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  1. Stupid dice question

    As far as I remember, only boost and setback dices has blank sides, and cause they are circunstancial dices, don't bother me to see sometimes the blank side. But if you'ra talking about a "nothing happens" result, like no sucess, no advantages or threats, no triumphs or despairs, it's just a simple failure. He tried. He failed. Nothing more happens that deserve any mention. Sometimes this can help, what we can do? Nothing. Just try again and again. But just to give an example of why I don't care about blank results: let's think we are fighting and there are something thing making the things more stressfull, like hostages. The tests would have 1 or 2 setbacks, which means, this CAN be a problem to the character, but sometimes, with blank sides from the setbacks, it won't compromise the character. This is good, more meaningful and deep than a regular dX check. And I remember that in a page from the Edge of the Empire, there are something talking about to see the result and the kind of dice rolled and try to figure out what happened based on the kind of dice. Sometimes you pick the success from the green dice, sometimes you pick the success from the boost dice. Which this can mean? Well, in one check you did well cause you have a good thing like strenght or intelligence. Sometimes you did cause you got lucky or was under a positive morale bonus, meaning your inner strenght was decisive in that check.
  2. Harry Potter

    I haven't saw anything like this here yet, but I think it's easy to adapt I can't help with this though cause I don't know much about HP :/ I think the first thing to do this is write all you want to adapt. Adversaries, spells, magic itens, special rules, etc. It would help to organize the content.
  3. My own take on GM sheets

    Good work I saw more options in magic than people usually talk about. There is something you have created or things like summoning is in the book?
  4. A horde of enemies!

    I don't know this one for Genesys. Where can i found it?
  5. A horde of enemies!

    Hey people, I'm just curious to know... based on what you all already played, Star Wars or Genesys or something using the system, how much enemies you already used in a single fight / scene? Minions is by far the easiest way to create a horde of enemies, how much of them your group used in a combat? I'm not talking about that "last fight for glory" where everyone will die, but a cool moment, full of enemies. I'm curious cause I really like the adversaries system of Genesys and I never tried very well this specific point, so I believe you can help me with this. I want to know how much adversaries are possible to be used at the same time to create a big mess
  6. Setting with combined genres?

    Neither am I to be honest, but I guess it's fantasy + western + horror. Yours is almost this, with fantasy + sci fi + horror. They have the multiverse, portals, guardians, creatures travelling around the planes, etc.
  7. Setting with combined genres?

    Something like Stephen King's The Dark Tower?
  8. Another take on the Divination spell

    What about the difficult = how important is the information and keep the advantages to provide new information or boost in the next interation with what was in the vision? I think it's more generic, simple and easy to use...
  9. Starting Skills

    Yep, it means 4 points distributed between 4 different skills, which result in 4 skills with 1 rank in each. And one important thing, cause characters have these base skills/talents due career and archetype/specie in the character creation + XP to spend. FIRST: Choose and distribute all skill points and talents you receive for free. SECOND: Spend the XP. It's important cause maybe a "smart" player can try to spend first, picking 1 rank in a few skills paying 5 XP per each rank and after this put the skill points due the career and specie. This is WRONG. The right scenario: first spend the free points. After this you use the XP. So if you want to increase one skill with 1 rank, you would need 10 XP to increase to level 2. Ok?
  10. Genesys Mecha

    Yep. So, basically, the chasis (body) woudl have a lot of Hard Points. Much more than a regular vehicle. Create few models. Explain the design and the specifications. Stats and what it's possible to attach and what can't. (I don't know much about games or whatever that have mechas, so I'd use the Iron Kingdoms as a starting point to do anything) With this done, it's time to create the other parts of the mechas, like you said. Left arm, right arm, legs, head, back, sensors, system, etc. (but I think the base chasis must have at least a base stuff). Here I assume that a lot of these parts would cost 1 or 2 Hard Points, no more than that. But the chasis have a limit. You can create subtypes of each one, like: light arms, heavy arms, nuclear core/reator, diesel core/reator, etc. So... the chasis should have at least 5 points? 2 to arms, 1 to legs, 1 to head and 1 to the body. But I think they must have a little more, or maybe better models have more. Just trying to illustrate: The player wants the chasis A: Silhouette: 4. Speed: +0. Handling: +0. Def. Fore 0 / Port - / Starboard - / Aft. 0. Armor: 2. Hull: 12. Stress: 12. Type/Model: The Brave Heart. Manufacturer: Galato Corp. Sensor Range: -. Crew: 1. Encumbrance Capacity: 40. Passenger Capacity: 0. Consumables: 1 month. Cost/Rarity: 2,000,000 credits/4. Customization Hard Points: 7. Weapons: none. Arm 1: Silhouette: +0. Speed: +0. Handling: +0. Def. Fore - / Port 0 / Starboard 0 / Aft. -. Armor: +0. Hull: +3. Stress: -. Type/Model: Shooting Star n.3. Manufacturer: Hitachi Kamigawa. Sensor Range: -. Crew: -. Encumbrance: 3. Passenger Capacity: -. Consumables: -. Cost/Rarity: 350,000 credits/2. Customization Hard Points: -. Weapons: Ion Cannon (Light). Range: Close. Damage: 5. Critical: 4. Qualities: Ion. The cannon is attached to the arm in that way which is possible to use the hand. Light Hand: Range: Engaged. Damage: 3. Critical: 5. Encumbrance: 0. Qualities: Disorient 1, Knockdown. Arm 2: Silhouette: +0. Speed: +0. Handling: +0. Def. Fore - / Port 0 / Starboard 0 / Aft. -. Armor: +0. Hull: +3. Stress: -. Type/Model: Worm Chopper. Manufacturer: Stark Industries. Sensor Range: -. Crew: -. Encumbrance: 4. Passenger Capacity: -. Consumables: -. Cost/Rarity: 425,000 credits/3. Customization Hard Points: -. Weapons: Vibro-Axe. Range: Engaged. Damage: 6. Critical: 2. Qualities: Pierce 2, Sunder, Vicious 3. Legs: Silhouette: +0. Speed: 2. Handling: 0. Def. Fore 0 / Port - / Starboard - / Aft. 0. Armor: +0. Hull: +4. Stress: -. Type/Model: Basic Legs. Manufacturer: Galato Corp. Sensor Range: -. Crew: -. Encumbrance: 8. Passenger Capacity: -. Consumables: -. Cost/Rarity: 600,000 credits/3. Customization Hard Points: -. Weapons: Mechanical Legs: Range: Engaged. Damage: 3. Critical: 5. Encumbrance: 0. Qualities: Disorient 1, Knockdown. Head Silhouette: -. Speed: -. Handling: -. Def. Fore - / Port - / Starboard - / Aft. -. Armor: +0. Hull: +2. Stress: -. Type/Model: Evil Brain. Manufacturer: Galato Corp. Sensor Range: Med. Crew: -. Encumbrance: 2. Passenger Capacity: -. Consumables: -. Cost/Rarity: 250,000 credits/2. Customization Hard Points: -. Weapons: none. Have a communicating system that can reach across a planet and to ships in high orbit. Remove up to 1 setback imposed due to long range or poor ligh. Has life form tracking, motion sensing, metal detection, and the ability to intercept standard frequency comlink transmissions. OBS.: The body/chasis could have the stat "Potency" (the standard should be 3 to 5 I think), which could work as the Brawn. The other stats and skills could be the pilot instead.
  11. Genesys Mecha

