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  1. To me this kind of conversion sounds easy, but it's important to understand that Genesys is more cinematic and narrative than other systems, so don't expect to see a lot of mechanical details or a heavy turn based combat: it's not the point to use Genesys. But being Genesys so generic, you can create some customized content, like new combat skills instead of keeping just Brawl for everyone. This is alsto true for any magical skill, if you think its necessary for your game. Think more in movies or cinematics to understand the feeling instead of the ingame aspect.
  2. Bellyon

    Anthem Genesys

    You just need the hardwork to put in the paper everything that is needed to play in that scenario. But it's possible to do, easily. Merge somethings from modern setting with the futuristic setting and go on. There are a lot of games with some things similar to Anthem. Big weapons, exoescheleton, a lot of monsters, some cool powers...
  3. Bellyon

    Modern Car Chase

    If you like rules, Star Wars has some for this kind of thing. Some players want something less mechanical and more narrative. Using the system, a chase is almost like a combat. Let's use two four-door automobile (Genesys, p. 231). They've the following stats: Sil 2, Max Speed 4, Hand +0, Def 0, Armor 0, HT 4, SS 5. You should consider the speed during a chase: speed 1 or 2 (movement would be 2 range bands); speed 3 or 4 (movement would be 3 range bands). Obs.: speed 3 or 4 also increase the Piloting check by 1, and +20 to any critical hit collision check. The vehicles have one maneuver and one action, or two maneuvers per turn, like the structured combat. Maneuvers that the pilot can do: Accelerate: you can increase you speed by 1 or more. It'll cost S equal the speed -1. Brace for Impact: you can spend S to reduce damage by the same amount until the beginning of the next turn (max value equal the silhouete of the vehicle). Evade: need a speed of 3 or more. Upgrade the difficult to any attack against the vehicle or against who's insinde until the beginning of the next turn. Reposition: need a speed of 1 or more. Change your position to a max of one range band to avoid some obstacles, etc. Actions that the pilot can do: Dangerous Driving need a speed of 1 or more. Do it to avoid things. Do a Piloting check, difficult equal Sil + any speed adjustment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll try something using an PC and an NPC, but I won't write here their stats, we don't need that much detail. Just know that the PC won the initiative and both started the car with speed 0 (they were initially stopped). Round 1 PC use one maneuver to accelerate, spending 2 S to get speed 3 and one more maneuver to reposition, to avoid small osbtacles. NPC do the exactly the same. Description: The two got into their cars and stepped on the accelerator, plodding at high speed, heading toward the road. Both drivers are good and the cars are very similar, so that in seconds were already in high-speed, avoiding the other cars, one behind the other. Note: they have moved something like 3 range bands from the initial spot. Round 2 PC use one maneuver to accelerate, going to speed 3 to speed 4 (it has no game impact to be honest at this moment). One action to dangerous driving, difficult 3. He succeed and have used few advantagens to provide to himself one boost die, 1 setbacks to the NPC, and use one story point to create a police barricade just ahead. NPC do the exactly the same, but he got few advantages. The PC use that to cause 2 more S to that car. In this moment, he have only 2 (5 from the car model - 2 due the acceleretion - 1 due the PC check = 2 S left). Description: The two cars continued at high speed, winding through the other cars on that road. In a more skillful move, our hero manages to pass between two trucks and positions himself very well. His pursuer, however, did not count on this and eventually forced too much his vehicle to keep the chase and avoid an accident. Round 3 PC use one maneuver to decelerate to speed 2 (1 S) and an action to do a Piloting check, he want to drift near the barricade and turn the car 90º, to rush in another direction. The difficult could be 2 or 3, i don't know, but it's important to note that he's, at the moment, at speed 2, so there's no upgrade in this check. He was succeed due the boost he got from the past test. NPC decelerate as well to speed 2 at the cost of 1 strain, and do a Piloting check to do the same move as our hero, but he got few threats. The PC said that the NPC had few problems and less time to reaction, resulting in a colision. A critical hit occurs and the result is... 65. The propulsor is damaged! Description: Our hero is able to maneuver at high speed in front of the police barricade, avoiding the impact and avoiding to stop in front of the police. His opponent, however, did not have the same luck and ended up colliding with the police cars, completely breaking his engine. While our hero is going to flee, the police will take care of the other guy, very angry with the accident that happened!
  4. Bellyon

    How much does this system favor talents vs skills?

