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  1. I know this is incredibly niche, but if one tried to do a red maneuver while stressed, only to end up doing a white 2-forward, would an R4 Astromech then make that maneuver blue? Logically, he should, but I can't help but think I've seen a ruling somewhere that says otherwise.
  2. But Torkil does not alter the initiative of the ship, merely when the ship engages, thus separating engagement initiative from ship initiative. That's my reading anyway.
  3. Heightened Perception, Roark Garnet, and Torkil Mux all affect when a target engages. "...Engage at initiative [X] instead of your (standard/normal) initiative." Swarm Tactics affects a ship's initiative. "...that ship treats its initiative as equal to yours..." Both happen at the start of the Engagement phase. Question: What's the interaction between Torkil Mux and Swarm Tactics? Example: If Torkil Mux has initiative and he uses his ability on Luke Skywalker to cause him to engage at Initiative 0, does it matter if Wedge then uses Swarm Tactics to raise Luke's initiative to 6, since he's now engaging at an initiative different than his own? It seems that RAW, Heightened Perception, Roark, and Torkil break the link between pilot initiative and when the pilot engages, so changing the initiative after Torkil does his thing should be irrelevant.
  4. I'd want three single player starter sets similar to how Destiny releases separate starters for hero and villain. One for each faction that includes two small base ships and an assortment of upgrades. If they include one of the older ships that need a fix, this would be a great way to put in upgrades and attract new players at the same time. Each would include a standard set of starter gear: damage decks, rule books, range rulers, tokens, etc. The Rebel starter could include a T-65 X-Wing and A-Wing, both with new and redone pilot cards. A title that adds the boost action to the X-Wing's action bar, and an A-Wing only missile upgrade that takes the place of Chardaan Refit and increases its primary weapon value to 3. The Imperial starter could include a TIE Interceptor and a TIE Advanced. Reprint the TIE Advanced Title and Advanced Targeting Computer from the Raider Box. Then, include a mod that helps protects ships from bombs. Flak Shielding. 1 point modification. "When a bomb within range 1 detonates, you may discard this card to ignore it until the end of the round." The Scum starter could include the HWK-290 and an M3-A. Both the Light and Heavy titles for the Interceptor, and a title for the Hawk which increases its primary weapon value to 2 and gives it a second crew slot. Alternatively, they could replace the M3-A with a new ship from the Force Awakens era that also has a Tech Slot.
  5. Give the HWK a second crew slot and up the primary weapon value to two and I'm a happy guy. I've got three of the **** things and don't ever get to fly them.
  6. I don't use the illicit slot on my Quadjumper often, but if I had a second crew slot, I would probably want some glitterstim or a hotshot blaster to protect it, or a dead man switch for after it's purpose has been served. A Title that removes the bomb slot in exchange for a crew means that Constable Zuvio's pilot ability is negated for the trade. And if I can't equip certain crew upgrades, then we're back to square one and I've got to start singing again. I want a cheap scum ship I can use as 2-crew support. Tactician and Latts Razzi. Hotshot Co-Pilot and Gunner. Boba and Greedo. Outlaw Tech and Maul. There's not a whole lot of crew combos scum can make heavy use of, but those that we can need a place to play that doesn't cost as much as half my squad to get in the air. And not to undercut my own arguement, but how much fun would you have with Jabba in a Jakku Gunrunner, leading 5 Baby Z-95s and everybody's got a Hotshot Blaster with a 2-round clip?
  7. I don't disagree with this, but I think being able to use Palp in regular gaming was a main reason the Imp Raider sold. The fix to the TIE Advanced, while great, was just icing after that.
  8. I was thinking more like "When defending, you may turn all the attacker's eye results to blank results." I think having twi'leks dancing in the windows would be great for making an opponent lose focus.
