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  1. Have them visit a shady dealer to "authenticate" the artifact. Who then sells them out to: have it get stolen or have them ambushed. If they loose it maybe have them have to travel to the "lower levels" to retrieve it. Have a murder happen while they are nearby, a PC gets blamed. Group has to track down evidence to prove innocence. Sabbacc tournament. Thugs stage an armed robbery to take all the winnings. PC's have to defeat them or get their stuff back. Find a reason to have them go to the Engineering and or/waste recycling areas; fight some ugnaughts or dianoga.
  2. Wish I could like this more than once. I ended up having a similar discussion with my players who were super reluctant to use the obligation system/take on more, because of a fear that I (the GM) would use it "solely to screw them over". To which I indicated "Being the GM I could screw you over anytime I want, I don't need your obligation to do it . Your obligation just helps me tell the story/give you missions." I also indicated it's not them vs the GM, we're all there to have fun.
  3. Sometimes people want to RP their characters, and sometimes they don't. They get to decide what to respond to, they don't have to explain their decisions. One of my players (Chiss) has a Lost Grandfather involved in smuggling. I have twice now had an NPC inquire with that Player about their family name and dropped hints that the NPC might "know stuff" about their grandfather. The player choose not to pursue it both times. Would their character likely pursue it? Certainly! but the Player just does not seem interested; so I dropped it and moved on. Meh, I'll let them pursue what they want. If you want to encourage RP, do not implement negative re-enforcement with things like setbacks, strain, etc, for NOT Role Playing. If you force them into a situation to "role play or else be burdened with negative consequences" they will resent being forced into it, and will just do it half-as*ed to avoid the negative, and it wont be enjoyable for anyone. Positive re-enforcement is the only type of behavior modification that is effective. In my game anytime some acts in an expertly Role Played fashion I give them an extra Light side Destiny point and disappears after use so it doesn't turn dark side; others GM's give out a 1-2xp bump. In combat if someone describes in great detail what they are doing or just something really cool I may give them a boost die. It's a reward to encourage RP, but no one is forced to do it.
  4. Question: If the Bully character's concept is to have an arc of becoming less a--holish, has this been discussed with the other Players? It might be is unreasonable for a character to come up with a character concept that relies on other characters actions without getting their buy-in first. Example: I want a character who starts out as a ruthless cold hearted b-stard but who gets called out on his murderous ways and reforms. What if the other players don't call him on it? That not a failing of RP of other characters, that is a failing of character concept. Perhaps an actual example will help. In my current game I have a player who is a BH/Assassin who is somewhat selfish and sees violence/murder as the typical solution. The other two players lean more towards "good guys" with one of them being a semi-pacifist. You know what happens when the Assassin always suggests murder as the solution to every problem and the pacifist sheepishly doesn't want to go along with that? The other two ignore it in character, brushing it off. OOC everyone laughs, and then they do whatever is reasonable for the situation (which sometimes actually IS murder). Why? Because we are all playing together and we don't let one person's character concept define everything. RP isn't the end goal; we're just there to have fun. Together.
  5. Pay docking fee. Tell the PC's the ship is considered safe. Done. I don't mean to be curt to be rude, i'm simply stating that I don't put any more effort into it. For our group nobody cares, so its just a GM hand wave, and lets move the story onward. If someone was genuinely interested and not just because of paranoia I would say just buy a NPC security Droid, or alarm system, or some other fancy doodad. If it is purely Paranoia, just straight tell them its safe and move on. If your players are super paranoid perhaps they have a bit too much of the "Us vs the GM" mentality. The only time this wouldn't apply is if you [the GM] don't want it to be safe for a specific Narrative purpose, ie plot reasons. Even then in a single campaign I would probably only ever "steal/take away" the Pc's ship one time.
  6. Just curious how GM's and player's deal with Corpses and their ramifications in public spaces? Specifically, in shady locations like a seedy bar filled with all manner of scum where no one really bats an eye about a bar fight gone south, and there may or may not even be local Authorities that would follow up. Example: In the Cantina on Tatooine; Obi-wan Sliced that Aqualish's arm off or Han blasted Greedo; who cleaned up the mess? Questions that seem to arise: Who is cleaning up the mess? Do they dispose of the body or Wait for Authorities to come and clean it up? Even though no one cares, wouldn't the Bar Proprietor ask them to leave? Why would any reasonable person still stick around? This was a curious question to me because more than one of the published adventures involve a bar fight, and then as written often assumes the PC's just hang out afterwords. My personal thought
  7. Fake their own deaths? I'm certain that will have zero other complications
  8. I don't think there is any evidence for Finn being Force Sensitive. As for your examples: I'm pretty sure Kylo was simply able to sense Finn's doubt or fear. Thus he stood out since your standard Stormtroopers shouldn't be having those thoughts. Wielding a lightsaber does not make one a jedi, nor force sensitive. Its just a Weapon, anyone can pick it up and flick it on. Example: Han using it to open the Tauntaun.