    Even the main stat 5 isn't necessary to have fun in this game. I'd say that even 4's isn't necessary, even though people like to have one 4. Skills and talents and story points helps a lot people do cool things. There are several ways to receive bonus and do awesome things even with few advantages and/or triumphs. Few 3's in stats and a lot of skills 3's is very good. It's possible to play. But in general people want to have more and more dices, sometimes it's meaningless in game.
  5. Bellyon

    How much does this system favor talents vs skills?

    I agree with Terefang. Genesys system (and this works for Star Wars) isn't the kind of system where stats should be increasing along the time. This RPG is more cinematic. This means, like movies, the characters doens't change their body drastically during the story, but they will becoming more able to solve practical problems (skill ranks). Skills and talents are more important than the stats, but it's good to get one stat 4 and one or two with 3 is good enough to play the game. The "fetish" to have one 5 and two 4's is something surreal for this game. It's something for NPCs, not players.
  6. Bellyon

    How much does this system favor talents vs skills?

    I don't know if I'm missing something, and maybe I have understand very poorly the main idea of the topic (which is my problem with the language at all), but I'll talk about what I've understand. Players usually like to invest their initial XP to buy stats over skills, cause it's important and there are few ways to increase stats after the game starts. They want to see at least the main stat being 4, which is good (even though in my opinion people usually interpret very poorly what high stats should mean in the narrative aspect of the gameplay...). Rushing Dedication simply doesn't make any sense to me at all. I don't know if players can have more talents than the talent tree sheet can provide, but anyway, to get the first Dedication talent, the player should spend 175 XP. The next Dedication needs more 75 XP each. I assume the player will focus on the stats that are more important to use the skills the character like more. Spending XP to buy skill ranks, lets see the XP cost: Starting rank 1, you want to have 4 ranks: xp needed = 45 XP Starting rank 1, you want to have 5 ranks: xp needed = 70 XP Starting rank 2, you want to have 4 ranks: xp needed = 35 XP Starting rank 2, you want to have 5 ranks: xp needed = 45 XP Well, if you started with 2 ranks in some skill, and I'll assume that the player like these skills more, he'll need just ~40 XP to get a nice level in that skill. If you started with 1 rank, you'll need ~60 XP to get a nice rank. So... if you start with 2 ranks in the main skills, you'll max 4 skills with 180 XP, the same to get 1 level in Dedication in that stat that you probably started with 4 ranks. In gameplay, that means you will have 5 dices in four skills that you really want to be good. I guess 3 or 4 of them would be yellow dices, which is very good. If you started with 1 rank on these skills, you can have 4 skills with 4 ranks or 2 skills with 4 ranks and 1 with 5 ranks. Which is good as well. Spending the same amount of XP to rush dedication would give you some skills with 5 dices as well (5 stat cap), being 2 yellows (the max skill rank at character creation and no investment to increase their levels). My conclusion: if you want to be very good in something, spend the XP on skill ranks. If you want to be more flexible, spend the XP to rush Dedication. I don't think it's smart even to a powerplayer, if my math is righ. Anyway, I don't think it's good to think about this at all. Some things are possible to do but they shouldn't be done. My tip: spend XP sometimes in skills, sometimes in talents and feel the power increasing along the history. Being trying to maximize some things could be bizarre inside the game and Genesys is abstract and free enough to provide in game resources to keep the things going well even with some power players.
  7. If you think that it's important to create this kind of thing, go on Personally, this isn't important to me in Genesys, cause the system is very abstract. Narrative description should be enough mostlye of the time to describre the things and their differences. There is a side box in the Core, in the page 212 (Different Disciplines, Different Approaches) that talks about this very well about this. And in the side box in the page 210 (Learning Magic), the book is clear to say that: "as the GM you might want to consider imposing additional in-game requirements. Not only does this add more challenge for PCs seeking such power, but it provides an opportunity to underscore the rarity and power of magic and to illustrate how it fits into your setting. A character who wants to advance in Thaumaturgy might be required to abide by the rules of their religious order to receive training. You may require a would-be wizard to seek out a tutor and convince them to accept an apprentice, or to discover and study an ancient tome of spells." To work as a generic system, it's important to be somehow flexible, otherwise it would difficult the creation of new content or an adaptation to other settings. But I also think it's good to create specific talents, itens AND additional effects for specific magics/skills. This could be very cool
  8. This could happen, but with itens of a really badly quality or instability. Itens that are damaged already do some penalties, like one setback or increase one difficulty. Something very very experimental and unstable could be more risky to use... I can't think a regular item, that we suppose to be useful, provide the negative symbols for nothing.
  9. I am not working with item creation so far, but let me see... Automatic success means that the item is trustworthy to complete some task, or that the item increase considerably the success (or the magnitude of it) rate doing something. The task is the purpose of that item. You know how that should work properly and doing the same action as you would do with a regular version (without the bonus), you shouldn't have achieve the same final effect. Examples: high quality itens, herbs of healing, etc. The performance depends on your skill, and the object, if has a superior quality, would improve the final result. Automatic advantage/triumph means that the item is trustworthy to complete some task as well, but here we are talking about what advantages can do for the user. It's important to note that success and advantages provide different kind of "success", if you got my point. As the book says, advantage indicates the opportunity for a positive consequence or side effect, regardless of wheter your character fails ou succeeds at the task they attempt. This could be something to do the task faster or far better the expect, like side effects that you can't control. It's hard to think about this cause advantages and triumphs could be used to do several things, so it's up to the user how to use it doing something. But in gereal, think about side effects you can't predict, like a critical effect - no one can predict when this would happen, but some itens can help this occur more times. The final result can't be controlled by you, but the item has conditions to improve the side effects or desirable side effects. Boost dice represent benefits gained through luck, chance. They reflect your character's possession of some sort of benefit or advantage. In my opinion, this can help the user, but it's not certain. Whenever a character uses a piece of gear to aid in a task that the character could still normally perform without the equipment, you and the GM can agree to add a boost to the dice pool. The item can help you but it's more deppendent of your performance. The performance depends partially over your skill, but you can't predict the final results. Remove setback should happen when you are using something that relieves/ignore a problem caused by something you can't control like: darkness, prejudice, high level of attention by someone against you, ugliness, climate/environment, pain, physical limitation, memory, noises, etc. In other way, there is something there that you can't control turning the task harder and this item can help you to work around the problem. Examples: torch/lantern, fine cloak, signet, winter cloathing, night vision goggles, disguised equipments, something to remove noise, anything that help you look better, etc. You have no influence on the situation, but the object in question yes, reducing external threats and complications for you.
  10. Bellyon

