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  1. I think any single demand should be a new topic, looks better for anyone to help and discuss the ideas... One topic for everything could become a mess in few answers
  2. I'd say: Concealment +2 or +3 for anyone engaged with the target (a small area) and rarity 4, enc. 1, price 50.
  3. The Core already say that important itens could have encumbrance 1 per 10 (small) itens (or 20, if in a poper holder). I think it's enough... Anyway, the painkillers already have a limited effect (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, isn't?)... And the system is "cinematic"... Critical Inuires demands more time to recover... And the itens can be destroyed in some situations... There are a lot of alternatives to resolve this, in my opinion.
  4. I was thinking in something like this these weeks. My first thought was about create a system for players who want to play without a GM. Then I realized that there are a lot of boardgames with similar systems, with a deck of cards providing random things to the players. And the boardgame itself is a good example of a tabletop game without a GM. My mind went to understand better about the structure of a narrative and an adventure, something that would be universal enough to work in any kind of RPG. I finished my idea thinking about a net with some key elements, like the hook, the plot twist, the relevant NPCs, the big challenge, places, random events, etc. The cards could have more than one level of information (2, 3 or 4), that would be check based on pre-recommendations (other cards). My first thought wasn't about cards, but tables (random numbers to check the options). But in the practical aspect, both work in the same way. I didn't anything at the moment, but I'm happy with my ideas so far.
  5. Well, there are several different difficulties for the tasks. Simple (-) and Easy (1) tasks are very very fast to read the results, due the (in)existence of very few opposite symbols do read. Maybe you should use more these difficulties. For any else more complex, I'd say that the advantage/triumph/threat/despair are very important to understand the action and their consequences... I just can't see any kind of difficult check where I just want to see If the character did or not, withour any kind of complexity and consequence.
  6. The system is the same, but Star Wars isn't "generic", so they need some modifications. Spells vs Force Power: In SW the casters are Force users and the system use the Force dices. Genesys used the same pattern from skills to do something more generic and easy to adapt to every scenario. Motivation: SW has something that works well, with three kind of motivations per core rulebook. Genesys use that to create the four aspects in a generic approach, to be used everywhere. Skill Trees: in SW there are classes, and each class has three specializations. Each one has its own skill tree with 4 talents per tier (4 T1, 4 T2, 4 T3, 4 T4, 4 T5). As far as I know, the only way to get talents outside that tree is buying another class (like multi class), sou you gain access to the new skill tree. In Genesys they did a different approach with no skill trees. Everything else, If I'm not wrong, is the same. Skills, checks, character creation, etc. What I haven't said here, it's already done by @Nytwyng and @Archellus.
  7. My recommendation: use a hexagon grid, with big hexagons. No more problems for you : ) Every miniature inside the same hexagon must be treated as engaged. Every hexagon far away means one different band.
  8. I understand using Cool to an ambush, but the ambush per se is much more about keep unseen until the attack moment and the concentration to keep quiet in part of the concentration. In both Cool and Stealth is supposed that the character are aware of the oponnent and try consciously avoid him as much as possible until the final act (the attack or the moment to leave the place).
  9. I can see a talent making possible for the character using Stealth instead of Cool to determine his own initiative check, maybe with some bonus. Anyway, I like the idea to be the initiative check itself, it's more practical to be honest. But this was a problem to me the first time I've played Star Wars, cause me and my friends are used to play D&D and there the stealth attack is a little different in my opinion.
  10. Milano, from Guardians of the Galaxy. All the hovercrafts from Matrix.
  11. Oh, as soon as possible someone will shere here some average informations about some ships, don't worry about this. For wagons, would be good to check a slow and big vehicle to have a base. Checking my book I'd say that a wagon should be something like... Silhouette: 3 Speed: 1 or 2 (maybe based on the number of horses?) Handling: -2 Shield: 0 - - 0 Armor: 0 HP: 8 to 10 SS: 4 to 8 Encumbrance: 60 to 180 Passenger Cap: 15-25 Cost/Rarity: 2,000 to 10,000/2 Hard Points: 3
  12. I don't know nothing about Titanfall 1 and 2. I just know they have big robots. Reading what you said, I can assume the setting is about a (hi tech) war. War always have a lot of roles to be a protagonist. Soldiers, pilots (robots, vehicles, fighters, etc.), spies, engineers, medic, generals, hackers, etc. This fits well in any kind of RPG cause any role has his own pros and cons. If the party will be full of giant robots, surely they'll have problems to deal with a lot of situations where the "brute force" isn't the best way to deal with the situation. I'm thinking here about a MMORPG called RF Online. One faction has a class that make possible for the character use a big robot during the battle. I don't remember if it works as a tank ou ranged dps, but even being cool as ****, if all members would play with this class, that faction would suffer a lot... It's important to know that playing RPG we try to mix what we want to play with what the party need to work well.
  13. Realms of Terrinoth has nothing about this?
  14. In Star Wars RPG there is a lot of different spaceships.
  15. Hey guys, just a small observation. In the page 8, there's a talent called Animal Expertise, but in the text the talent is mencioned as Hunter twice instead of Animal Expertise. I think this is a just a small mistake, but would be good to adjust this.
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