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  1. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Cowboys and Dinosaurs

    Was this inspired by Smash up?
  2. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    A question about Jenny...

    I have recently been looking at those twin pistols Jenny has, and looking at the rules about the letter X. The rules say if X is undefined it is 0, so do the pistols cost 0 resources and have 0 ammunition? Thanks!
  3. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Robots in disguise! Transformers for Genesys

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Robots in disguise! Transformers for Genesys

    This is really cool! One question though. Do you heal Transformers with Medicine or Mechanics?
  5. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Gm rolling dice

    I know the Edge of the empire core rulebook states in the GM chapter that the GM should show his rolls for NPCs to the PCs because they have direct influence to the dice pool (or something like that), but I personally don't like showing my skill checks to my players. Should I start showing the PCs my rolls or stick to concealing them?
  6. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Dealing with Kleptomania

    If he keeps on looting every once in awhile let some npc/security catch him in the act. In the end the other players will start not liking that every time this guy is looting it just brings trouble to them. Of course making that decision might make the players angry at you not him, but it's still a thought.
  7. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Little question...

    In the awesome new Era Sourcebook Dawn Of Rebellion, it gives you the stats for The Grand Inquisitor, The Fifth Brother, The Seventh Sister, Grand Moff Tarkin, Director Krennic, Agent Kallus, and... (insert imperial march noise here) Darth Vader. So what happens if you pit the pcs of your adventure/campaign with one of these famous characters and the pcs end up killing them? Well, not actually killing them just making them go over their wound threshold. I was thinking you could make a dramatic scene where that famous bad guy was subdued and retreated and not actually killed, because if you've seen Rebels or Rouge One or A New Hope or The Return Of The Jedi you've probably seen how some of the listed villains died. Any suggestions?
  8. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Roleplaying Gamemat???

    Personally, I would have liked for there to be a bigger map space (of course if there is one). Otherwise, it's pretty good!
  9. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Maps, Modules, and Map Creation materials

    Maveritchell, thank you for making those campaigns. I absolutely love them! If you want to run them (this is really to anybody), try using Roll20! I'm trying to start one of the campaigns on there right now. Here is the link to Roll20: https://roll20.net/
  10. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Experienced Player PBP

    Thanks a lot emsquared, awayputurwpn, killerbeardhawk, and edgehawk!!!
  11. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Experienced Player PBP

    Think I could join? Also, at what times will we do it? Thanks!
  12. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    New GM

    To build a custom game, first think up the first encounter to get the pcs involved with the story (Think up the story also). Next make the bad guys for the campaign and put new encounters in. When you get near the ending, create the nemesis and make the pcs fight him/her (not the final battle). Then create the final encounter and get everything ready for the finale. Boom! And that is my tips for you.
  13. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Campaign Idea

    If you're going that far back in time you might think to replace the empire with the old republic. Of course that is thousands of years before A New Hope, but it could work. The game it should be set in is probably Force And Destiny. Also if you're doing old republic, maybe add some sith?
  14. Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking

    Do you let your players see NPC stats?

    I personally think you should not. If a PC knows that a stormtrooper has a agility of 3, 2 ranks in ranged (heavy) and his blaster rifle ready they might be like, "I take cover behind a crate because that stormtrooper will kill me with that blaster rifle because he is so good with it!"