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  1. Usually to sin scorpion you must have more cards than them, and be able to deal with shoju. Not so easy in fact
  2. Who are you dishonoring with spies at court? That card makes you overcommit another body just so your maidens o courtiers do not dishonor themselves, kind of expensive, and It is no so easy to win a Pol conflict agaisnt some clans, like crane or scorpion
  3. I am playing them un the same direction (only i Play 3xreprieve and 1xstoic gunso) due to the role, and 0 way of the unicorn. I dont like It at all. I wanted to ask about mount and ide trader. Are they worth it? In my test, they arent, but would love to see some feedback about it
  4. Depend on your idea about the deck. If you plan on defend some provinces (like ally dragón with mirumoto fury) repeteable provinces are great, if you want to Rush when reveal are usually best
  5. I am not sold on the seeker... You have to pay at least 2, probably 3 for them, and then swing and win void just to look at 5 cards and pick one. Id rather have those 3 fates in another char, like asako diplomat About rings, for me, running display of power and masahiro, kaede etc elemental fury is a better choice
  6. Many thanks! already installed I ve realized that there is a typo with Mirumoto Prodigy, she is a 2 2 and is a 3 2 in the deckbuilder Many thanks!!!
  7. This, altough Phoenix went for the throat, we Will have a hard time agaisnt them
  8. And anyone knows how to qualify for this first worlds?
  9. WoW imo id rather have toturi in scorpion and crane (more even un crane) that their champs, and yokuni and tsukune for sure. And ask unicorns...
  10. In my opinion, justo with the games i ve played, i ve noticed that i always want to recruit tsukune y kisada, almost always yokuni, seldom shoju, and never toturi, hotaru and altawhatever (but toturi gets a lot of table vía spiritcaller and charge)
  11. What os clear os that we allí think that the unicorn clan Champion is the worst by far, bad numbers and terrible ability, at least in Core enviroment. A pity she is also un one of the weakest clans
  12. Dell, we have played more than 40 games with 3 cores (without roles) and half of them with all the cards, and the unicorn hasnt won a single Game. On the other hand dragon goes 10-2 i think. Foro me there is a clear difference. Lets see with roles, but i cant see any big difference comming from it
  13. I think the same as Joe, with a bit of salt for Shoju: 1. Shoju 2. Tsukune 3. Kisada 4. Yokuni 5. Toturi 6. Asparagus 7. Hotaru
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