    What happened to hardpionts and attachments?

    Nice to know, I was missing this also. It's half the encumbrance rounded up.
  11. Bellyon

    Cost for Magic Items?

    I don't know if already has something like what I wish to see, but I'd like a rankable talent that provide +1 virtual Strain just to be used by itens like this (cyber, magic, etc.). I guess it's more balanced than reducing the strain penality.
  12. Bellyon

    Cost for Magic Items?

    I'd keep for some reasons. Game balance first, but i think that these powerful magic itens also affect the characters. Like if these itens are consuming part of the focus of the characters. Powerful itens could consume even more, like some artifacts.
  13. Bellyon

    Cost for Magic Items?

    In my opinion, powerful magic itens or artifacts shoudn't have price, in any universe. Common things, weaker magical itens, ok. In this case, try to compare with the non magic version just to have a base value.
  14. Bellyon

    Tactical Combat in the Narrative System

    It's possible to use maps and miniatures to play this RPG, like any other, without grids and it's fine. This isn't what makes an RPG more or less tactical. And a game could be tactical without grids also.
  15. Bellyon

    Tactical Combat in the Narrative System

    It's possible to use grid in Genesys, just as a reference. Use big hexagons. For everyone who is engaged, note inside the same hexagon. The hexagon next to indicates that the characters are in the Short distance. One hexagon far away indicates that they are at a Medium distance and so on. The hexagons should be big enough for you to draw everyone who may be engaged. This could be noted as numbers as well.