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  1. Like ppl already said, they'll keep it, but now is called Story Points. No need to roll dices to chek. I guess everyone already start with 1 per session. The dice per se can be used in your game as: -A dice game inside your game. Could be a game like tons of others where every player rolls the same number of dices (1 per player? 2? idk) and they need to guess the future number of blacks and/or whites -To hit the trouble maker player in the head -To use as tokens in the battle grid
  2. I know the warlock concept and I'm pretty sure in Genesys he'll work with Divine skill and with his own skill tree, like a class. But I don't think the basic book will cover this concept (we can easily think in dozens of classes to Fantasy games, but the book can't cover all of them), so... it's up to us create something OR wait for a official setting. The game already have a cool system with the dices. Motivations + bad results = a lot of cool moments. It's totally possible to see things like sanity loss, frenzy or suddenly strikes, demoniac possession, uncontrolable summons, etc. We can create our own warlock or at least a backbone as reference. [Active] Cost 5 and 15 - Blood Pact: When casting a spell, may suffer 1 wound point to increase the damage by 1. [Active] Cost 10 and 20 - Well-Connected: Once per session, may switch a Threat into an Advantage doing a Divine skill check. [Passive] Cost 5 and 20 - Demoniac Gaze: Gain a Boost dice in Coercion checks. [Passive] Cost 10 and 20 - Demoniac Pact: Creatures you summon receive +1 Wound and +1 Soak. [Active] Cost 10 and 25 - Perverse Spell: Before making a Divine check, may spend 1 additional threshold to give the spell Vicious 2.
  3. Whats the thing with warlocks? Do you think will be a problem to play with one in Genesys?
  4. Psionic and bionics look to me like Arcana, but I think Arcana is much more than "studying in a library". For me Arcana (Int) represent: a high level of the mind use, which can be got by abnormal brain evolution, study or focus. You literally can create things based on your creativity and focus. Exemples: Harry Potter from Harry Potter, a psionic cybersoldier from X-Com, Neo from Matrix or a protoss from Star Craft. Now, let's see how the other "schools" can work: Divine (Will): any kind of divinity giving power to you (either by praying or by having divine blood) or a very strong believe. Examples: Tyrael from Diablo, Kratos from God of War or Eli in The Book of Eli. Primal (Cun): any kind of power gotten from ancient creatures or spirits, from the Mother Nature or inner primordial instincts and fury. Examples: sorcerers with their bloodlines, a druid or a barbarian. Runes (Int): i guess it's the ability to "read" objects and steal their power or to give live to them. Examples: a dwarf runecaster or a technomancer or superhacker. Verse (Pr): the ability to use the right words and ritm to create what you want and any power from the beauty and charisma. Your words has the power. Examples: bards, spellsingers, mermaids, nymphs, etc.
  5. The system is good. I said it would be something like this few months ago. It's easy and elegant.
  6. Well, I love some RPGs like Pathfinder, Warhammer, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrunn, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings... So I'd say I like high fantasy (could be european or oriental), steampunk, "modern" w/ some tech and maybe with magic, space opera. Maybe I can create something that use all in one xD something mixing Guardians of the Galaxy and Mad Max and Harry Potter...
  7. I know, take easy. The other alternatives are good, I agree with you. I thought I don't need to talk about points in common in this case. I never said we need to buy dices to play currently.
  8. But I guess anyone here knows that this is absolutely useless to play SW/Genesys. Every roll will need 123132 minutes to be solved. No one try to play in this way.
  9. But like people already said in the L5R... we don't need, we don't deserve and FFG don't need a new set of dices for every new RPG to keep them alive. Star Wars has enought good books to keep SW live. Idk how much the dices impact the FFG SW income, but it's insane to create a new dice set per RPG. I know that could make sense to create new set dices everytime, but... it's not that important at all.
  10. Would be nice to have, at least, a table with the symbol equivalence, in the case of using the SW dices to play Genesys with a group who haven't played SW. Something easy to print anyway.
  11. I want to buy some dice sets, but idk, I've already have 3 sets form SW.
  12. Sorry Dragonshadow, I think I expressed myself badly. I want to know what you think or expect about Genesys.
  13. Talk more about this, please.
  14. Despite the narrative side of Genesys, I believe that the strongest point of the dices in SW/Genesys is the opportunity to create a lot of new things almost from nothing. What is really really important playing Genesys: creativity. Everyone playing should be. Cooperation is another core element to play Genesys smoothly. Players must be active to think about threats and advantages every round. All players must be a bit of GM in Genesys. Be creative cause improvisation is a must have skill to play this. Much more than the common systems. It's very challenger for a lot of players in my experience in more than 15 years playing RP`G.
  15. I haven't touched Starfinder yet but my hype was too low, cause I know the system and I'm dissapointed with Path this year. I love the customization, but just it. It's where Path/Star got a lot of points. The system is the same thing since... 2000 - the d20 system. I want to play Dungeons¨&Dragons/Pathfinder or Starfinder with Genesys system with the customization of Pathfinder <3