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  1. I want to see a list with Kethra and A big block of flesh rippers (nuking the flesh rippers for splash damage) and then siege Ravos in Obscenes. The rest and upgrades are up to you but this is a combo I've been really interested in seeing on the table.
  2. oooh fun! This is easy. I want to have Spined Threshers with Scuttling Horror and Devouring Maws!!
  3. I think 2x1 CI RAs are one of the best utility in the game. It's ability to blight is insane. Being able to limit or cancel attacks is crazy good. Spined Threshers can't hit very hard if they can't roll dice.
  4. So kind of feels like what I'm seeing is the Vipers are great, have a lot of utility and can be used in a number of ways and Obscenes are kind of blah?
  5. I want a unit of Ravos!! Oh wait... nevermind.
  6. Life has changed for me so I'm not able to get many games in and haven't purchased the new Uthuk expansions (My FLGS doesn't carry RW anymore, you have to preorder through him and then wait a week). How are Obscenes and Viper Legion playing? I've been really curious about how the mechanics of these two will change/shift the Uthuk scene. I saw someone posted a great post about Viper Legion and Gorgemaw, but it was mostly detailed with Gorgemaw and talked a little about how they used Viper Legion in that one game. I was wondering how are the interactions working? What has been tried? Where do these work best? Is it changing the Uthuk "meta"?
  7. I can't believe there is a discussion on whether or means both or not. In a game where they use and, and they use or specifically. If or could be both why have the and verbage on some cards? Or is always exclusive or. The example of fries or a salad is because the restaurant wants your business and will charge you extra for the other one. You don't get both for free. If your friend owes you $25 he could say do you want cash or do you want another RWM expansion. You can't say both. There is a cost to both. These cards all say OR there is an additional cost to both. The card has a set price, so or is exclusive.
  8. Just looked you up. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Just ordered two acrylic rune sets.
  9. I just ask that you post videos of your shenanigans because this just sounds fun to watch.
  10. Budgernaut, my brother. Never stop growing our swarm. The others that dare step to us must be squashed below our boot like the bugs they are. On a side note, @Wraithist and I did this once a long time ago with Daqan v Waiqar. Also I think 3-4 terrain pieces on a 3x3 is going to be way too cumbersome, especially if you have a lot of large ones. I would say 2 terrain pieces is more than enough. Everyone knows the combo of Ravos, Kethra, and Thu'uk Tar is going to be unstoppable. If Ardus was a little beefier I would say this could go to them only because of Vorunthul or whatever. The 3rd hero for everyone is pretty awesome.
  11. interesting. I've never thought of using Psychosis Siren like that...
  12. I could be wrong but the way I read it. You still can't use the modifier side of the dials. As exiting terrain cancels everything else, or am I wrong and that is only entering terrain? If it's only entering terrain then obviously I'm wrong, but if it's the same in and out then your modifier side of the dial still does nothing.
  13. If you have the group of friends I would recommend a 200 each army free for all with 3-4 people. A ton of fun to have a free for all.
  14. @Wraithist and I have done 2 400 point games. Once we did 4 people each with 100 point army every person for themselves. We also did 2 v 2 each with 100 points (though I think I had like 93 and my partner had 107. We did 200 per side) and combined armies with benefits spreading across. For example Ardus allowed my Daqan ally to also use better upgrades. I don't remember what armies played with who the Ardus/Daqan was for the idea. We did this on a 6x3 table. Worked fine, the 100 v 100 v 100 v 100 was a lot of fun. At the beginning it was unverbal alliances and watching people attack their "ally" midway through the game really made for a fun experience. It was hard to pass up an easy flank charge.
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