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  1. From Legends, and cannon as well, the Twi'lek's never developed space travel themselves. Rather, it was other Races that came to the planet to exploit it (slaves, spice, etc.). Because of its lack of space travel I think it meant that it couldn't really defend itself from being exploited. Because of this the government is very corrupt, being "bought" by outside crime organizations which have wide latitude. So while there is a government it is pretty powerless, and therefore couldn't effectively enforce any policies that would keep the planet and its people from being exploited. For spice: its Ryll (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ryll/Legends). It has legit medical uses, so it is technically legal some places. Used in medical as a painkiller and anesthetic Also from Legends, the Zann consortium deals largely in Weapons, and spice, but not so much slaves. I think the idea is they operate on the plant mainly because the law/government is too powerless to turn them over to the empire. But Zann's primary aim is to wage personal war on The empire (Because they kicked him out for stealing weapons ) and less so to run the planet. I think he only really uses crime as a means to fund his war. Personally In my games I don't portray them as slavers, but rather as an "exploited race and planet" that cant free itself because it lacks the power. But there are some "resistance cells", and my game had a main focus of building one up. *PS. My campaign spent a lot of time here as a main hub, so i am realizing that i probably know more about this planet than any other planet in the SW universe.
  2. Also of note, as the Home planet of twi'leks, Ryloth has long been known for its exploitation and export of twi'lek slaves. An adventure involving slavers, or the freeing of slaves could easily be a possibility.
  3. Just FYI, this is no longer Canon. But OP said they are willing to consider legends. I agree it can be interesting. I just realized this has similarities with Star Trek Romulan world of "Remus", mentioned in the (awful) movie "Star Trek: Nemesis". One side of the planet is forever in darkness. *preemptively ducks for mentioning Stark Trek in a Star Wars forum*
  4. Oh, duh, I almost forgot. The Free pdf download campaign "Long arm of the Hutt" has its Chapter 1 take place on Ryloth. Has the group rescue a small mining town from bandits.
  5. Ryloth is the headquarters for the Crime syndicate "Zann Consortium". Mainly operated during the Rebellion years as a thorn in the side of The Empire, but also sometimes fought the rebels. Considered basically to be a paramilitary "private army". Depending on your time frame it could still be around, even if Zann is no longer the head. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zann_Consortium/Legends
  6. I loved the gritter vibe of Rogue One, with characters quite morally gray. But I am concerned. Cassian's past is supposedly filled with murder, assassinations, and I assume terrorist-like acts. How will this air-able on Disney?
  7. I'll second (third) what @whafrog and @Lorne indicated. This is a great opportunity for obligation. As I indicated before, you can have it play out in any way you want, instead of being hunted why not just have him recognized and called out at a time of your choosing, and rather than him being hunted, it sets up a "job" he needs to pull. Either the recognizer is blackmailing him to "do this job or I'll out you", or its more of a "do this last last job and we'll let you out of the organization". Seems like a simple 5 obligation and then one mission to pay it off seems reasonable. If you or the group want to pursue it further you can, otherwise its done.
  8. Job gone wrong; Black Sun thinks he's dead. (Not hunted by them). Plus mild amnesia. (explains why He ins't quick to return to them, and conveniently also explains why a Medium level Black Sun operative is now level 1). Both of these allow you as the GM to still use this backstory as plot, but control its impact and when it occurs. Example: Someone in a bar recognizes him, but only once you are ready to introduce some Black Sun Drama into your plot.
