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  1. Szycha

    Happy Dengar Day!

    add e-web engineer for imps
  2. Szycha

    Lothal Wastes Map Breakdown

    Yeah, I know the ruling and didn't intend to refer directly to it (because as You said it's irrelevant) but just used it as a timemark to show when I came into the actual ruling concerning grenades :). (Camera ruling caused lot's of mobile/blocking havoc including blocking/non blocking adjacency). As I said, let's leave it like it is, because we won't get anywhere
  3. Szycha

    Lothal Wastes Map Breakdown

    Well tbh I am afraid I won't be able to find it right now cause It was really long time ago (around ISB HQ rullings concerning placing cameras on blocking terrain) and can't quite remember was it here, on bgg forums or Boardwars discord (and lack of rules queries database do not make it easier :(). It is also possible, that I misunderstood sth back then, because I was just getting into skirmish, so obviously I could take someones answer as official rulling nad I definetly won't argue about it because there is no good answer for "it's agreed among devs but never written". Also I wouldn't be surprised if that was the developers intent, because it is definetely easier then all those exceptions, but taking into consideration importance of this space and impact of the rulling on the meta we need to be SURE. Example with objects on blocking terrain doesn't reffer to the clue of the problem, because objects ona blocking terrain are using mobile rules and it's clear that figures on non-blocking are adjacent to figures on blocking. The real question is - are the figures on blocking adjacent also to non-blocking empty spaces. But let's leave it like it is, because there is nothing more to say
  4. Szycha

    Lothal Wastes Map Breakdown

    Very nice article, however i have some remarks concerning cross of immortality It is questionable can you use arcing shot to attack figure on blocking terrain. Note, that - by the rules - spaces that share blocking terrain edge are not adjacent, so the figure on the blocking terrain also isn't adjacent to the empty space. When you look at mobile rules, it doesn' say anything about changing adjacency rules, but only: "• If a figure with mobile occupies a space containing blocking terrain, line of sight can be traced to that figure, spaces can be counted to that figure, and adjacent figures can attack that figure." As a result It can be interpretated, that figure on blocking terrain isn't adjacent to the non-blocking space and figure, however, it can be attacked, spaces can be counted and LoS can be trace because of the mobile rule exception, that clearly allows it. On the other hand, you could include Adjacency rules that say, "Two figures that are in adjacent spaces are adjacent figures." and conclude, that because the figure on blocking terrain is adjacent to the figure on non-blocking terrain (which is clearly stated in mobile rules), it is also adjacent to the space occupied by this figure, but it's 100% clear. IMO it's the second option, but you never know There is also a problem with arcing shot wording, because it needs the adjacent space to be empty, so even when we agree, that space under adjacent figure is adjacent it won't matter, because for arcing shot to kick in the space need to be empty However when we rule, that the figure is adjacent to the empty non-blocking space it could be also damaged by grenades, flamethrower etc. targeting the empty space, and it was ruled long ago, that it's not the case. As a result I guess, that the most consistent interpretation is, that you can't attack with arcing shot. However, because the mobile rules state, that the blocking figure is adjacent to non-blocking figure it can suffer damage from blast etc.
  5. Everybody knows, that true gangsters just spray N pray!
  6. Actually You could argue, that when more figures are "closest" all of them suffer damage. Note, that the rulling says "for each gangster, determine the closest non-gangster figures (not figure)". Imo if the intent was to damage only one figure per gangster it would say "for each gansger, determine the closest non ganster figure". But it may be some english grammar nuance I don't understand
  7. Szycha

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    unless IMP takes Imperial Black Ops class, so the Rebels won't be able to even hit his troops I played it with 3 melee characters and it was painfull.
  8. Szycha

    LoS question

    Both cases illegal. AWESOME
  9. Szycha

    Time for a break...

    I would say, that you are just much better then your fellow players and that's the reason of this one-sided games. It doesn't matter do you play imp or rebeles, because the sad nature of cooperative games is that mostly, there is one (sometimes two) player, who is better then the rest and he becomes a natural leader who decides everything and the rest of the playeres just follow his orders and basicly just move their figures and roll dice. You can try playing as a rebel without helping you friends with decision making. This way, they will make sub-optimal moves, which will make your job harder but will also learn the game better, so maybe in a few games you will be able to play all-in. Also, if you play the campaigns with different people, you will obviously crush them, because as a player who invested 100+ hours into a game, you are clearly much better then a newcomer (especially in IA, which is VERY complicated, sometimes unintuitive (espiecially with LoS), unforgiving and really punishes mistakes).
  10. There is also one more interpretation of "after deployment" as "after you deploy all your figures" (note, that the phase is called "Deploy units", not "deployment"). It can matter with Hera and Xarmor, because it would imply, that the player with initiative has to resolve those effects, before player without init deploys, which givecs him additional information. I would lean towards after the whole phase, but do you have a clear rulling on that?
  11. For me it refers to after deployment phase (note that in skirmish, there is only one deployment - at the start of the game. Also in skirmish you do not deploy any groups, but you only deploy figures (unlike campaign when you can deploy whole groups (card and all the figures) p.11 RRG. however the real problem is, that LiA clearly stares, that the set-aside group is "out of play", so it would imply, that it's figures cannot be a target of any game effects.
  12. Szycha

    Italian Nationals Report

    How did the jammer work for you? Was thinking about it, but never had time to test it. I guess it mostly stops TI or 1st act Ezra combo?
  13. Szycha

    LoS question

    yeah, ofc I meant corner. No point in arguing about it any longer, because we both made our points. Your example just seems off (actually way more then the original one :P) to me, but maybe it's right .
  14. Szycha

    LoS question

    I didn't change my mind. Just can't find the proper words to express it clearly As for no single blocking edges, I checked it in between and you are right about it. As for seeing the whole edge I meant that, You dont have to see the whole edge (beacause rules clearly state, that you only need to see adjacenet corners) as long as it's not covered by blocking terrain (which blocks LoS). The way I understand it is, if figure shares whole edge with blocking terrain, the imaginary line goes through it before it gets to a figure, so it's blocked. As for saying, that the main problem of your example isn't intersection, but the blocking edge I meant, that if you move Leia one space to the left she would still be able to see two adjacent corners even if the other figure weren't standing there (what is it btw? some Campaign companion?) and I guess, we both agree that this LoS wouldn't be legal. Just to be clear. I am not entirely sure, that LoS Fightwookies shown is OK, but it SEEMS like it. EDIT. As for shooting into Energy Shield it is clearly stated in HoTE rules, that it is allowed, so I think it may imply, that normally, this kind of "blocking LoS" edge (like blocking edge or wall) disallows it.
  15. Szycha

    LoS question

    IMO drawing Los to a figures corners, that are connected by blocking edge is drawin los throught a blocking terrain. Other interpetation of this would lead to a situation, where single edge, single space blocking terrain provides no cover at all. Also note, that the main problem of your example isn,t blocking Los by intersections but rather drawing Los to figures behind blocking terrain.