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  1. Above their Weight (31) N'dru Suhlak [Z-95-AF4 Headhunter] (5) Lone Wolf Points: 36 (30) Ahhav [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (38) Cartel Marauder [Kihraxz Fighter] Points: 38 (30) Sunny Bounder [M3-A Interceptor] Points: 30 (32) Jakku Gunrunner [Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug] (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 37 (29) Lando Calrissian [Escape Craft] Points: 29 Total points: 200
  2. After watching the trailer, it definitely looks more action-packed. Plus a few new ship sightings!
  3. Do we know how many of the new plastic bases will come with the conversion kit? I hope more than 1. . .
  4. Can someone explain the benefit of Commander Beck? I'm a tad confused. . . Thanks!
  5. Hello! I have heard speculation for Rebel and imperial pilots, but what about scum? Which pilots would you like to see come in this pack?
  6. If I put angled deflectors on a firespray, does it change the red rienforce to a white? Thanks!
  7. BrotherFett

    Wave 6

    So it has been confirmed that wave 6 will be announced at Gen Con. In addition to card packs and epic announcments, what do you expect the next wave to be? If these factions are part of wave 6 suspect: Rebel: Awing Imperial: interceptor Scum: Viper Order: Upsilon Resistance: Falcon Republic: LATT Seppies: Slave 1 (Jango's) What do you think will arrive?
  8. Imbedded Signature IDs 5 pnts When you become the target of an attack, role one evade die. On an evade result, the attacker must choose another target if able. This might be way out of balance. Maybe there is a way to utilize a charge token aspect? Like: When you become the target of an attack, if your charge is active, role one evade die. On an evade result, the attacker must choose a different target of able. When you declare a target of an attack, spend one charge.
  9. BrotherFett


    I just played a game with Krassis in his firespray and now I want more missile options. What non faction specific missiles would you like to see developed for the game?
  10. Super simple with this list: Black Sun (27) Black Sun Soldier [Z-95-AF4 Headhunter] Points: 27 (27) Black Sun Soldier [Z-95-AF4 Headhunter] Points: 27 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] Points: 48 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] Points: 48 (50) Talonbane Cobra [Kihraxz Fighter] Points: 50 Total points: 200
  11. BrotherFett

    Sun Fac

    What is Sun Fac's ability?
  12. I am excited to fly the evil twins. 2 prototype vultures armed with clusters and 2 baked protatoes with barrage rockets. Having a slab of butter from butter bot or land'o lakes will be awesome. I'm sure there will be room for flavoring too!
  13. Baktoid Prototype's ability works on themselves right? So they could equip barrage rockets, take a lock for an action, then ignore the focus requirement to launch them right? Using friendly calculates, the lock itself, and the brockets' own charges to guide them home. Sounds awesome.
  14. I would really like this as well. It would be interesting to have ground unit tokens that could potentially move the same way as the drk probes. Only certain types could target ships (missile troops). Other units could interact with other terrain like turrets, enemy troops, and bases for objectives. I honestly haven't thought too deep into the matter so there might be some unforeseen complications. But I dig the idea of having planetary battles with walkers to shoot at.
  15. Hello! If I had a delta 7 that slooped onto a gas cloud, I am stressed and loose my standard action. If r4p17 was equipped, could I spend a charge and perform an action despite landing on the cloud? I guess the real question is, does landing on or moving through a gas cloud only effect your standard action? Thanks!
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