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  1. Here is a repaint I did for a friend. It sends some serious "Iron Spider" vibes.
  2. The whole model is built upside down. The top 2 left studs of the 2x6 are connected on a higher brick level then the bottom 2 studs. So all the middle studs are not even connected at all. It just angled down. I am not even sure if that makes sense. Sorry!
  3. Hello! I need some help. I am making a custom medium/large (I haven't decided size yet) base ship. I want it to have a unique mechanic that allows the ship to equip a huge ship hardpoint. Any ideas how a standard ship could equip one of these and keep it balanced at the same time? I was thinking having 3 charges that regen once per turn. If all your charges are active, you could spend all three to attack with an equiped hardpoint. I am trying to figure out clever ways to ignore or include the energy requirements. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Here are some more! Firespray
  5. I've got more on the way. Sorry they are not on their bases. I was short on time. Enjoy!
  6. Sorry this took so long! Jumpmaster
  7. I need to take some pictures of most of mine, but here is a c-roc I made that I have a photo of! I'll post the others when I get snaps of them!
  8. I am glad to see I am not the only one who does this! I use lego models to fill out my conversion kit. I also do it for armada. They look good!
  9. Here is one I did for a friend
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