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  1. I have a competitive rush and military Unicorn deck with dragon splash I want to make another competitive deck to play with a friend. Besides Court Games which i need 3x and i can proxy Is there another deck to complement mine and be of a different playstyle? Preferably Dragon as i can switch my deck to the mid-range courtier one and change the splash to Crane so let go and mirumotos furies can be used in the second deck
  2. I main Unicorn and i are looking to make a competitive second deck to play with other. Through a look at a variety of decks the only card that all decks have x 3 Court games. What combinations can i go for? I can switch to crane splash for my Unideck so I can make a dragon lion deck What do you people use? Are there training decks posted online?
  3. Its very early but in Greece in Athens there was sold about 200 cores in the first days Whats your area numbers? On top of our head just to see how successful is the game!
  4. Excellent Fiction Perfectly captures the soul of the Unicorn Clan No Moto or Ide reference but there is plenty of time.
  5. For the Khan! Too soon? i will wait ok At last we will see the people of the wind!
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