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  1. Nice one, however I woudn't completly agree with statement, that stormtroopers Villain Pack was worthless, because it contained stealth tactics (not talking about 2nd est deployment, which was ezsential for blaises spies)
  2. Szycha

    Where is Yoda?

    Yoda with a shotgun sounds like a BLAST!
  3. Szycha

    Zion's Finest Episode 56! LUKE SYKES!

    Funny thing is, that celebration + price on their heads combo was actually pretty common in Europe (at least in Poland) during "classic hunters" meta, but somehow never made it to the US. #LOVESMETADIFFERENCES
  4. I have a totally different feeling. Taking into consideration, that han can be used to his fullest potential in extreme ranges (9 range focus shot averages 6 dmg before reroll) it is totally possible to punish your opponent without too much commitment. On top of that if you consider on the lam, sometimes you can just go all in with him and run away when things go south (kinda like greedo, but MUCH more painfull :D). On the other hand vader and IG need to get close. As a result they go down really fast if you overcommit or miscalculate your odds. Again, I am not saying that he is better then IG, but definetely easier to SAFE (and still quite efficent) use. On top of that it's pointless to argue about that because we are just teoretising. Actually i think that "because we like it more" point closes the case. Americans like baseball, Europeans like football. Americans like Ig-88, Europeans like Han
  5. Stay cool Eddie, I am sure, that he didn't mean anything wrong (like the creator of ON THE LAM did!!)
  6. 1. I am sure that it's not the matter of cash. First thing, is that cost of Han-rangers list isn't much lower then DTs 8 acts (especially if you consider, that most han rangers where 3 smugglers instead of RHC, which additionaly puts the prices up). In fact I would say, that it is even more expensive (but I am too lazy to check it). The difference between those lists is that han rangers require 3 smugglers, rangers, han solo and hote while 8 acts require ig-88, jawa and greedo. Second thing is, that the cost of participation in euros (for people from outside of Birmingham) is so high, that it makes any list-cost differences irrelevant. If you consider plane, accomodation, food etc. it will take at least a few hundred dollars (ie. for me it is about 700$). If someone is willing to pay this amount of money for a weekend of playing boardgame I am totally sure, that he won't have any problem with spending additional 20-50 dollars to take the optimal list. 2. AFAIK during swiss the lists were diverse (ie. a friend of mine who didn't make the cut said, that he met 5 ig-88 and Vader/Riots. The other one met 3 han rangers 2 vaders and 1 ahsoka list) It would appear, that Han rangers for some reason made it to the top (correct me if I am wrong, but I heard somewhere, that during swiss Mos Eisley scenario B has been played twice, which could be some explanation for Han-rangers above average presence in top 16). There is also more obvious answer, that simply the best players in europe like this list (which isn't strange, because it's top tier - it was present in both finals, which in case of Worlds was super close) and the rest followed their lead (just like US players followed DTs lead with 8 act ig-88). 3. IMO han-rangers list has the lowest skill requirements from the "meta" lists (han, ig, vader) for a solid performance, because it has lots of range, damage and very versatile Han. Don't get me wrong, I am not saiying, that it's easy to play at the top level (which obviously require perfect positioning), but it's quite forgiving if you play conservativly.
  7. gr8! Didn't notice this topic. However, I think, that Official forums is the best place for this kind of content. I will just post the link then!
  8. Yes, because scenario rules doesn't specify that "the doors are locked" (which they do in Uscru Entertainment District scenario)
  9. Hey guys, I think, that it would be very helpfull to make a separate topic with all the rules queries answered by developers to make a handy compendium. (If someone would be kind enough to pin it it would be TOTALLY AWESOME) The way I see it is just for everyone to post their rules queries and answers WITHOUT any more complex talks about it because a) it's pointless as we can consider the answers offical b) it will mess up this topic EDIT. As A1bert noted, there is a simmiliar topic on BGG forums, so check it up! https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1373530/ffg-unofficial-answers-rules-questions-thread-read I will start Hi Greg, After thinking about and discussing it a lot, Provoke (and any other “active next if able”) abilities only affect the current round. The translation would be close to: “If that figure’s group could perform the very next activation this round, it must.” Secondly, yes, 0-0-0 can become Focused even if there is no adjacent figure. Order Hit is marginally different given that its using some VP rules, but I’ll consider a clarification in the next FAQ. Thanks for the questions!
