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  1. Thanks. Straightforward is good!
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s more about the faction rather than the troops for me. And is an Imperial list viable? Hoping so given what @Atromix said.
  3. @Atromix I could stretch to Rogue One territory! Just not Episodes 1-3 or 7-9. Thanks for the builder pointer too. Looking back I did see someone had built one for iPad, which I have now down loaded. Just need to play around with it now.
  4. Hi, just starting on my Legion journey, and plan to run Imperials. Not yet had a game, so still a Legion virgin. Being of a certain age (I saw Episode 4 when it originally came out in UK, aged about 8?) I want to run them as per the original trilogy. is this a viable option? I have the original box set, an e-web and one box of Imperial Guard. Sticking the original trilogy theme, what else would be worth while getting? Edit: Meant to ask, is there a good army builder or two out there? I have an IPad and an Android phone, if it matters. Thanks in advance.
  5. @CommanderDave yeah it’s a tough ship for sure, his build gave it double salvo, double brace, double redirect. (One or two of those he could change depending on oppo). Just need to work out how to beat it. Long range tickle damage? Not sure enough would go through. Sloane squadrons? He has a good squadron ball to tie them up.
  6. My son took a Starhawk to a local 3 round tournament. He won by some margin, with Wins of 9-2, 9-2 and 10-1. I’ve just played him, using Imperials (Kuat, Screed, Demo, Insidious and 2xcomms net Gozanti). Got my backside handed to me 9-2!
  7. @flatpackhamster @Cap116 those rebel squadrons are a real pain. One of the rebel players in our RiTR campaign has Biggs, Jan and two x wings (plus others now we are a few games in). I've got Ciena, Valen and two Decimators, but have done poorly against them. I know my son has used that combo before, but not necessarily against a Sloane build. @The Jabbawookie personally, that's my solution. I think I've played against Sloane three times using my favourite Screed list. Only lost once, and that was a 6-5 in a FLGS competition against the chap who went on to win the London Prime. @Englishpete defo. Re my comment above, the 6-5 loss was against a 3 ship Sloane. She was in a Raider lifeboat - I just couldn't kill it. @Nomemories That list looks like a Rebel version of my favourite list (ISD Kuat, Demo, Insidious, 2 x Gozantis - No squadrons). I do like the look of it, but would hate to face it! @sasska like the idea of psyching someone out when they are squadron heavy. @Rimsen I'm guessing those other squadrons are quite nasty? Not being a rebel player, I have no idea.
  8. Thank you everyone who commented on this post. I'll pass on the suggestions and comments.
  9. I play Imperials, my son Rebels. We play at a local club and at some localish friendly tournaments. My son has developed a real issue against Sloane. While he's beaten me and others while we've used many of the Imperial admirals, he has trouble against Sloane. Sloane specifically, but squadrons generally, are not things I've used much, if ever, so my advice is pretty much limited to go fast, by pass the squadrons if possible and kill Sloane quickly. Easier said than done though. He has plenty of Rebels ships, and could borrow any he didn't have from fellow club members. He's used heavy squadron presence, no squadrons and something in between, but just cant seem to get past her. What would rebel players suggest as a way of beating Sloane? Obviously it will depend on calibre of opposition player and the exact fleet he's facing, but all suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  10. Work / life is being a real pain at the moment. While I’d like to continue, I think it best if I drop out as I can’t commit t timescales. Sorry guys.
  11. But its not just bombers. Tie variants can plink away at you with a blue dice. My RiTR gamers thought taking aces early was important (I'd be interested to know what others think of this). Without some squadron protection, if an Imperial player takes a lot of squadrons (aces or otherwise) it could prove difficult. I know its swings and roundabouts, if squadrons are heavy, ships should be a bit lighter and therefore easier to kill. I'm happy to go squadronless at 400 points, but in this, I think squadrons are a good investment. Just my opinion, and if you go with this (or with one Z95) I'd love to hear how you got on. Not sure whether to say good luck or not. Usually an Imperial player, but this is Rebel scum..... ;-)
  12. I'm an Imperial player too so won't comment on the MC30s / list specifically. However in my clubs RiTR campaign, squadrons have been very strong, and you haven't got any. I don't know what the flak is from an MC30 or Hammerhead for you to deal with that threat My son (19) also plays and is on the Rebellion side of the campaign. His list has 3 CR90s with TRC, and a couple of ace squadrons (Han plus ?). He's done well with them in the two rounds fought so far - That said, the rebels have done well across the board. They've won 5 of the 6 games, but did lose the Pivotal Battle badly.
  13. Not sure what to drop, but I'd want Engine Techs on the Demo. In my favourite list, I dropped Gunnery Team on my Kuat (took it to a small tournament and replaced it with Darth Vader Boarding Troopers in case I faced an SSD - I didn't, and only needed to use him once over 3 games). I still have my doubts and do like Gunnery Team on it. I might go back to it now.
  14. @Oldpara I like playing GSDs, and have thought about Vader as an Admiral. However at 36 points, he's more expensive than Screed + OE at 30 points (26 + 4). If using APTs / ACMs Screed will guarantee you the Crit you need. Statistically you should get one with re-rolls, but having played GSDs a number of times, there are statistical outliers which crop up at the most unwelcome time! Screed mitigates this. However choice of admiral will also depend on rest of fleet and Screed may not be optimal with the other ships.
  15. Cymoon 1 Refit (112 + 69: 181) + Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) + Director Krennic (8) + Gunnery Team (7) + Intensify Firepower! (6) + Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) + Spinal Armament (9) Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 9: 63) + Captain Needa (2) + Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 9: 63) + Admiral Titus (2) + Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 3: 26) + Darth Vader (1) + Comms Net (2) Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 + 2: 25) + Comms Net (2) Ciena Ree (17) Valen Rudor (13) Saber Squadron (12) Opening Salvo Planetary Ion Cannon Solar Corona I'm going to try this list tonight for the first time. I've got used to a close in brawler list and style of play, so now will see if I can be a bit more patient and focus fire on individual ships at long range. Hopefully enough dice manipulations in there. Fleet will have the benefit of IF. Cymoon has LTT and Krennic to deal with 7 red dice assuming a CF Dial. One Arq has TRC Other Arq has LTT. Both Arqs have officers who are redundant once we start playing, so can be choked by Vader if needs be. Worst case, I have to choke Krennic. Actually worst case would be having to choke Thrawn before I've used his dials, but hoping that wont happen. Plus a few squadrons to keep a squadron heavy list occupied for a turn or two if I'm lucky.
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