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  1. What this game needs is to go away from activations and order mattering as much and more toward tactics and movement.
  2. Hi Everybody! I wrote this as a way of keeping track of a point balance method to playing small games. The 200 point game style is really neat for getting a feel for the new aspects of the game with some friends over a kitchen table. I’m really liking the speed and simplicity. Please enjoy the information I’ve gathered! This is some testing I did with the balance of the objectives in a 200 point game. These have been tested about 3 times, which gives a decent feel for what they are like. The main premise is that the larger half of the tokens placed or points gained are kept. If the change to the objective follows this simple rule, then it is written as “Halved, (keep larger half of tokens or points)”. If there is literally no change, then “No change”. Red Precision Strike - Halved, you gain 8 points per victory token instead. Advanced Gunnery - Halved, you gain half the points of the destroyed ship instead. Opening Salvo - No change since you can only gain points based on the number of ships in the point value. Most Wanted - Halved, you gain half the points of the destroyed ship instead. Station Assault - Each station has only 5 hull and the points gained is halved to 20. Blockade Run - Deploy like normal, place obstacles like normal. The scoring zone for second player is still the 1st player’s deployment zone. Scoring is not halved (due to number of ships limiting reward). - Comments: This objective is the most difficult to translate, and in the case of disputes can be ruled out of choice by tournament organizers. Close-Range Intel Scan - Place only 1 dust field, no change in scoring, this is limited by half size. Targeting Beacons - Halved, place only 2 objective tokens. Yellow Fleet Ambush - No change Hyperspace Assault - Halved, only 2 tokens. Contested Outpost - Halved, each victory token is only worth 10 points. Fire Lanes - Only the point gain halved, 3 objective tokens, 8 points per victory token. Jamming Barrier - Halved, replace only one debris field with one dust field. Planetary Ion Cannon - Halved, only 2 tokens. Fighter Ambush - Halved, you gain 8 points per victory token instead. Capture the VIP - Halved, you gain 25 points instead. Blue Minefields - Halved, but with 4 obstacles and only 3 tokens. - Comments: This seemed okay with 3 obstacles and 1 station + 3 tokens. Intel Sweep - Halved, you gain 38 points instead. Dangerous Territory - Halved, there are only 1 station + 3 obstacles. Superior Positions - Halved, you gain 8 points per victory token instead. Salvage Run - Halved, add only 1 dust field, and 2 objective tokens. Still gain 20 points per victory token. Solar Corona - No change, neutral sides are still the corona-able zones. Navigational Hazards - 1 station 3 obstacles, you gain 8 points per victory token instead. Sensor Net - Halved, place only 2 tokens, but still gain 15 points per victory token.
  3. Actually, that's somewhat elegant, but really the powerhouse ships in the game are just too strong
  4. Stridan Hux baffle 38 duchess VI Lwf title 26 pure sabaac trickshot lwf title 24 AP 12 firepower maneuvrability and lots of ships. Or you can do TLT aggressor with lwf
  5. It could be a med ship with two versions. The higher one as command cruiser with red black. And the lower one as blue black. That would be fun.
  6. I find this is intermediate level as opposed to utter beginner. My beginner scenario is to drum up a few lists of like 30 pts (with at least one with two ties) and let them respawn.
  7. I saw some small data sets and some really quirky lists. They seemed unusual.
  8. I was there with Pepperridge farm at the start of scum. No. Bro bots was tip top meta but the rest was in need of help. Still kind of is. HWK is eh. Ys are limited beyond tlt spam. Zs don't get that much air time. Though they are fun.
  9. Yes, smaller games and very few upgrades help a lot.
  10. I was just about to ask the same thing! What are the rule changes to make it more balanced, especially in case of blow out or player disparity? I remember these: 1. After pair for a match, any point disparities between the two fleets is given as temporary points to the lower fleet. They are able to buy temporary things with these points, and if they are able to afford a non-flotilla ship or a squadron, they must first purchase those before spending the remainder on upgrades. Example 420 vs 370 -> the 370 list gets 50 points to spend. They immediately must spend it on a CR90 or Hammerhead. Then they must buy squadrons if they can afford it, and then upgrades. These are all removed at the end of this game. 2. I heard something about Show of Force errata.
  11. Would be interesting to have jamming or ECM or radar blocking features too
  12. The Quasar is really pretty. I didn't like it at first, but now its starting to grow on me. It seems fun in small games and versus small ships where the battery still matters.
  13. I suspect some of them will need more work than that. Ion Cannon, for example, becomes far more dangerous with half the playspace. Blockade run becomes almost trivial for the second player. That's easy. So far I've found that all I needed to do is remove the smaller half of the tokens or points if they are a stated amount not based on how many you can get. Planetary Ion Cannon and Hyperspace assault - Play with only 2 tokens. Very even for both players. 3 tokens is broken. Blockade Run currently doesn't seem to really work. Though you can also make it that the touch-down zone is close-medium on the opponent side. Dangerous Territory and Minefields - Self regulates due to dropping down to 4 obstacles. Intel Sweep down to 40pts/keep larger half
  14. Int withmissiles is gonna be good. Cruise missiles. Sadly makes the original int quite obsolete.
  15. have you heard of this? its exactly what you're looking for it seems. upside it doesn't add or change any rules. I have almost finished a review of how the objectives should be down sized. so far its a simple reduction of tokens or points when its a set amount, like intel sweep becomes 40 points or 38 points.
  16. Recently I find power creep has made it so that even 5 dice at range 1 do pitiful damage to scum ships. Why is this a thing.
  17. Oooh. What about cruise missiles on Awings....
  18. Can someone link Xwing and Armada downloads for TTS and for vassal. And their main set-up helps?
  19. they're the same. Too bad there's no real use for an Ion cannon turret Ywing now
  20. That above statement is really nicely put.
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