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  1. @Yaccarus's personal campaign has found its ultimate nemesis, @Shaved Wookie.
  2. I don't know if you want them to stick with the empire or eventually find their morals are incompatible and leave. I know its Legends and not in the movies (well we'll see when the Han solo movie comes out next year), but Han was actually in the imperial military before he discovered he disagreed with the wookiee slavery and fought and saved Chewbacca.
  3. Can't tell. It's just the back of the head. You can only tell because of the voice. Just rewound to watch both Jakku scenes and the Takodana battle (maz). In the first (night battle) 1 is a flame trooper and then 1-2 have like X straps across the back, they are the heavy weapons person. In the later jakku scene (Nima) has a trooper that just has what looks like extra ammo packs on their chest and a backpack. The Takodana scene just has more of those. No indication about sex. Also; personally I'd be disappointed if women troopers had different armor, Faceless minions need to be indistinguishable!
  4. So I just watched Episode 7. At the 1h35min mark a female stormtrooper (who inst Phasma) tells klyo some info. It's one line so I never noticed it before, and I don't know if any of the other canon has examples, but I thought it's cool to know that Phasma isn't the only one. Thought I'd share.
  5. Yeah it's never expressly explained. The clone Trooper had only been for 2-3 years, and those kids were like 5-6? If Twi'lek children age super quick, then it's possible he is the father, otherwise the timeline doesn't sync.
  6. Also this guy has some helpful tips about Railroads. And some good Advice for GM-ing in general.
  7. If you really need them to go to Point A, Make it clear there is a time frame involved. You need to meet with person A, they are only there for two more days, the important party you need to attend is in 3 days, the codes you stole are only good for a week before they discover they are missing and "change the locks". In order to make it clear there is a time frame it usually helps to have an NPC directly say this.
  8. To play devil's advocate here: Couldn't this just be done using with starting XP? I mean the Species stats are just baselines after all. One could argue that the baseline attributes are ingrained, and then genetic variation and life experiences account for any further changes/additions.
  9. Yes, quite a few according to the old Wiki. Though truthfully I know very little of them as well, as they are typically one-off characters as opposed to a whole new species. The only canonical one that comes to mind, and the most prominent one that I can think of is the Dathomirian. Which are human/zabrak hybrids. *Edit: So yes, Asajj Ventress, if you've watched the clone wars.
  10. Other ideas, Mostly taken taken from existing adventures: Stopping a criminal spice/drug lord. Potentially is selling some new highly addictive and deadly spice. (The adventure "tempest feud" has the tempest spice that could be used) Investigating a new deadly virus to discover a mad scientist who has created a plague virus and has is going to release it. (There was a clone wars episode kinda about this, the "blue shadow virus") Taking down a notorious pirate ring. You could possibly run the adventure "mask of the Pirate Queen" with tweaks, or just use the pirates as foes. The Zann Consortium is a Criminal Military Force not associated with Rebel alliance that could be a significant foe. The Star wars Saga book "Scum and Villainy" has a couple missions that are working for a grand moff. -An imperial officer at the academy has more recruits from his unit defect more than the others, PCs investigate. -Hutt lord has damaging info on a moff lord, break in a steal the incriminating info back.
  11. Race restriction to Humans and Near humans. Imperials don't care much for those alien weirdos.
  12. Luke says "Ive only seen this raw strength once before" Everyone is over here assuming he meant kylo. Maybe he meant the emperor. That dude shoots lightning! Maybe Rey can shoot force lightning! *Its unlikely but a guy can hope right?
  13. I was thinking about this because in previous DnD games some players in my group have played the decedents of characters from previous campaigns, sometimes as hybrids. I was thinking since Star Wars is all about the familial it might be an interesting avenue to pursue for future games. I know cross species isn't a huge part of Star Wars, and I don't have two cross species I am specifically looking at, I am just curious to see if others have explored this. Specifically what type of process might you use to create the attributes and abilities? My first thought which is quick and easy would be to simply choose 1 of the two stat blocks and just use that; and just describe the rest with flavor. Thus no real mechanical difference. The other thought would be if for some reason you really wanted to have both species Special abilities perhaps they start with -10xp. Anything more complex than that just seems like its just a min maxing nightmare and not worth the time.
  14. @RicoD I should have engaged my sarcasm tag when I wrote those "reveals"