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  1. BrotherFett

    Terrifying Technology - Vulture Droid Preview is up!

    So launching discord missiles are not considered an attack? Interesting. And it has 3 dots. Makes sense.
  2. BrotherFett

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Thanks for your thoughts! These are valid points. I guess my assumption is more a hope. I personally wouldn't mind another release. I assumed FFG would do another slave 1 due to the fact it has quite the history in the clone wars, it would be a cool repaint, and an opportunity to include additional clone wars characters. I also assumed he would be part of the sepratist faction to give it some more flesh and blood options. At the end of the day, I'll be happy with what ever happens!
  3. BrotherFett

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Hello! I am sure we will eventually see Slave 1 under Jango Fett as an expansion with the inclusion of the clone wars. How do you think they will make it stand out when compared to the OT Slave 1? I'm thinking pilots will be Jango Fett, Boba, Sing, and maybe Hondo. I think a new title would include the option to add another crew slot as it was constantly holding additional crew during the clone wars (Bossk, Sing, Boba). What are your ideas? What would you like to see in this expansion?
  4. BrotherFett

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    So can you use fine tuned controls after you execute a red manuver? Or no because you would be stressed? And is that in addition to another standard action?
  5. BrotherFett

    Your Squad Names?

    A lot of my squads are named after famous or memorable starwars quotes. For example: No Disintigration; Punch It; Buckle Up, Baby; Don't Get Cocky, Kid and so on. I also like to take either ship names or pilot names and mash them: Fireviper, Starfangs, 4 Helfrost, Nymgar.
  6. BrotherFett

    Han and Ventress

    This was my first 2.0 list. I had lots of fun with it. Punch it (54) Han Solo (6) Lando's Millennium Falcon (1) Trick Shot (4) Shield Upgrade (4) Rigged Cargo Chute (3) 0-0-0 (4) L3-37 Points 76 (84) Asajj Ventress (4) Rigged Cargo Chute (3) Hate Points 91 (26) Lando Calrissian (6) Shield Upgrade Points 32 Total points: 199 A little upgrade heavy for Han, but it worked well for me. Happy flying!
  7. BrotherFett

    What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

    Vulture swarm. Just for aesthetic purposes, I would love to modify the vulture pegs to accommodate 2-3 vulture droids per base. Can you imagine? Flying an 8 vulture list, but with 24 on the table! CLONE WARZZS! Everytime a vulture loses a hull, you can take one off the base!
  8. BrotherFett

    Ground Combat Game

    I doubt we will either. I have taken it upon myself to create one for casual games with friends. I'm going to use paper 2d models or legos, but as it gets flushed out, maybe I'll use mel minature models or 3d print my own. I'm going to Frankenstein it; using rules from xwing, armada, and mechwarrior. We'll see how it turns out.
  9. BrotherFett

    Ground Combat Game

    Howdy all. Would you guys want a ground game that is akin to armada as Xwing is to Legion? What I mean by that is a larger scheme ground combat game where instead of controlling a few units (Legion, xwing), you are in control of an army, much like controlling a fleet in armada. When I heard FFG was doing a ground forces game, this is the style I was hoping for, a game where you could field many AtAt walkers without it being huge and cumbersome. Is their a fan made game out there like this? I would love to see it play out like Battletech mechwarrior. Thoughts?
  10. BrotherFett

    A gift that keeps on giving.

    Welcome to the game!
  11. BrotherFett

    Anyone need a core set?

    Can I use this forum to find someone willing to buy a new armada core set? I picked up an extra one when they were cheap and hoped to sell it to someone who is interested in getting into the game. I introduced it to two new guys in my area, but they rather stick to x wing. If you know anybody that needs a core set and would like it at a good price, send them to this forum topic!
  12. Where are all the Armada players in Tucson, AZ? Is their an active facebook page in an join? Thanks!
  13. BrotherFett

    Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure

    The Han Solo one makes me proud to own a Falcon in x-wing. These are great! I would love to see a full television series with this style.
  14. BrotherFett

    Showcase: Z95 Headhunter

    So I know many of the Nashta Pup cards show the Pup as a normal Z, but wasn't it modified? Does anybody have any cool modifications besides repaints to set apart Bossk's escape craft?
  15. BrotherFett

    Clone Wars faction EPTs: "DEVOTED" and "TREACHEROUS"

    The word "hasta" is included. Which I'm fairly certain indicates that you may reroll "up to" two dice.