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  1. Szycha

    Tough Luck + Cheat to Win

    In my opinion you cannot CtW after TL. The reason is, that TL removes a rerolled die result from a results and CtW lets you change a result to any other result. So, because you don't have any result to work with after TL, you cannot change it to anything.
  2. you can't. I got a rulling from Tod concerning end of activation abilities being the last to resolve, so it is reasonable to conclude, that start of activation abilities follow the same rules.
  3. Mara Jade Glory of the Kill CC graphic features ZEB
  4. Szycha

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    I Would say, that Force Awakens put the bar of terrible so high, that it will keep this title until the end of days
  5. Szycha

    Gideon Argus is now in Legion?

    afair BB-8 Cleaned up hangar bay full off stormtroopers with captured walker in TLJ
  6. Nice one, however I woudn't completly agree with statement, that stormtroopers Villain Pack was worthless, because it contained stealth tactics (not talking about 2nd est deployment, which was ezsential for blaises spies)
  7. Szycha

    Where is Yoda?

    Yoda with a shotgun sounds like a BLAST!
  8. Szycha

    Zion's Finest Episode 56! LUKE SYKES!

    Funny thing is, that celebration + price on their heads combo was actually pretty common in Europe (at least in Poland) during "classic hunters" meta, but somehow never made it to the US. #LOVESMETADIFFERENCES
  9. I have a totally different feeling. Taking into consideration, that han can be used to his fullest potential in extreme ranges (9 range focus shot averages 6 dmg before reroll) it is totally possible to punish your opponent without too much commitment. On top of that if you consider on the lam, sometimes you can just go all in with him and run away when things go south (kinda like greedo, but MUCH more painfull :D). On the other hand vader and IG need to get close. As a result they go down really fast if you overcommit or miscalculate your odds. Again, I am not saying that he is better then IG, but definetely easier to SAFE (and still quite efficent) use. On top of that it's pointless to argue about that because we are just teoretising. Actually i think that "because we like it more" point closes the case. Americans like baseball, Europeans like football. Americans like Ig-88, Europeans like Han
  10. Stay cool Eddie, I am sure, that he didn't mean anything wrong (like the creator of ON THE LAM did!!)
  11. 1. I am sure that it's not the matter of cash. First thing, is that cost of Han-rangers list isn't much lower then DTs 8 acts (especially if you consider, that most han rangers where 3 smugglers instead of RHC, which additionaly puts the prices up). In fact I would say, that it is even more expensive (but I am too lazy to check it). The difference between those lists is that han rangers require 3 smugglers, rangers, han solo and hote while 8 acts require ig-88, jawa and greedo. Second thing is, that the cost of participation in euros (for people from outside of Birmingham) is so high, that it makes any list-cost differences irrelevant. If you consider plane, accomodation, food etc. it will take at least a few hundred dollars (ie. for me it is about 700$). If someone is willing to pay this amount of money for a weekend of playing boardgame I am totally sure, that he won't have any problem with spending additional 20-50 dollars to take the optimal list. 2. AFAIK during swiss the lists were diverse (ie. a friend of mine who didn't make the cut said, that he met 5 ig-88 and Vader/Riots. The other one met 3 han rangers 2 vaders and 1 ahsoka list) It would appear, that Han rangers for some reason made it to the top (correct me if I am wrong, but I heard somewhere, that during swiss Mos Eisley scenario B has been played twice, which could be some explanation for Han-rangers above average presence in top 16). There is also more obvious answer, that simply the best players in europe like this list (which isn't strange, because it's top tier - it was present in both finals, which in case of Worlds was super close) and the rest followed their lead (just like US players followed DTs lead with 8 act ig-88). 3. IMO han-rangers list has the lowest skill requirements from the "meta" lists (han, ig, vader) for a solid performance, because it has lots of range, damage and very versatile Han. Don't get me wrong, I am not saiying, that it's easy to play at the top level (which obviously require perfect positioning), but it's quite forgiving if you play conservativly.
  12. gr8! Didn't notice this topic. However, I think, that Official forums is the best place for this kind of content. I will just post the link then!
  13. Yes, because scenario rules doesn't specify that "the doors are locked" (which they do in Uscru Entertainment District scenario)
  14. Hey guys, I think, that it would be very helpfull to make a separate topic with all the rules queries answered by developers to make a handy compendium. (If someone would be kind enough to pin it it would be TOTALLY AWESOME) The way I see it is just for everyone to post their rules queries and answers WITHOUT any more complex talks about it because a) it's pointless as we can consider the answers offical b) it will mess up this topic EDIT. As A1bert noted, there is a simmiliar topic on BGG forums, so check it up! https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1373530/ffg-unofficial-answers-rules-questions-thread-read I will start Hi Greg, After thinking about and discussing it a lot, Provoke (and any other “active next if able”) abilities only affect the current round. The translation would be close to: “If that figure’s group could perform the very next activation this round, it must.” Secondly, yes, 0-0-0 can become Focused even if there is no adjacent figure. Order Hit is marginally different given that its using some VP rules, but I’ll consider a clarification in the next FAQ. Thanks for the questions!