    I'd run mechas like vehicles also. Maybe using the body as the vehicle and the rest of the body like customizations. Like Star Wars vehicles, that you can change a space ship in a few ways, maybe you want yours to hold cargo or to be a spacial fortress. The body would work as the back bone. You can create different models here. Some could be bigger or stronger than others. 2 arms, 2 legs, head and one more slot maybe. So each part could have abonus to hull, weapons, special qualities, mass...
  12. Original creations or re-skins?

    I have no idea what I'm doing with my life right know. But Star Wars has a good base to create a lot of things, adversaries are one of these things. Like drawing, we start copying and after few tests to few confortable we start to create our own content. It works. Or at least use the Genesys + Star Wars to create a new "how to create adversaries" system.
  13. I don't think the game need any change to fit D&D. And I think D&D would be far away better if played with Genesys system. 200%. D&D, played both as hack-and-slash or Lord of the Rings, have similiar aspects: 1) A lot of action; 2) Dramatic things happens all the time; 3) Hordes of small creatures to fight and sometimes few bosses; All of this is covered with maestry by Genesys. The dice system can provide this, the Story points could help this, the adversary system could help this and so on. I haven't played but I'm 200% sure that Genesys will fit better to play D&D than the D20 system. I'd cut my fingers if i'm wrong. The biggest problem is to use the system very well. At least in my personal experience, players have a lot of difficulty to be GM as well, you know? They have some fear to create new things, some of them would use more to create a personal advantage instead of helping the history growth better... If the players know how to play and want to use this system, it would be awesome. Genesys has almost everything to keep the story going on, with a lot of action an cool moments, much more easier to create than in D&D/Pathfinder system. OBS.: Try to play like a movie, not like a turn-based RPG.
  14. Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    I haven't read all the material, but species is something I would change. Here my thoughts: I think the Genesys shouldn't have used what they did in Star Wars as rule to every kind of game. In my opinion, species in Star Wars are much less impactant than in other fantasy scenarios, like Shadowrun, Warcraft, Starcraft, Dungeon and Dragons, etc. I don't have the book yet, but as far as I'm reading what appears here in the forum, I think the standard is almost something like: +1 in one stat, -1 in one stat, +1 free skill rank and 1 free talent or -1 or -2 setbacks in somethig, maybe something different, sometimes using Story Points. To me, like I've sair, Star Wars isn't the kind of scenario where the species made much difference. A lot of species are just humans with horns/mask/tentacles/etc. I would call it something like a "bucket of similar alternatives without little mechanical difference, although visually they may have some appeal". And in some scenarios we have a differencet concept, with "few alternatives with huge mechanical differences", like the scenarios I've mentioned. And I think Genesys should have covered this. Or I'm missing something? Like super species, species with more natural abilites. In therms of game mechanic, if we provide more XP in power to a specie, we could (I preffer 2 and 3): 1) Compensate this reducing the initial XP; 2) Keep the average initial XP and offer more powerfull species and it's ok if all species are balanced; 3) Reduce the initial XP, but create a new mechanic to provide more bonus, like Backgrounds, providing skill ranks and/or talent ranks.
  15. (Opinion?) Homebrew Achetype: Veggians!

    What about: Charming: Fruitons may reduce any Charm check difficult in 1. If it would reduce the difficult to 0, they don't need to do the check.