  10. Cool episode i love map overwievs idea and the way you clearly cut a map into sections, which really makes the whole thing easier to follow, however I have a few points I would like to make. 1. Your episodes are rather long and they contain a lot of basic information. that I think is safe to say, the most of the listeners are totally aware of - like what is the map overview, what are the objectives and mechanics etc.. (Actually in adresses most of the episodes, when You are describing each figures deployments, command cards etc.) I am not saying, that this part is uncessary , but it would be really nice to at least compile those things at the beginning of the episodes and make some timeline notes for the players to decide what they are interested in (afiar Boardwars.eu guys are doing this). The reason for this is there are ppl, who listen to podcasts on their smartphones on their way to work/school etc, and cannot afford to listen the whole episode in one go and listening 15 minutes od basic descriptions instead of total awesome strategy tips that are gonna make you humiliate all your friends who think, they question your domination can feel a liitle underwhelming 2. I think it would be useful to talk about some important rule misinterpratations, that playeres make or were discussed on the forums (like - you can voluntarily open doors on Mos Eisley, but you cannot open then on uscru, Exterior spaces of Jabbas palace are actually in the pit, because it's the tile type, not map layout, there are 6 stashes on mos eisley A, but 8 on Mos Eisley B etc.) 3. I think, that You underestimate rRiots on scenario B. Actually X trained rRiots are really good box carriers (at least from the blue deployment. If you open vaporator door with your terminal sitter (with a little from an officer) they can pick up two boxes (cantina and vaporator) and safely deliver them round 2. (with officer support they can even take it back and intel leak (or even strat shift with a push from officer which is more, than you would expect from 2 points figures. Also it's very cool to move rRiot with oficer to central hallway right under your terminal door and pick up the left box to force han/ig to spend their precious eor shot and block los to jets behing the door and Vader right behind him
  11. Very cool interview! However THE MOST AWESOME thing for me was "I got Imperial Assault for christmas" part. I suddenly realised, that when you are a teenager, it is totally possible (in fact it's nothing strange) to eat christmas dinner, get to the christmas tree and unpack giant box filled with Star Wars Plastic! I,ve totally forgotten how awesome it has to feel. However it made me kinda sad...
  12. Yes IF she deals damage with the attack (aplying conditions, cleave and blast require, that the target suffered any damage)
  13. I wouldn't be SO harsh with eDT's compared with eJets. They obviously lose mobility and some durability (no agile), however don't underestimate the ability to hand out power tokens (especially if you consider, that 2 dts can acutally hand them over to each other). I ran some calculations and it appeared, that eDT with token deals the same amount of damage on range 6, that eJet during his range 2 attack. As a result they provide empire with some mid-range damage potential (which I hoped eSentries would). Also note, that longer range means more survivability, because you won't be forced to rush them forward in order for them to be effective like jets, which enables hit and run attacks. Feeding Vader (or even eJets) with block/evade tokens also feels very strong. Opportunity to single or double activation is also very handy not only because of round 1 stalling potential but, taking into consideration their quite good range, sometimes you just want to make one attack and fall back, while there is no viable target for the second unit. Also note, that they can really benefit from concentrated fire (which is quite hard to use with jets because of their limited range). as for strength in numbers potential it lets you activate two dts in a row (thanks to their ability) and then stregth in numbers into eJets (cost of 1dt and 1 ejets group is 11), which gives you 4 strong figures activation whith a 1 point card, that normally doesn't find any use in imperial lists (and then possibly squad swarm into another eJets for a whooping 6 figures (and 24 points) activation). Also IMO they synergise very well with jets, because you get 2 additional quite strong attackers, which leaves your opponent with some new questions like (do I rather want to shoor this eJet who is in my face or rather shoot this 5 spaces away DT and leave the jet alone) which MAY lead to some non vader competitive lists. It is also worth noticing, that they don't require any CCs, that you normally wouldn't inlcude in order to be effective, which leaves you space for some other nasty stuff. I am not saying, that they will be autoincludes, but it's defiinetly too soon to judge them.
  14. Szycha

    On the Lam on your own activation?

    Its not a special action. Special actions are abilities marked with Arrow (action and totally not tap! ) symbol.