  9. I really wanted to re-create for my players the feeling and atmosphere that I got from SWG.... That's why I make my players stand in line at the space port for 30min before every session so they can get buffed just so then they can wear their armor, and THEN they get to go on adventures! In all seriousness. I loved SWG so Hard! But I've yet to incorporate anything really. Though I have always liked the Tusken Raider angle combined with KOTOR that actually makes Tusken Raiders semi sympathetic. No idea how I would incorporate that in a game though.
  10. As some have mentioned, the important question here is: What is the goal? 1. Is the goal to provide a NPC Nemesis that will be a very hard challenge to the PC's, but ultimately they can overcome? Then by all means craft him to be balanced with specific stats, spent XP, talents, weapon upgrades, etc. 2. Is the goal to just provide them with a Threat that they can't ultimately defeat, but is used to threaten, weaken, or delay the PCs? Then just make everything up. Sure give him stats, a fixed dice pool, and soak, but just make them up. He has Plot Soak, Abilities, Wound threshold, and talents. Example: Brawn 3 and 2 soak armor, so he has 5 soak? Nah, 7 and 2 defense, because....reasons (Oh does he have the armor master talent and his armor uses a HP for "superior" quality? Sure, whatever, who cares). He has whatever talents you want (even if they fall outside of set trees). He can take as many hits as necessary until the plot deems he leaves or wins, etc. My point here is there is no reason to spend all that time and follow all the rules if its simply for plot, Just don't be too egregious or the players will just accuse you of cheating (he suddenly pulls out a missile tube he didn't have a minute ago! uh I call bull).
  11. @penpenpen Which wiki site do you use?
  12. Kyle Katarn? I would not be opposed to seeing some Dark troopers
  13. The Tv Show Firefly is essentially a western in space. It has several episodes that could be mined for ideas, in one episode they are literally smuggling cows. The classic Akira Kurosawa film "Yojimbo", or the modern retelling with Bruce Willis, "Last Man Standing" has a mercenary showing up in town and pitting both sides against one another. Possibly less relevant but "Quigley down under" has a mercenary hired by a rancher. Most relevant thing for you would probably be the "Evil rancher" Villain. As for why the empire doesn't take it: 1. How about the empire doesn't care, and it's just one greedy ambitious moff who is secretly siphoning weapons and materials to fund his side in hopes of wining his own planet he can retire on. 2. Unless you are going to play an AOR game why does it need to be the empire? In my current Edge game the players are strictly in the Outer Rim and have barely seen the empire. See the suggestion above for the firefly episode "heart of Gold" where a single powerful guy is trying to take over the planet. 2. Alternatively, who cares? a good story is a good story.
  14. So here is an update for those interested: I had the NPC bounty Hunter get the PC Gand into a private cantina booth, pulled a gun, and asked for a bribe to give them a week's head start. The PC was super excited, to paraphrase the PC "This one would be honored to bribe you". (FYI the PC Gand role plays as though they haven't earned their True name yet so talks in the third person). The PC then nonchalantly tells the other PCs that they bribed the BH. Reasonably so, the other PC's were shocked and somewhat incredulous. Highly skeptical they were "on edge". As they were getting ready to leave the NPC BH ambushed them anyway. During the fight I made sure to have the BH throw some taunts their way "you'll never make it in this business kid!" and the like. After a decent fight, and a downed PC, they Crit the BH's arm off, and I decided he should leave. Now I've got myself a re-occurring villain that the Gand PC has now indicated them as their personal "Nemesis" and has vowed "to hunt them to the ends of the galaxy". It actually ended up being a much more comical situation than anticipated because of the PC's infatuation role-playing. Everyone had a good chuckle, so no inter-party harm was done. Overall it ended up being a smashing success!
  15. I agree just gathering resources could be tedious and it could go down that way. However..(hyperbole incoming) isnt going on quests and gathering resources to build a super weapon Terraforming machine the same as tracking down bits of intel and going on quests to destroy the super death laser sphere, just in reverse? I suppose it just depends how epic you make it. To that end it might be better to have the end goal be something other than successful terraforming, such as liberate a subjected world devestated by war, and resettle them on the new planet.