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  1. the Card says: "an enemy at range..." so no it doesn't target self, it's an enemy.
  2. @oda204 you made a mistake we now know you own a FLGS and will be relying on you for any updates Let us know when ordering becomes available
  3. I'd be willing to bet we'll get a couple articles about the units already out before they release viper legion. We still don't have dials for anything but Ravos and Kethra.
  4. This is my thought as well.
  5. I would say the most interesting/fair is to place the points somewhere in a range where you really can only have 2 total upgrades for both heroes so whether that's one has two or each have one. Having the point value somewhere in that range. Also it's kind of unfair, to have a point limit, because heroes like Ardus and Hawthorne have higher point values because of what they bring their armies. Ardus and Hawthorne's deployment abilities are factored into their points, but aren't added in this. So I would say instead of putting a point value, put an upgrade limit, whether that be number (2-4 total upgrades for both heroes) or that be a number (15 points of upgrades).
  6. You seriously just won the internet, this is amazing...
  7. That's not fair. It's not the Uthuk's fault the other heroes are losers
  8. And no one else thinks, hey lets focus the hero that can throttle late round?
  9. Her other ability. I attack Ravos and do mortal wounds based on hit markers rolled to Ravos and all surrounding.
  10. Aliana sits back she dies from Kethra's ability Also, many people have talked about the free for all way. And it seems best bet is winner is whomever has second highest damage to other faction. Read forums about free for all someone explains it well...
  11. Gladly I think Ravos and Kethra would definitely be the dominating force, Kethra sits back as Ravos runs in and Kethra attacks Ravos hurting all of you newbs. Kethra gets Unnatural Growths so both her and Ravos get damage shield, good bye all heroes with 2 armor. Kethra also gets range attack and Ravos has his initial morale test. I think I would have the best chances of winning.
  12. I wonder if people want Latari/Uthuk because they already have Daqan/Waiqar? I'd be willing to bet next week's article is Moose Mommies.
  13. Maro isn't horrible as a champion to use his ability to bring in trays. I attacked on turns with 4 unstable and brought trays on the other. But you might as well put him in a 2x2 of reanimates and save the points.
  14. He means Violent Forces. And yes, violent forces means his +2hit modifier takes out a whole tray of infantry or Oathsworn, as it is 4 hits. I agree, no CI is going to be tough to get any amount of blight to stick. While rerolls are nice, I prefer CI as your odds of getting a surge are decent without rerolls, but even with rerolls needing two lowers odds dramatically. You never want to roll 0 dice.