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  1. Nice topic. L5¨R is something that I want to see in Genesys. I'm sure that the dramatic dice system can provide a lot of more agility and dramaticity to the game. And this kind of detail,the kamon, are trully beautiful. Despite the fact of L5R have it's own space, oriental things will get space here soom. A lot of Fantasy setting would be the base for oriental scenarios.
  2. Yea, people talked about this few weeks ago. It's a nice hack indeed. A lot of fans tryied to do something like this 'cause Genesys is a lovely system I never used content outside the books of Star Wars... but, well, soon we'll can see the book and they have a Fantasy setting inside. Would be nice but just the first step... we all love some scenarios, a lot of things can be adapted
  3. The system will be so generyc that I don't think the name really matters.
  4. As far as I understanded the text, it's just about personality/behavior, not physical. I can think in things like: greed, lie, kleptomania, hate, sadism, etc. Is something that'll lead the player to do something bad, that leads to a difficult situation. Physical flaws could leads the player to a difficult situation but not do to something bad. A believe they really want to grainy the character's personality and the flaw could be something lead to some dramatic situations.
  5. Right now we can't play the system, but a lot of members already know the Star Wars and the narrative dice system will remain the same. What I want with this topic is... 1) Discuss the potential of what we can do with Advantage, Triumph, Threat and Despair to create something really cool to improve the narrative. Ignore common things like critical, weapon powers, talents, etc. 2) Bring to us cool examples of what happened in your games to give some ideas and insights. I believe that especially Triumph and Despair are what makes the dice roll so dramatic and game changing.
  6. I'm not into Starfinder yet, no time to read, but I really like Pathfinder and I'm like you right now, I love the idea but the system, at least the rolls and the power construction is... bleargh :/ I'm playing d20 for... 15 years. They could try something new. The scenario is fine, the options to create characters are amazing, but the system needs more simplicity and heroism.
  7. Seems fair anyway I was just thinking in useless things xD I guess they'll do a nice job with the book. Our troubles will appear trying to adapt and create new things. Could be easily but not less hard... Everyone here has his own point of view about adaptation "in my game katana do 9 damage" "oh, no, in my game it's 10", etc. This forum will burn in topics we can see that a lot o people here already said about their fav scenarios and games, I'm pretty sure, despite the generic aspect of any generic system and the "create your own world", a lot players really want oficial things to feel more confortable, you know?
  8. I don't know guys... the EotE has: 23 pages to explain system/dices/checks/atributes/obligations/destiny 6 charater concept + background 6 obligation 11 species 3 explain career + average 6 per class (~36) 7 details 24 skills 12-13 information about equipments 27 equipments 9 customization 23 conflict and combat 34 narrative 2 alternate and optional rules 26 adversaries We really really need in the core, being commom to every setting: 23 explain the system 6 obligation if they'd use as a core thing few pages to details 10~15 pages to skills (here my point is, all the common skill in the first chapter. Each specific setting can offer it's particular skills, like Arcana, Divine and Primal in Fantasy, or Computer in Modern and just a note in Science Fiction) 12-13 information about equipments 23 conflict and combat Ok, 80 pgs. Twice my first bet xD The last chapter: 34 narrative + alternate and optional rules Settings: Species, adversaries, equipments, vehicles, career... it's all up the each setting and with fez options, just as a baseline. Anyway, of course I want a book with 350, 400 pgs I just believe they can do a good work with 300. 80 First chapter ~35 per setting 40 Last chapter (narrative + alternate rules)
