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  1. Oooh I like this, I may have to do an orangish skin with black accent.
  2. I feel like that could be said of most Miniatures games, as it is just such a major investment.
  3. 1 answer... Uthuk Y'llan.
  4. Right? Have him order uthuk and sell me 50% who gives up before a year or before all factions released?
  5. I feel like this is some sick November fools joke. I see no reference anywhere but here of a scheduled Uthuk release date. I checked the facebook page and see no mention of Runewars let alone Uthuk release.
  6. They've given up on us completely. They don't care anymore. We are old news, we've been tossed aside. We're old cheese. Any way. I just want something. some update, anything. Even if the update was. We don't have an update this week.
  7. Lawyered. I had to double take to see it wasn't @Tvayumat... I know that feeling all too well...
  8. Aah i just saw and we became best friends and thought he was referring to the commentatorz portion he quoted
  9. I looked at FFG event center facebook. I don't see the post. Most recent post was Thursday, and none of them talk about Runewars.
  10. at $3.33 per card upgrade.
  11. Didn't think about that. That makes sense.
  12. I wasn't trying to be passive aggressive, I really didn't know. I don't know if I'd ever guess autocorrect would do some medical term I'm not a Daqan player so I don't know about their baby delivering objectives.
  13. @Budgernaut our time has come to rule the World.
  14. WOOO HOOO ABOUT TIME!!! That is a Friday, do they mean the 23rd?