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  1. I figured that would be your response. time for a table notebook.
  2. Thanks. What's the trick to make sure that both your and your opponent's triggers all fire? X-wing is a rather annoying game in that you basically need to watch the ENTIRE game from both sides because no one will blame your opponent for missing a trigger when you apparently have to watch for it as well. Do you have any tricks for doing this?
  3. Just for understanding who owns executing the trigger, is it the player that shot the harpoon or is it the player who owns the ship with the "Harpooned" card on it? I realize that everyone has to monitor everything, but I'm curious who's responsibility is it to trigger that effect card. Thanks
  4. Dash's barrel roll is illegal. Seriously, who writes these garbage articles?
  5. Yeah, FFG would make a mint selling asteroid/debris replacements along with those epic ship bases and stands.
  6. Those are asteroids...
  7. Where can I buy decently priced acrylics? The team covenant ones are 70 bucks for a set. O_O
  8. Hey guys. Any idea how I can get replacement debris pieces? I've seen asteroids on ebay, but no one seems to sell the cardboard debris fields. Thanks
  9. Allow the app to keep the phone awake. Allow flicking action to roll a dice or all the highlighted dice. Configurable Quick rolls like 2 attack or 3 defense icons. The app is actually pretty nice but there are a few things that could make it truly excellent.
  10. mecra

    Vassal teaching

    Hey guys. I'm not sure if this got posted or not, but would anyone be willing to help me figure out Vassal? I have a Discord channel we can use. I just want to play a full game against someone that can coach me through the program. Thanks!
  11. I would like to learn the game, but I would like to play against someone who will be able to show me the ropes. I've done TableTop and it's not bad, but it's kind of laggy and complicated to get something going. I have a Discord channel so that I can talk to whoever helps me. Thanks!
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