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  1. in fishing communities this is known as whinging and jumping the shark.
  2. IS there information on Ghost Fenn? And quickdraw? Just because she's so useful and fun
  3. Impressions on this fix? I'm decidedly meh. There did not need to be movement dial creep, the ship did not need to fly exactly the same now as every other ship in the game. Plus, this is getting more complex. And it still feels like you can't do what is seen in the movies. Proton Torpedo with Guidance Chip? I guess Luke did not have guidance chips., or a target lock.
  4. Precisely this happens every time. I do not see why people simply don't agree that Top 4s and Winners together especially if they show a same growing direction are enough to make an argument, especially after 10 or more tournaments, that's 40 Top4s. Do these two agree? Then, there's no reason to argue small sample size or "Oh, use Top4"
  5. Seriously, Pezrug, Eide-Aces? Who cares that Nathan Eide is a great E-wing player? Go him. But don't call stupid lists on meta-wing by those stupid names.
  6. I HATE these stupid names. People looking to get their name on something. And then it makes it harder for everyone else to learn. Miranda Nym is completely understandable and fast. Ezra Miranda Low 3 Nu QD
  7. I fought this fleet with quickdraw and three gunboats. A lot of times, it seemed like she didn't reroll into evades.
  8. What is the low/rey list? I've tried it and it seemed to be that great. What's the crucial ingredient?
  9. No scum lists at all? .... That's not good. Here I was worried about Imperials.
  10. so it seems low/stressra/miranda is an issue. What about miranda/nym? Is the Ghost fenn match up easy? or really not?
  11. I miss commanding these ships. The Gladiator, especially as multiples, is so fun. Also, the mk.II, Nebulon-b, and cr90, Raiders. Perhaps there will be more people playing these ships now with the rule set? Would the Gladiator and 5 Raider type of fleets come back and be good?
  12. The scene looks really well-balanced currently. So much more than before the faq
  13. Got to play this list today and wow! It was a lot better than expected. The dial and boost gave it a great time vs harpoons. Along with hanging out at R3 with a focus. I haven't played against Ghost Fenn but I expect it would do rather well there too. Nym is hard to win against.
  14. It would be nice to see them used for ship to ship combat. All these phalanx thoughts have been around since the 1st wave, but its not effective compared to other combat ships or Yavaris. the Ion Cannon slot, oddly enough would suffice: Mostly since long range Quad Battery + HiE is pretty nice. The Nebulon has not aged well, Yavaris was insanely too strong, and the other options are too flimsy to hold up to other ship to ship combat ideas. The Pelta, while more durable, attacks like a wet noodle. I wish Most Wanted had been changed to flotillas cannot be selected. That would increase objective diversity and give a tiny boost to ship swarms.
  15. ... what happened to scum nym, dengar, asajj ketsu, 3 kimogila, 3scurgg, bumpmasters? Readily honest, all the scum small ships are overshadowed by the awful overpowered large, medium super upgraded ships. Scum and Rebel large and medium ships are just too obviously strong.
  16. I agree with the sentiment. If not the proposal here.
  17. One day I would like to see 500 points, but only after something changes to make the game fast er to play.
  18. There are so many broken turret, multi-upgrade pilots
  19. what is his win con? I wonder how well his list did against other more meta lists. I don't like the odds.
  20. I like Task force 200 for having invested less. Everything is quick and succinct. 500 used to sound nice, but the recent changes to the game making one large ship very favourable makes 400 fine.
  21. I hope they FAQ this game. I'm really tired of the crazy rebel combos that are so prevalent.
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