  9. It sounds like your GM is allowing ideas be turned into an appropriate implant rather than strictly picking from the pre-made list. In that case a few ideas off the top of my head (no thought to balance here, that is for you and your GM) -Lung filter, filters toxins (immune to airborn toxins, like lungless Gand) -Perceptual Targeting array (like the vehicle attachment/mod, but maybe a mini/weaker version) -Binary translator (grants speaks binary) or really any language translator, maybe limit it to 5 programmable languages. -Visual Spectrum (Grants infrared or other. But with a limited range, maybe medium? like Dnd Darkvision or something) -Vibration antenna (can detect vibrations in the air, again up to a certain range) -Synthetic pheromones (releases pleasing pheromone, like the Star wars Race "Zeltron". +1 to Charm or Negotiation) -Finger replacements (finger can be used as lock picking tools, screwdrivers, store one dose poison, etc) -Neural Simulator (Stimulates adrenal gland to produce Adrenaline. Gain +1 agility or strength for X rounds, then -1 for X rounds as it wear off?) -Neural Suppressor (Suppresses amygdala fear response. Gain +1 discipline)
  10. Why not just a Ton of BACTA? It's used for "Science-y research stuff". Generic and widely used, but large quantities may raise suspicions, hence delivery by a third party.
  11. See below Seconded. The Item "Cargo Scanner" (Fly causal p.50) allows you to fit 10% more encumbrance, "thanks to more efficient organization".This indicates that Encumbrance isn't just weight.
  12. Since they aren't really pirates but professionals, would they really torture and space people for fun? I get that they are staging everything to make it look like it was pirates or rebels to cover their tracks, and I also get that you need your players to be the ones left, but couldn't the same be accomplished with the other crew were either killed or injured when the pirate boarded, and thus its left to our heroes to save themselves and only a few injured survivors? or have one of the other NPC survivors heroically sacrifice themselves to save your PCs, and with his dying breath give them a "clue" to the cargo's true contents.
  13. I always saw it as this. It's a statement that echos through the other movies as well In my opinion. Obi-wan's investigation led him to the republic archives, the data wasn't available in a digital format. He therefore seeks out "wisdom" of yoda and a child. Later he has the dart analyzed by an analysis droid who does not know anything he isn't programmed with, so he seeks out the 'wisdom" of his friends Dex. These are not the only examples but I think it speaks to a general vibe of the star wars franchise as George Lucas envisioned it. Technology isnt everything. Speaking broadly its why there is a mystical "force" in a sci fi world.
  14. ^ This. Add in Underworld or Lore as alternatives as mentioned above for things like shadow ports or lost worlds. Also in general if a player can make case to me why another skill could be used in context I allow that too; eg, survival for a famous hunting planet, astrogation for location in the galaxy, or something like that. Just be careful not to be too lenient or players will never take some skills. I have a player (bothan) who constantly tries to use his talent "black market contacts" to try to find out information they need; dude invest in knowledge underworld or streetwise, ugh.
  15. @Daeglan and @HappyDaze if I might moderate for a second here there might be some context difference here that I think is relevant to the topic at large as well. Are GM rolls in the open or are they behind a screen? From at least my experience, players that come from having the GM roll behind a screen sometimes have a more "Us vs the GM mentality" (largely from DnD). Which is what can lead to the players skepticism of when bad things happen, thinking its just the GM trying to "screw them over"because the GM is making things happen TO THEM (possibly by fudging dice). However, if the rolls are out in the open its less of an issue on who is doing the rolling. Especially in this dice system since everyone can give input on the threat/despair/advantage/triumph results. That being said I usually always try to have my players roll for most things, and I roll in the open. But there are always exceptions and generally I don't have a set rule and instead just wing it in the moment.
  16. First, I will echo what some others have said. Try to always have the players be the one to roll against the difficulty of the NPC's pool. That way any threat rolled is on them! so even on a success they may get threat, which is a prefect way to sow doubt; and if you really want to muddy the waters with some lies in there, just flip a Destiny point and hope for a despair. From personal experience: Early in my campaign I may have made a mistake in that I intentionally left a minion alive at the end of a fight because i wanted him to give the PC's some info to follow up on. Unfortunately, my players latched onto this as the primary way to get info they needed, since a rank or two in Coercion (intimidate) made it so they crushed any minion's will to resist. This resulted in my players going to great lengths to keep NPC's alive in a fight and then interrogating them after EVERY fight. They only was I was able to curb it was to "stop giving my minions crucial information".
  17. Except did they kill him? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Its always possible he got picked up by a passing freighter and decides to show up later after he's recovered? What a twist, they'd never see it coming! It's all a matter of story telling. Rule of cool matters more than the nitty gritty science.