  9. The Empire has a distinct lack of Twi'lek dancers... which incidentally brings me to the next crew upgrade I want.
  10. I don't need the shuttle to be good. I need the shuttle to be there. I want something that I can set up with specific crew combinations which won't eat up a full third of my list. The TIE Shuttle isn't great, but imagine if scum had something they could fly back behind a YV-666 or G-1A to offset the stress those ships build up. Greedo and Boba Fett is 2 points of crew and that combo would only work once. I don't like that I've got to spend 29 points to put those two together in a build. Jabba the Hutt sitting on a Slaver is 34 points before I put anything into the list that Jabba can affect. My ideal would be a small base ship with a base cost of between of 20 to 23 points. Standard firing arc, 2 Attack, 2 defense , 5 to 8 hit points, Focus and Target Lock actions, 2 crew slots, 1 Illicit slot. Maybe the top PS pilot would get an EPT. Dial like a Y-wing or maybe a HWK, but with a K-turn. This would let a player keep it cheap for a throwaway combo like Greedo-Boba, or load it with crew designed to augment the other ships in a list like Inspiring Recruit and Operations Specialist. I'd also like a Tech slot, but that's mostly because the one tech slot scum has comes on a ship that can't take evades or target locks, making the two best tech upgrades practically useless. I'm aware however that a K4-Droid and a Weapons Engineer on a ship with a Targeting Synchronizer would be ridiculously broken. Edit: It occurs to me that if I could cram a crew member into the bomb slot on the QuadJumper, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  11. If the cost is only 16 points like the TIE Shuttle, then I'd might accept not fitting Jabba on it. But a 20- to 25-point ship should be fine.
  12. I Want a 2-Crew Scum Shuttle for Christmas Only a 2-crew scum shuttle will do. Jabba the Hutt. Greedo and Boba Fett. Are just some of the Personnel I need a place to set. I want a 2-crew scum shuttle for Christmas The other guys already both have two. Lambda and a TIE, Auzituck and the U-Wing. They're hogging all the good supports that'd make my villains sing. I want a 2-crew scum shuttle for Christmas. With a small base an a cost of twenty-two. I don't care if it flies like a Hippopotamus. I just want something other than that freaking Party Bus. I want a 2-crew scum shuttle for Christmas. I don't think that's to much to ask, do you? And if I get a scum shuttle for Christmas, I promise I'll go buy a C-Roc too. Seriously. Both Rebel and Imperials each have four ships with 2 or more crew slots. Scum has all of ONE. The Flarestar Attack Shuttle would let us get a 2-crew ship and get Hondo Ohnaka and his Pirate gang into the game at the same time. Please, FFG? I'll be your best friend.
  13. I think Deadeye needs the FAQ, not Biggs. They need to nail down when this happens and who gets to choose. If Deadeye goes into effect in part ii of the Declare Target step, then I'm happy, but if Biggs can force me to use it, I want it in writing. I could imagine a similar scenario happening when Deadeye meets Hotshot Co-Pilot, even if the end result of such a scenario wouldn't change much.
  14. If a ship is equipped with a Pattern Analyzer and Inertial Dampeners, does the stress from the Inertial Dampeners happen before both the "Check Pilot Stress" and "Perform Action" steps, thereby nullifying the effect of Pattern Analyzer? Does the use of Lightweight Frame count as a dice modification such that it would be affected by Omega Leader's ability? For the upcoming Vaksai title, can you equip both Shield Upgrade and Pulsed Ray Shield to a Kihraxz Fighter? (I'm assuming no.) How do "Can" and "Could" interact with "May"? Example, If a ship with Deadeye and a Synced Turret had both a focus token and a Target Lock on an enemy ship within Range 1 of Biggs Darklighter, could they choose NOT to use Deadeye such that they wouldn't be forced to shoot at Biggs?
  15. Synced Turret requires a target lock on the defender to fire. Deadeye says you MAY treat Attack: (Target Lock) as Attack: (Focus). Biggs Darklighter says other friendly ships at range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target [Biggs] instead. If a player with Synced Turret has both a target lock and a focus on a ship at range 1 of Biggs and they choose NOT to use Deadeye to treat the target lock requirement as a focus requirement, does that mean they no longer forced to attack Biggs? Or does the fact that they CAN shoot Biggs override their choice in whether or not to use Deadeye?
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