  9. The artwork looks nice to me. Nothing finished, nothing ready yet. Sounds like a world being created, a project, a blue print. You'll color the world like you want to. It's simple and elegant, like the system in general. About the book size, with 300 pages, we can have... 40 pages to present the system (dices, narrative, skills, talents, equipments); 45 pages to Fantasy 45 pages to Steampunk 45 pages to Modern 45 pages to Weird War 45 pages to Science Fiction 15 pages to space (they already said that the Sci Fi would have 2 chapters); 20 pages to complementary rules; Looks a good amount of material... let's see what we can do with 45 pages for each setting: 5 pages to present the ambient 5 pages to explain the races/species/archetypes of the setting (just examples, there are no need to detail each option, just the mechanical options) 15 pages to explain the classes/concepts/professions (just examples, like 4 or 5) 5 pages to custom talents and skills 10 pages to cover specific rules of the theme (spells, matrix, hacking, spirits, mutants, mega robots, space travel, clones, economy, etc.) 5 pages to specific equipments
  10. xD reading my addons to the four classes, can you see now that is possible to use in all settings? We can talk about this, it's a good topic
  11. I think they can create archetypes for classes and races easily, to use in all settings. CLASSES/PROFESSIONS: We can think in 4 (classic games) starting options: Warrior/Infantary/Soldier/Paladin/Mercenary: who hold the damage and hit in the face. Rogue/Scout/Spy/Ranger/Assassin: who do the precise strike and stay out of sight. Cleric/Druid/Support/Medic/Engineer: who save the party and modify the nature of the things around. Caster/Strategist/Hacker/Politician/Colonist: who create new things from nothing and **** with your mind. RACES/SPECIES: (Thanks Richardbuxton!) Just based on the models of Star Wars, we can have 3 starting models: 2/2/2/2/2/2 and 3/2/2/2/2/1 (30 possible combinations) and 1/1/1/1/1/1 (usually a droid, golem, undead, thing, etc.) It's possible to have more options (personaly I haven't saw any of these before), as someone said, like: 3/3/2/2/1/1 (72 possible combinations) or 4/2/2/2/1/1 (60 possible combinations) * I hope my math is right
  12. I really like RPGs that are almost covered by the five settings in the Genesys core, despite Star Wars: Dungeons¨&Dragons/Pathfinder/Lord of the Rings/Diablo/World of Warcraft = Fantasy Cyberpunk 20xx = Modern Day + Science Fiction Shadowrun = Modern Day + Science Fiction + Fantasy Starcraft = Science Fiction Iron Kingdons = Steampunk + Fantasy Legend of the Five Rings = Fantasy I don't like, but superheroes would be an amazing complement to Genesys although I think it's easier to convert than everyone is thinking. Horror: would be covered by Modern Day + probably complementary rules to upgrade the fear system, maybe with sanity and idk. Western: just a downgrade of Steampunk or full Steampunk in a weirdo version. Mechas: I believe the vehicle system has already a good amount of information, but I think Weird War will help to cover this with heavy armored stuff and alternative war machines.
  13. FFG understand very well that who love SW system want to play more things using the system, it's why they're creating Genesys. It said, they also know mostly players are confortable with few scenarios, cause everyone has it's own preferences. Would be hard also to see official scenarios from other systems doing material for Genesys, it's insane despite the sucess of the system. It will be easier to see these companies trying to copy elements from Genesys than something else... would be the better market move, because no one wants to see just one company in the market. We can see already some material using the hack-i-don't-know-what, and we'll see much more after Genesys. Even if they have a hard license, we'll see a lot of adaptations and fan made material, they know that. Like I've said before, particularly I like scenarios like D&D, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Iron Kingdons, Legend of the Five Rings... of course FFG can create new scenarios with elements in comom, maybe they already has, I just know SW from FFG. Maybe they don't need scenarios, it's possible to create suplements, with more generic tematic material... maybe we don't need this, maybe Genesys has enough meat. This forum will explode in 2018, just it.
  14. Well, in SW they already do - imo - a decent job with vehicles. Mechs and zords should use the same rules as vehicles has. Maybe you need a specific skill to pilot these things, but not hard to resolve. Just create them as vehicles, limit the number of tripulation (something between 1 to 5 usually), think about the size, etc. The cool thing is create more customization to them, cause a mech/zord are a hybrid between a vehicle and a war machine/warrior.
  15. Same. I want to see some scenarios with the Genesys system, like Shadowrun, Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeons ¨& Dragons, Cyberpunk 20xx... my little brother wants to play Jurassic World with Genesys. I guess it'd be all easily to convert.