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  1. So far I am the only one it seems that thinks Qui Gon Anakin will be OP. 8/12 dice generate shields or melee and 2/10 generate resources. It is so focused. I love it.
  2. Got a message from Lukas. The die gets resolved and goes back to card with no effect which I believe you all pretty much came to. Makes confidence really strong IMO
  3. So the issue is they can resolve the die because there is no cost to resolve the special. Paying 5 resources is part of the effect. The argument on FB right now is people saying die resolves no character is killed and die goes back to card. Other side says the 5 resource cost means it cant be resolved.
  4. What happens if you play Confidence on a Crime Lord Special but the owner of Crime Lord has 4 resources?
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