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  1. I tend to spread out in a single line inside the 2x2 obstacles on each side.

    |                O                                                              O             |

    |                          X         X       X         X         X                          |


    Something like this, but it depends on the obstacles in the center, and this is usually just because I place forces first. People tend to get intimidated by wide formations.
    Slowroll with the ones closest to their ships and 5 straigth with the ones on the far side.

  2. I've used this with some success. If you manage to keep the A-wings turrets on the enemy ships Vennie is quite tanky. 


    Vennie (62)
    Trajectory Simulator (10)
    Pattern Analyzer (5)
    Perceptive Copilot (8)
    Veteran Turret Gunner (6)
    Rey (14)
    Seismic Charges (3)
    Proton Bombs (5)

    Tallissan Lintra (35)
    Heroic (1)
    Trick Shot (2)
    Advanced Optics (4)

    L’ulo L’ampar (38)
    Heroic (1)
    Trick Shot (2)
    Advanced Optics (4)
    Total: 200

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

  3. 34 minutes ago, theBitterFig said:

    Mostly lives.  The "standard list" is now at 201 points.  Shouldn't be too hard to find something to cut, but the basic archetype looks like it'll still exist.  This irks me.


    It got errata'd out!  List "legal" but it doesn't work.

    Yea, Dash Roark is dead.


  4. 3 hours ago, Jehan Menasis said:

    Or if a white stop for the Upsy is considered "too much"... an ability like: "When revealing your dial, If you are stressed, you may treat your stop maneuvers as white". This prevents normal actions, but you could still mod with the force and things like FCS.

    How about a config with a charge that lets you treat a red maneuver as white. And you get that charge back when you do a blue. Then you can stand still for two turns, but you only get an action the first time if you choose to use the charge.

  5. I'm not convinced about Elusive. The only red on the HWKs dial is stop and hard 3. And you sure would like the possibilty of taking an action after using up your focus tokens. I'll also keep Jyn Erso on it because it allows Lando to get focus+evade and rotate the turret/boosting. 

  6. I've seen the Dash - Han Solo gunner squads been inspired to do something with the Falcon. Not sure if its good, but it sure does pack a punch. I originally had engine upgrade on Lando but ditched it for the 9 point bid. After playing this (and a similar squad with Bistan gunner and Jan Ors) I've realized that i need to be able to react to other I5 pilots. With no or few I6 pilots being played in my local area, being able to arcdodge, or rotate turret, all the I5s is good. I feel this is good, but I fear there's something that should or could be done differently. Maybe I should consider Tactical Scrambler on Lando and keep Roark on the outside of Lando while circling the asteroids in the middle so that Roark gains another defense die, cause I know with out Roark, this list falls together quite quickly. 

    HWK-290 Light Freighter - •Roark Garnet - 62
        •Roark Garnet - Good-Hearted Smuggler (38)
            Trick Shot (1)
            •Jyn Erso (2)
            Engine Upgrade (3)
            Shield Upgrade (6)
            •Moldy Crow (12)

    Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Lando Calrissian - 129
        •Lando Calrissian - General of the Alliance (92)
            Trick Shot (1)
            Homing Missiles (3)
            Perceptive Copilot (10)
            •Nien Nunb (5)
            •Millennium Falcon (6)
            •Han Solo (12)

    Total: 191/200

    View in the X-Wing Squad Builder

  7. 40 minutes ago, That Blasted Samophlange said:

    I couldn't find the agility, or at least make it out from the blurry photo I could find.   What I saw implied a value of three I think.   I think 3 hull and shield as well.   

    Based on the Special forces gunner it is likely 2 attack, but until shown we don't know.     

    We also don't know the upgrades, though based on the movie and previous version we can assume a likely Gunner, Missile, Tech, and System.  

    But there is a lot we don't know.


  8. Since they kept Dengars ability I guess Quickdraw is returning, with the same ability, maybe working with charges as long as you have shields or something like that. Atleast QDs art is in one of the card spreads from the article (the rest is obscured). Hoping they will keep the pricing at the same level, maybe lowering the cost of the generics.

    Excited to see what becomes of the Upsilon, fearing they may remove one attack die. If they do that it will be much cheaper and that's good, but there's something about that 4 dice monster coming at you that I really like. Expecting it to be cheaper even if it keeps the 4 dice, it's a bit overcosted in 1.0. Maybe a drop down to 52-54 points in 2.0 (compared to the 30->60)?

  9. 2 hours ago, RedHotDice said:

    I would like to keep the 4 dice forward primary attack, but lower on the other stats perhaps even 0 agility, however I would love it to have a white stop maneuver, because that would make it an artillery piece (and allow you i reinact TLJ) alternatively I could see it having all 3-greens including hard turn to make it faster..look at those engines. 


    0 agility with only 12 hull and shields combined doesn't seem enough for me. And I guess they'll change the hull/shield ratio as well. I think it should keep that 1 die in defense. But a white stop makes much sense. 

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