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  1. We have Graboids, that is really all that needed to be said. Burt would be proud.
  2. Curlycross

    How are players beating Uthuk?

    I lost my first game with them, but that was also because I forgot a few things that would have helped me a lot. I didn't take a few things into account. I was beat by Latari with many blockers and two 3x2 archers raining down on my parade. My dice rolls on several occasions were very lucky. I also mistimed a charge and got counter charged and killed with my thresher from Aliaana
  3. Curlycross

    When is the game over?

    Points don't matter if you kill the other player, it says so in what you quoted. "A player wins the game if he eliminates another player".
  4. Curlycross

    New Units release dates

    I think there is a problem when you're comparing the release of a game in 2016 or 2017 to a game released in '87 or '88. In 1987 the internet wasn't a regular thing, there weren't many major websites or forums to go read and learn about the games. Cell phones weren't popular so it wasn't easy to text or call a friend and get a game together which meant it was difficult to get others talking about it on a grand scale. The only way to learn about a game from 1987 was to see it on TV or go to the game store. Today I learned about it from a friend who texted me a link to a website so I checked that out. He had the pieces so he had me try out his army and texted me about it and all the new things that I could see on a website. Marketing has changed drastically and so too has technology. There is an expectation in today's world, albeit an unfair expectation, but an expectation none the less, to receive information constantly. That's obviously not feasible or fair, but to have a game that is less than a year old and to have a full quarter of the year go by with no information. That is no way to gain a new fan base. Obviously I love that they're doing this journey with new players new to miniatures and games and they're documenting the battle reports, but the marketing needs to hype this game a bit more. I have been told this is typical for a miniatures game and we saw this with Armada and we saw this with this other game. That's great for those that are used to miniatures games and used to these different games that have been out for years. Armada has been out for years, at a snails pace they still have years of expansions so it's easy to get into it, there is a fan base created with plenty of options. A new game obviously has it's struggles. In today's world though, people want everything constant, the internet is a beast that way. I love playing Runewars, it's a fun strategic game, and there is nothing like watching Ravos destroy a whole unit on his own. The issue is the typical person who has never been into miniatures and is right on the edge of playing miniatures games (like myself) they're not used to the way miniatures works, and they may, like myself, understand nothing can be constant. They too, reasonably though would expect more than one iota of information per quarter, especially considering the game is in it's infancy and the factions aren't even on a level playing field. So while I do look forward to Runewars future and the massive success I'm sure it can be, if they don't do something about it now, it will die before it's ever truly alive, because in 1987-1990 people didn't expect constant information, in 2018 we at least expect consistency.
  5. Curlycross

    Runewars Players Global Map

    This seems like a Soldier 76 thing from Overwatch
  6. Curlycross

    Struggling With Latari

    This is all exactly how I lose to Latari. 3x2 archers with wind rune and a support scion is a stupidly good combo. Latari are extremely mobile. Making them even more mobile with wind rune sometimes almost feels like cheating. I've literally had Ardus ready to charge into Aliana, only for her to shift around my Ardus and basically wave at him as she runs by him. Only to immediately have the Leonx riders come crashing in from behind where Aliana was (keyword: was) and dropping Ardus to 1 hp left.
  7. Curlycross

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    10th of January? That isn't possible I would say, only because we would have at least an updated what's upcoming page; but here's hoping they just haven't updated that site.
  8. Curlycross

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    or many years old.
  9. Curlycross

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    This exactly. It could be as simple as World Championships or North America Championships. Something that shows they're still here. It's not much to ask for somewhat of a regular communication even if the talk is just a reminder they're here.
  10. Curlycross

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    A lot of people have said what I posted was to incite negativity or to breed negative reactions. It's not, if you read the post it was directed directly at FFG. I'm not saying we HAVE to get updates all the time, I'm just saying we go every week for 7-8 months and then we go cold turkey after a major release. It would be nice to hear about why the Q4 stuff is being delayed and by how much. I'm not asking for a weekly post. I'm just asking for some update on what they've already talked about as far as a release date. I get they have a huge thing coming out and I understand it's common in the miniatures world for things to just go silent. But because it's common doesn't make it the right thing to do. With how new this IP is I think it's important to at least drop in some kind of information or else you're going to have a lot of people who are either on the fence about getting it or on the fence about keeping it. They're going to jump off the fence and walk away. Do I hope that? Absolutely not, I need more people to dominate with my Uthuk forces. I think it might be different if I wasn't invested in the only faction that doesn't have everything announced and doesn't have the main expansions available.
  11. Looking at the current top 4 or 5 posts all of them are about the annoyance of no news and one is even about quitting because things aren't moving along enough and there isn't enough interest in their area. Many have stated people are waiting for full Uthuk or full Latari and that may take awhile. Obviously I understand they have other things going on and a major new product coming out with the obvious benefit of it having the "Star Wars" title to go with it. I honestly think a simple, "Hey guys, we haven't forgotten about you, this is a busy time we're working on this or that" would go a long way to let us know we aren't forgotten. Obviously we know that, but there is obvious unrest. We haven't heard from you since November 24th. Next Tuesday that will be a month and a half. That's a long time to go silent.
  12. Curlycross

    The Best Embedded Heroes?

    I honestly think imbedded isn't a horrible option. He loses his dice, and his surge ability. He loses his brutal but in ST they have brutal so that's not really a loss. ST roll a respectable red/red which with 3 threat can be great (IE reanimates) Ravos then gains health by being in a major block (they must chew through 2/10 to get to Ravos. and 2/15 to kill Ravos. He loses some of his speed and that passive damage is nice, but with a larger Ravos (block of ST) his range of his auto wound is larger and he doesn't fear big blocks as much either. With the rerolls afforded to a 2x2 of ST w/ Ravos (2.5 rerolls) you are looking at great odds of whatever you want. I don't feel like doing the math but your odds of two hits is **** near 90% and the 4 hits is probably somewhere around 30-40%? That's not a bad option. Using this group to get through targets will be devastating. Benefit if high armor target is fighting within range 1 of block as it can damage that unit instead of whatever it's engaged with. In one of my Uthuk games, I killed the last bit of archers the Latari had and then finished off Aliana with the wound. Had my range been increased (2x2 unit) I could have also targeted Maegan.
  13. Curlycross

    The Best Embedded Heroes?

    haha, I bet like Uncle Buck (John Candy), Ravos also flips his pancakes with a shovel.
  14. Curlycross

    Solo Ardus

    Ardus looks like he should be a tank with that massive armor, but he is an assassin. Play him as a flanker, or as someone to come in after a blocker has taken the brunt. His ability to come in late game and devastate is great, he is no tank though. Even with his +1 defense he's squishy. 3/3 is not a tank.
  15. Curlycross

    Struggling With Latari

    As a LEGO builder, do you mean as profession or as a fun hobby, if you say profession I will cry and be so envious at the same time...