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  1. The 3 bank and boost is really good for getting inside of R1 of harpoon carriers too.
  2. How do they not interact anymore? Also i hear you have to discard or use an extra Mun token if you Trajectory simulate a bomblet. Is that right?
  3. What is the current faq say about how these cards work?
  4. I tried Tie FOs with advOptics and was very impressed by them. T-70s were less impressive though. Is the silencer with FCS, advOptics, and AT really above average in raw efficiency? More so than Tie Defenders and Tie FOs, or Tie SFs with advOptics and FCS? Has anyone tried generic tie FOs? The Silencer has the important upgrade of auto thrusters though, that makes a great difference against turrets.
  5. They both need nerfs. The Ghost has always been exceptionally annoying to play against with so many upgrades and is considered easily one of the best ships in the game. The sheathipede transcends that to ridiculous levels of power creep and should never have been printed with a PS higher than 7. Also great to note that it has what used to be considered an upgrade combo SO STRONG that FFG was unwilling to give it to anything until the Arc. Astro+crew. Exactly for the r3-a2 gunner reason. Or r2d2+c3po. (Frankly though, the arc is not a strong meta ship without fenn)
  6. That looks like a good list. The squadrons look capable of defending against smaller forces of fighters. You could upgrade one to a saber squadron If you're having Needa as an officer, you should consider Turbolaser reroute circuits. I wouldn't take Superior Positions, just in case someone comes along with too many B-wings for you.
  7. Must activate two flotillas if player chooses to activate a flotilla? Only one flotilla may command squads during the paired activations?
  8. Hi, The card actually says they only need to be distance 5 from each player's edges, not the sides of the board. So there's a full 1/3 of the boad to use for four obstacles. As such, it seems very manageable. Is this the interpretation you were using? As large ships - I have experienced it also. It has gotten more pronounced in standard 400 point Armada. Since Wave 6, there has been a steady monopolization of efficacy in using one large ship and many squadrons in even 400 point Armada. Other players have noted this as well. It is slightly exacerbated in Taskforce, but I view it as an issue with the game itself. The information to support this can be viewed in the regional results page.
  9. Its even worse when the person flying it defends it and refuses to admit that its blatantly over the power curve and NPE. (Which they might truly believe.)
  10. Yeah. the synergy is WAYYY different. PS10 R2D2 Poe with no Black one title (Against harpoons), is way different from todays beast, espeically with comboing with lowwrhh and dtf
  11. This is exactly what I see too. Rebels synergy is utterly running rampant. What were the other 3/16?
  12. one release per year curse? Did we not get Wave7 in Feb? Which means Armada might not get a new product all the way until next year.
  13. Perhaps you do think this, but it would be nice to avoid rah rah we're the best cheerleader pep rallies for false cheer. There's lots of horrible things about this game. There's lots of good things about this game. The best is false. Reality is Grey.
  14. What about not Mc30's? I already know they're exceptional better than other small ships Impression seems like small ships otherthan the Mc30 are more difficult than getting the same result with big ships.
  15. It seems like there are a lot of Imperial STar Destroyers and Mc-75s and Home Ones being played, along with squadron centric builds. How are people finding small ships are faring against those types of builds? Are the strengths of Raiders, Gladiators, Corvettes and Nebulon-Bs still useful enough to be good in a ruthless competitive setting?
  16. Tried it and it helps a tiny bit, but sadly it probably has a little too much restriction. Had two x-wings live on one health but no flight assist after losing integrated on the pass.
  17. Meh. He’s only about as ok as a normal starviper. Not that crazy.
  18. Inb4 darkest dankest lord of the sith unparalleled in power since the days of darth jar jar
  19. AF potato gladiatoe raider valen rudor lambdas jan ors
  20. Noooooooooo. I don't like this director at all.
  21. Lol Soontir got powercreeped, but the game design looks good. I like the discard against blank dice. The bomb hurler is fun, but the turret is not lol. All in all, an okay wave. Also the first order gets the SS target lock. And the TT for crying Kylo
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