  18. I agree that there needs to be some risk of Death. I only meant that even with dice showing you still have leeway as the GM.
  19. I'll second (third? fourth?) open rolling. Mainly because you cant ever really accidentally TPK a party like DnD. So there is no need to "fudge" results. Roll a despair or enough advantage to crit, but you know they are all near death? Just have it NOT do a crit. Simple. Did enough damage to knock them all out? They aren't dead, they are captured. They can escape later. It's also been mentioned elsewhere but if you ever have a Plot point that requires a roll to absolutely succeed or fail, you need to re-write it. Either make it a narrative moment with no rolls, or make a roll but with a fail forward approach where a failed roll still gets the task accomplished, it just has negative consequences.
  20. Yeah that's true, the sith are just a race historically. I Guess i was thinking more along the lines of "sith" being the stand-in for Dark side force users. I was also assuming that Bhon was a force user since I generally link holocrons to jedi/force users. But you're right that does not need to be the case. I totally agree Edge games need threats from all sides! I only meant that with them both being xenophobic, wanting to dominate the galaxy, they might have too much overlap. Shouldn't be an issue if they have enough other differences. Another question. Is this a defeat a Universe wide sith invasion on the level of the Yuuzhan Vong? If so that seems pretty epic in scope. This is not meant as a criticism, just maybe difference in play styles and this may be entirely different for your games, GMing, and table; but this is generally larger scope than I would go for in a Edge game. For blended game of F&D , AoR and Edge i'd for sure be looking for epic scope, but personally for my edge games I generally run them as smaller scope. Avoiding the law and the rival gangs, making a buck or two here or there, generally just a crew fighting to get by, but no expectations of saving the galaxy.
  21. Yup, and add to that the fact the Force sensitive beings are also born into societies that have no knowledge of the force, jedi, etc, and therefore are explained locally as things like witches, mystics, where there are revered, outcast, or maybe just go totally unnoticed.
  22. The Legends lore was full of examples of force sensitives from families that were not force sensitive. I am inclined to say that is how most of force sensitives were actually. The Skywalker saga, and a few others seems to indicate that the offspring of those that are force sensitive often are powerful force sensitives as well, but its not mandatory either way. I think TLJ seems to be ascribing to this, anyone can be force sensitive, no familial lineage required. Personally I think i prefer to move away from the familial lineage, as the Star Wars universe already tends to have a "small universe" problem where everyone knows everyone and constantly bumps into each other.
  23. I mean why not both? They will almost certainly do SOMETHING early on that pisses someone off and will have consequences, boom, obligation. More obligations mean more options for you
  24. First, you've done a lot of work so far and I must say its very detailed and much of it is excellent! That being said here are my questions and thoughts: Just thoughts to keep in mind: 1. There is a lot of background detail here and I am not sure how your players will find out about all of the sith backstory. Obviously they don't need to know everything, but they need to discover some of it, perhaps find the original crashed ship with a captains log or something? 2. You've got two villains, both who are xenophobic. Empire for humans and the Sith for In-organics. Do you need both? Its' not really a problem just something to consider. 3. What is the Goal of the campaign? Destroy the Holocron/AI/Bhon? And then I have one critique: In traditional Star Wars lore Droids and AI are not Force Sensitive, So would a Sith AI which lacks connection to the Force really be interested in "bringing back the sith"? I fully understand the stranded sith, being experimentally twisted/corrupted, and then coming back to "bring back the sith". And I also get an AI who considers organics to be inferior, and therefore Destroy all organics (that is true classic sci-fi). I just don't personally think both together make sense. If it were me I would keep all the stuff about the sith and experiments and integration/desecration of their flesh with cybernetics, but I would forgo the AI aspect. Perhaps something about the experiments or the planet slowly corrupts or weakens the descendants connection to the force, and thus they felt the need to offset that loss of their power with cybernetics as their connection to the force weakened. With their advanced cybernetic technology perhaps they find a way to bring back Bhon as a holocron infused into a cyborg body. Just my two cents.
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