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  1. A force mod gunner and the force in general makes me a little worried. I'm frankly not seeing the appeal either. Its not like Xwing1.0 felt incomplete without the force.
  2. more excited about it. Still not excited to spend this much money on multiple conversions.
  3. but does it help when they are not in your front arcs, to make those other shots better? Should JErjerrod be taken or Vader or Admiral Motti?
  4. Yes i notice this too. The firing solutions are not very optimal. Would Quad Battery help?
  5. I really want to do something cinematic or story-focused with Task force, but can't think of how yet.
  6. I wish they got a little more in the dial though. That dial is kind of boring.
  7. Do we get Ciena Ree from lost stars?
  8. Do we get a 1.0 K2SO pilot card? If so I might buy Saw's. If not... meh.
  9. Makes it so hard to choose between Silencers and Defenders, I haven't flown my defenders much. Lately also this list seems a little one dimensional. Bait them into attacking the silencers, who generally move and action.
  10. they thought half a base of movement was too much but a quarter is enough? Yuck. At this point, why not just make it straight across only. I don't see why barrel roll had to be changed. Also, no inherent value from bullseye? I don't like this.
  11. No absolutely not. The sheathipede should never have had Ps11 Coordinate for anything close to 20 points. Ezra also has what was to be the most powerful combo in all Xwing for 8 waves: r3A2 gunner. Absolutely not. I've not seen a more horrific ship.
  12. Absolutely. I'll help compile things that are way out of line. Like the Sheathipede. Number one most awful game balance decision ever. Remove astromech slot. Fenn Ray PS = 7. The Ghost is most annoying. Turret should need to be equipped to the docked ship. TLT adds: "defender rolls 1 additional green die if at R3". Reinforce: "if an enemy ability or upgrade interacts with evade tokens, they may treat your reinforce token as if it was an evade token."
  13. These one-line, dismissive smirks are so destructive to any sort of conversation.
  14. I will vouch for MajorJuggler. He was right about many things and has contributed fairly to the community in many ways. Grand statements, but I agree with them.
  15. They do need someone like you to run numbers for their game... sadly I bet that your time-cost is probably very far over what they want to pay for this. @MajorJuggler . Is that how the conversation went last time? Because yes, it is utter folly to believe that they had to overhaul the system but did not need someone with better mathematical skills to give them the info needed. I hope, though if you do keep it private, you would come on the forums to let people know that certain combos are truly overpowered from a mathematical perspective.
  16. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/27/how-to-conquer-the-galaxy/ I like this one. Very good insightful answers.
  17. This list is really about Xwing at the core. Moving, getting angles, good firing.
  18. Yes, this list is my big dopey grin list right now.
  19. Used to be my go-to game for something beautiful with movement and intricacy I could be good at, play for a long time. With beautiful models to paint. Its still got great parts. But the recent trends have not been good.
  20. Lol. Official new name: QD 2 nazguls
  21. Cymoon, with a that's-no-moon behind it.
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