. 50 pts of annoying flanker
  7. Liberty, Monkarren, H9, SW7, X17. Hate that thing so much.
  8. Double rogue means they can go in the ship and the squadron phase, right? You sir have cracked this game wide open. I feel sorry for your opponents.
  9. I disagree with this statement. 3 ships is fine if you are a thoughtful player. I agree with all your other points.
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